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You will have a hard time squirting using any device other than a dildo. Squirting is a wonderful experience derived from strong sensational stimulation, and few people can say they have experienced it. But thanks to Squirting Dildos, you are guaranteed this fascinating feeling.

The feeling of playing with a sex toy that releases a warm stream of fluid from your vagina is fascinating, but only a handful can boast of this. But it doesn’t hurt to rock the boat a little by grabbing your squirting Dildo and going for it.

What Are Squirting Dildos?

Those who love the feeling of hot cum inside their vaginas or butts can probably tell how it feels to play with a sex device that offers a similar experience. Others like wetting themselves with semen during foreplay or after climaxing. These are great sexual experiences that a squirting dildo would bring to your bedroom.

Squirting dildos use the same cumming mechanism to release the semen-like fluid when inside your orifice. They come with a hand pump or syringe attached to the dildo externally carrying your favorite fake cum. All you have to do is control the amount of lubricant released by the dildo whenever you need your orifice filled with warm fluid.

How Do Squirting Dildos Work?

Squirting dildos work by releasing fake cum or sex lubricant with the same appearance and feel as semen. The fake cum is safely designed with no side effects to the vagina, butt, or skin. That means you don’t have to worry about any risks associated with it. The fluid can be filled in the dildos using two mechanisms. You can use a syringe to fill the balls or the attached bulb with your favorite lubricant. You can also dip the head into the lubricant and squeeze the balls to suck the lubricant.

The type of lubricant used as fake cum is ultimately determined by your preferences and health. There are various options when it comes to the kind of lubricant used. For instance, you can stick to the fake cum that comes with the dildo, buy a different lubricant that will not cause health risks to your genitalia and skin, or create your fake cum based on your sexual desires. However, whichever way you decide to go, ensure that the lubricant is body-safe and easy to clean in the end.

Factors To Consider When Buying Squirting Dildos

Different sex toys have unique features that determine how much the user will enjoy using them. The only thing common among all sex devices is that you must be well-versed with vital factors determining the type of sex toy you buy. Therefore, before ordering your first squirting dildo from Dimepiece la online sex shop, consider the following factors;

Consider the Material of The Dildo

With the modern congestion of sex toys on the market, manufacturers constantly introduce different products with questionable materials. As someone keen on your health, you should crosscheck every material presented to you to ensure that it is body-safe, hypoallergic, easy to clean, and non-porous. Additionally, ensure that the material can be used under different temperatures and is waterproof. Silicone is the most preferred material because it is body-safe, easy to clean, and versatile. However, if you have to choose other materials, make sure they are high-quality, medical-grade, and skin-safe.

The Type of Lube to Be Used

As stated above, the type of fake cum to be used in an ejaculating dildo is determined by your health risks, the type of materials of the dildo, and ease of cleaning. Most ejaculating dildos come with their lubricants, but you can change and use your preferred fake cum if you find the included lubricant unsafe. Therefore, if you are one of those who find these included fluids risky, you should buy a different lubricant or creating your fake semen. However, ensure that the type of lubricant you buy or create is compatible with the material.

Size and Shape of The Ejaculating Dildo

Do let your eyes deceive you and forge about the size of your orifice. Buying the right size guarantees long-term joy in using your ejaculating dildo. When talking about squirting dildos, we deal with something penetrating your orifice to give internal stimulation. Therefore, always pick the right size that will not overstretch your vagina or butt, leading to uncomfortable use. For beginners, it is recommended to stick to smaller sizes or those similar to the average penis size. However, intermediate and advanced users can pick any size that gives intense stimulation.

Not all squirting dildos are shaped like the real penis. You will find some dildos with curved shafts and round tips, ideal for advanced users. Others will have straight shafts and tapered heads for beginners and anal play. When buying an ejaculating dildo based on its shape, consider your sexual experience and the type of penetration you intend it for.

Consider the Added Features

Squirting dildos also come with different features to cater to personal preferences among users. Buying a vibrating squirting dildo will simplify your erotic journey if you are looking forward to intense stimulation. Moreover, if you buy it for a hands-free experience, go for those with suction-cup bases that can be attached to a hard surface for solo play. Some squirting dildos also have ribbed, rough-textured, or remote-control features to give you a high-end experience.

How to Use Squirting Dildos

Using squirting dildos is slightly different from other dildos because you need to prepare your dildo before actual penetration. Here is a step-to-step guide on how to use your squirting dildo;

Preparing Your Sex Toy

Preparing your squirting dildo involves cleaning the toy and the syringe (if any). Don’t forget to clean yourself, especially if you are going for anal play. Fill the dildo with the right semen-like lubricant. Lastly, apply a lot of sex lube on the dildo and your orifice before insertion.

During Penetration

Once the dildo is ready for insertion, gently insert it in your vagina or butt and start with slow thrusting as the mood builds up. When you are close to orgasm or think it is the right time to fill your orifice with the cum, gently squeeze the ball of the dildo or the attached bulb to push out the fluid.

In the Aftermath

When you are done, it is now time for cleaning up the dildo and yourself. The aftermath can be simple, messy, or no clean-up needed depending on how you used the dildos or the type of lubricant used. Start with cleaning the squirting dildo and storing it in a cool, dry place before moving to your body and the room.

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