Realistic Vibrators

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Get your first realistic vibrator and be ready to receive heightened stimulations that will leave you crying for more. Vibrators have become the most common sex toys on the market. Most people like the extra stimulation and the feel of having actual intimacy with a partner. If you are looking for the best realistic vibrators to spice up your games with your partner, here is a guide for you to get started.

What Are Realistic Vibrators?

They are sex toys designed with balls, glans, and veins with the looks and feel of a real penis. Realistic vibrators are designed to stimulate the g-spot, vagina, or anus with a vibration function. Being realistic and extremely detailed, they usually provide extreme gratification.

Guidelines for Choosing the Best Realistic Vibrator.

By A Waterproof Vibrator.

Waterproof means it can be used or submerged in a swimming pool or the bathtub. Please read the description carefully since some devices are only splash-proof, meaning they can’t be placed in water but can be wiped or cleaned with a damp cloth. Waterproof vibrators are often very easy to clean as they can be popped into a sink with very hot water.

Check the Level of Vibrations.

Most realistic vibrators usually vibrate, pulsate, or move around differently during masturbation or solo play. Some are designed to allow the user to control the vibration speed, intensity, or sound to a desirable level. Most people find the buzzing sound unpleasant; hence, choosing a device that produces low sound while vibrating is a good idea.

By A Safer Material.

Jelly rubber is the most common material for realistic vibrators since it is too close to the real thing. However, the best material for these vibrators should be Cyberskin, as it helps to provide the feel of real human skin. The Cyberskin realistic vibrators offer a real and soothing experience that is luxurious, warm, and silky. Cyberskin is very soft to ease the shaft into the vagina gently.

Pick A Comfortable Size.

There are many options to choose from, ranging from large, medium, to small sizes. It depends on what a person finds more comfortable. A penis-size realistic vibrator is a good choice for women who find fingers more pleasurable and comfortable. For those who don’t feel their man’s penis, a big-sized realistic vibrator can provide the desired sexual stimulation. A 5-inch range is ideal for a beginner as it is advisable to start with a small-sized device then skip to the next level with time.

Do You Love the Appearance?

Focus on the design and color. Choose a real vibrator that is eye-catchy and looks exactly like a penis with two balls and veins. No matter how powerful and realistic a device is, do not buy if it looks awkward. For a realistic vibrator to provide intense stimulation, it should also be colorful and hot. However, few people might ignore this.

Consider Other Added Features.

Realistic vibrators dildo and others often come with extra features that cannot be found in other vibrators. Some feature testicles at the base and have real-life veins and a natural-looking tip. Some come with a suction cup to heighten sensation.

Be Cost Cautious.

While shopping, people should consider how much they are willing and ready to spend on a realistic vibrator. When considering the price, one must also look at the quality of the device. Generally, the best devices can be found at a slightly higher price. However, this does not mean that someone must have a higher budget as there are high-quality real vibrators at an affordable price.

How Realistic Vibrators Can Spice Up Your Sex Life.

After choosing the best realistic thrusting vibrator, wash it well with water. If the device is not waterproof, use a cleanser to sterilize it. After cleaning it, engage the vibrator in foreplay. You can kiss, lick, or suck it. Playing with the toy will warm it and bring you to the mood of naughty fun. Let your partner even rub it on your boob as you play with your clitoris. Do not make him more jealous by giving much attention to the vibrator. Turn and kiss him romantically. Let him rub it up and down and in circles on your vulva. Let your partner lie down and insert the vibe angled towards your belly. Ride on him as he takes control of the speed for an awesome sexual experience.

Realistic Vibrators Safety Tips.

Always use high-quality realistic vibrators for safety, pleasure, and comfort.

Avoid sharing these vibrators. They can transmit bacterial infections and Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Add some lubes for easy and smooth insertion of the realistic vibrator in the butt or vagina. Additionally, choose a lube that is compatible with the material of the sex toy.

Always clean the toys before and after use to reduce the risk of getting infections.

How Realistic Vibrators Compare to Non-Realistic Vibrators.


The best material for realistic vibrators is Cyberskin because it is safe and soft, like real penis skin. However, silicone is the most common material for non-realistic vibrators. Both materials are pleasurable, although Cyberskin provides more awesome stimulation than silicone.


Realistic vibrators look exactly like real penises, unlike non-realistic vibrators. They are designed with features like real veins and balls that other vibrators do not have. Some realistic vibrators even have suction cups for extra stimulation.


Realistic vibrators give an awesome sexual pleasure similar to what one feels when having actual sex. This is because they look just like a real penis that makes one feel like having actual sex. However, non-realistic vibrators do not provide stimulation to the fullest.

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