Realistic Dildos

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Dildos are designed to give the actual act of penetrative sex as in couple play. Most dildos look the same in terms of features and functionality, but Realistic Dildos come with features as close-to-lifelike human genitals. The realistic penis dildos, for example, can be designed with bulging veins that offer extreme sensations when used to penetrate the vagina or butt.

What Are Realistic Dildos?

It is barely difficult to spot a dildo in a collection of sex toys. That’s because dildos are penis-shaped sex devices that are designed for penetrative sexual stimulation. Dildos come in different sizes, colors, and textures, meaning choosing the right sex product to fulfill your sexual demands should not be time-consuming and demanding. However, when talking about realistic dildos, we refer to penis-shaped sex tools that come with shapes, colors, and textures to resemble the real man’s penis. They are crafted from actual fully erect dicks to give them a lifelike shape and surface.

Some realistic dildos are hand-printed by artists to give them the shape and color of the famous adult film actors. If you have been dreaming of having your favorite pornstar thrusting in and out of your vagina or butt, buying a dildo created to resemble his hard manhood gives a similar feeling as his real thing. Therefore, realistic dildos are made in different sizes and shapes, and your sexual experience and orientation significantly determine your choice.

Types of Realistic Dildos

How you intend to use your realistic dildo is vital when choosing which dildo to buy. Are you buying it for solo play or couple play? Do you intend to use it in the shower or bathtub? Do you need additional features for intense stimulation and orgasms? Here are a few types of realistic dildos found at Dimepiece la online sex store;

Double-Ended Realistic Dildos

Whether you are looking for both vaginal and anal penetrations, or you want to use the same dildo with your partner, double-ended realistic dildos will give the intended stimulation and role play. They have two heads on both sides of the shaft and are twice the size of a standard dildo. Double-ended realistic dildos are suitable for both solo play and couple sex. They include 12-Inch Clear Pink Double-Ended U-Shaped Penis Dildo for Women.

Ejaculating Realistic Dildos

Ejaculating or squirting is the ultimate feature that you can get in a realistic dildo. Although they have realistic features like veins, color, and shape, ejaculating dildos also release fluid inside your vagina or butt to imitate the real ejaculation. They come with a storage bulb either inside the shaft or outside that contains the fluid. All you have to do is squeeze the bulb when you are close to orgasm to feel the real mutual climax.

Inflatable Realistic Dildos

For those unsure about the right size that will give the desired fullness and sensations, inflatable realistic dildos are here to take care of you. Inflatable dildos come with a bulb or a hand cup that allows you to fill the dildos with enough air while inside your vagina or anus. You do not have to worry about the size of the dildo because you can control the amount of air entering the dildo inside you or reduce the excess air to give the desired vaginal fullness or prostate massage.

Curved Realistic Dildos

Most dildos are classified into standard straight or curved dildos. Standard straight realistic dildos only offer penetrative and G-spot sensations, while curved realistic dildos can give both clitoral and G-spot massage. The shaft curve differs among the dildos; hence, you should choose the curving degree to deliver the desired stimulation.

Uncircumcised Dildos

Some cultural practices and personal preferences allow people to have sex with uncircumcised individuals. If you are one of those, who would love to feel the real uncircumcised dick inside you, purchasing an uncut realistic dildo will give you a similar experience. They include 7.25-Inch Uncut Emperor Nude Dildo with Moveable Foreskin.

How to Choose the Best Realistic Dildo

Although realistic dildos may look close to a real hard penis, there are various things to consider when buying to ensure you get the right sex toy. These factors include;


Various materials are used to make realistic dildos, including silicone, rubber, and PVC. Silicone is considered the best material because it is skin-friendly, hypoallergic, and non-porous. Most realistic dildos are made with layers of silicone to give them the feel of real skin. Metal and glass dildos also have textured surfaces that resemble the real thing. However, they are not as flexible as silicone dildos. However, if you have to buy rubber and PVC realistic dildos, ensure you pick high-quality options that do not have phthalates.

Size of The Dildo

To enjoy using your sex toy, pick the right size that will provide maximum penetration and fullness. For beginners, starting the size similar to your partner’s penis is recommended before trying larger sizes. However, intermediate and advanced users can buy large realistic dildos for intense stimulation and fullness.


Realistic dildos are also available in all skin tones, from fair to dusky and dark. Most people love black and fair, realistic dildos. However, you can also buy striking colors like neon, pink, or clear glass options, depending on what looks sexy to you.


When buying a realistic dildo, consider if it can be used in many positions and environments and is suitable for anal and vaginal stimulation. Therefore, ensure you specify to the seller how you intend to use the sex device to give the right type.

How to Use Realistic Dildos

After buying your first realistic dildo, consider the following useful tips to ensure it lasts long and does not hurt you;

  • Always apply compatible sex lube on the toy and your genitalia before actual penetration.
  • Start slowly to switch to the mood and make things easier and safer.
  • Avoid sharing your sex toys with short-term partners
  • Use condoms if you have to use one dildo for both anal and vaginal penetration.
  • Clean your dildo before and after use and store it in a cool, dry place.
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