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Looking for the best way to enjoy sensational stimulation with a hands-free experience? The answer lies in the Suction Cup Dildos base that come with unrivaled versatility. This category of dildos can be mounted on the wall, table, or even bathtub to give you extreme orgasms.

It may be time you dived into the ocean of pleasure with suction cup dildos and make your solo time as pleasurable and memorable as possible.

What Are Suction Cup Dildos?

Dildos are among the best sex toys and are highly cherished by men and women. This has pushed many sex toy manufacturers to customize their products so that everyone gets what fulfill their sexual desires. A suction cup dildo is a device with a suction cup base that can stick on a hard surface to allow you to enjoy a hands-free pleasure experience. These dildos also allow users to utilize their sex accessories with different positions, whether for solo time or couple sex. Suction cups and wall mount base dildos are made of rigid and sticky bases that are not easily broken. They are designed with a strong base material that can withstand intense climaxing. They also allow you to slide your body back and forth and control the thrusting mechanism.

Types of Suction Cup Dildos

There are various suction cup dildos, classified according to their versatility and unique features. These types include;

Realistic Suction Cup Dildos

Realistic dildos with suction cups come with features that resemble the human penis. They have veins, smooth texture, balls, and tapered heads for easy insertion. Playing with these realistic suction cup dildos gives a similar experience to having a real moment with your male partner. They include an 8.8-Inch Realistic, Large Suction Cup Dildo base with Balls and a 6-Inch Royal Baron Realistic Nude Dildo with Suction Cup Base.

Double-Headed Suction Cup Dildos

If you dream of having hands-free double penetration, buying a double-headed suction cup dildo could be the best choice. Double-penetration suction cup dildos come with two heads on each end of the shaft, a suction cup base at the center, or two dildos joined with a single suction cup base. They are suitable for solo masturbation and partnered sex. They include 9.75-Inch Black Vibrating Double Dildo with Removable Suction Cup and King Cock 2 Cocks 1 Hole Brown Double, 9-Inch Realistic Suction Cup. Black suction cup dildo have also double head for best penetration

Vibrating Suction Cup Dildos

If you are looking for extra stimulation and intense orgasms, vibrating suction cup dildos will probably elevate your bedroom moments. They have several modes you can choose from, while others have in-built functions that let you control the vibrations.

Whether you are looking for vaginal or anal stimulation, vibrating suction cup dildos have hit erogenous zones to give you the desired sensations. They include 8.25-Inch Purple Waterproof Jelly Vibrator with Suction Cup and Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo Vibrator.

How to Use Suction Cup and Wall Mount Dildos

There are various positions and places to stick your suction cup dildo and enjoy using it when you are alone. These places include;

On the Shower Wall

Some people love using their suction cup dildos in the shower, especially when having a warm shower after a long tiresome day. Luckily, most shower walls are hard enough to hold the dildo and satisfy your needs. However, ensure that the suction cup dildo is waterproof. Moreover, if you are using a vibrating dildo, check on the power mechanism; is it battery-powered or mains plug?

On the Nightstand

The nightstand can also provide the opportunity to explore different positions and enjoy your suction cup dildo. Provided the nightstand has the right height, you can stick your dildo at the corner and let it be between your thighs. You can face away from the nightstand if you want to enjoy the reverse cowgirl position. However, the nightstand surface is unsuitable for anal play because there is little space between it and the wall.

On the Bed’s Headboard

If your bed has a taller headboard, you can also stick your hands-free dildo on the headboard and enjoy vaginal and anal penetration. However, this is only ideal for experienced users because newbies are likely to face a hard time during vaginal penetration due to the limited space. This position is suitable for anal play or double penetration.

On the Chair or Toilet Seat

These positions are the best for utilizing your suction cup dildo for maximum satisfaction. Stick your dildo on the wooden chair or toilet seat, and grind your vagina or butt away. However, go slow with your thrusting because fast thrusting can cause the dildo to slip out.

Suction Cup Dildos Safety Measures

How you use and care for your suction cup dildos determines how long they can serve you without health risks. Once you purchase your first suction cup dildo, it is best to follow these safety tips to minimize the risks associated with the careless handling of sex toys.

Start by reading the instructions indicated on the package on how to use, clean, and assemble your suction cup dildos.

Choose body-safe and easy-to-clean materials such as silicone and glass. However, if you have to choose other materials due to price factors or artistic nature, go for high-quality materials without phthalates.

Pick the right size, depending on your sexual experience.

Apply a lot of compatible sex lubricant on the dildo and your orifice before insertion.

Avoid sharing your dildo, and if you do, use condoms.

Clean your suction cup and wall mount dildos before and after every play using the recommended toy cleaner, and store them in a cool, dry place.

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