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Are you stranded on choosing the best metal dildo? Well, you are not alone because most people are not aware of the various options provided by these steel dildos. Metal dildos are among the most loved and top-selling categories in the sex toy industry. This leaves most people with a rough time choosing the right metal dildo to fulfill their sexual desires.

What Are Metal Dildos?

While most people may know what a metal material is, it should not be confused with a metal dildo. This is because a dildo is a sex device crafted to resemble a man’s penis for sexual satisfaction in men and women. Therefore, a metal dildo, though made from a metallic material, should also constitute basic features that are close to a real penis.

A metal dildo is made from high-quality stainless steel or another alloy of materials that look and feel like a real penis. Metal dildos come in different sizes, shapes, and textures, making them ideal for newbies and advanced sex toy users. Although steel dildos may look similar from their functionality and adaptability to different temperatures, you must be well-versed with all the pros and cons before buying one.

Advantages of Metal Dildo Sex Toys

Before dashing your cash on a metal dildo, here are the unique qualities you should expect;

Suitable for Different Temperatures

Versatility and adaptability to temperature changes are unique factors that set metal dildos apart from other products. Whether things are getting hotter, cooler, or heavier in the bedroom, metal dildos guarantee the desired stimulation and lovely ending. Most metal dildos are also water-proof, making them ideal for shower play.

They Are Hypoallergic

Metal is a hypoallergic material, meaning it will never leave rashes on your skin after use. For those worried about skin rashes and allergies resulting from other materials like latex, rubber, and hard plastic, stainless steel metal dildos should be the only way to go.

Low Maintenance Costs

Steel dildos are among the sex devices with low maintenance costs. Since they are non-porous and hypoallergic, stainless-steel dildos are easy to clean and maintain for durability. All you need is to clean them with hot soapy water or recommended toy cleaner after use and store them in a cool, dry place.

How to Buy the Best Metal Dildo

The only way to enjoy all the good stuff that comes with a metal dildo is shopping like a pro. Alternatively, the best way to shop for the best metal dildo is by having simple guidelines in place to monitor your choices. Therefore, here are a few tips to consider when buying a metal dildo;

Consider the Size

Buying the right size plays a vital role in how much fun you will receive from your sex device. You are likely to meet a variety of sizes, ranging from small to medium, large, and extra-large. As a first-time buyer, always start with smaller sizes as you adapt to larger versions.

The Shape of The Dildo

Stainless steel dildos come in different shapes, from straight dildos that resemble a realistic penis to curved versions with unrealistic dimensions. Therefore, buy a dildo that matches your fantasies for maximum satisfaction, depending on your body type.

Additional Features

Features like vibrations and textures also make metal dildos suitable for different sexual demands. As an experienced user, you may want a sex device that delivers intense stimulation for multiple orgasms. For that case, choose a metal dildo with a ribbed surface or vibrations.

Buy High-Quality Metal Material

With a wide range of stainless steel metal dildos in the market, it can be stressful to identify a high-quality stainless-steel dildo. Therefore, to buy a high-quality metal dildo, look for seams on the shaft, the weight of the product, and the ergonomics. Moreover, buy your metal dildos from trusted sellers that outline all the qualities of the material used to make the sex toy.

How to Use Steel Dildos

Steel dildos can be enticing and some of the erotic sex toys ever discovered. However, without proper maintenance and user tips, metal dildos can cause fetal damages on your erogenous points. Therefore, here are some of the safety tips to note when using metal dildos for sexual achievement;

Use A Lot of Compatible Sex Lubricant

No amount of lubrication is enough to make things easier in the bedroom. Before inserting a steel dildo in your vagina or anus, ensure you apply a lot of lube on its surface and your orifice. However, consider using a compatible sex lube, such as water or silicone-based, compatible with most materials. Silicone lubricants are long-lasting and ideal for shower play. They are also perfect for anal penetration due to their thickness. Nevertheless, water-based lubricants dry out faster and are not suitable for shower play.

Thoroughly Clean Before and After Use

Before bringing metal dildo sex toys close to your genitalia, ensure it is thoroughly cleaned using hot soapy water or recommended toy cleaner to remove the possible harmful substances on its surface. Moreover, when sharing your metal dildos, sanitize them before insertion to prevent infections. Lastly, remember to clean your sex tool and store it in a cool, dry place.

Use Condoms When Sharing

Unless you know the health status of your sex partner or you are in a long-term relationship, always use a condom when sharing your metal dildos. Furthermore, if you want to experience anal and vaginal stimulation, use a condom when switching from one hole to the other to avoid the passage of bacteria from the anus to the vagina.

Read the Instructions on The Package

Most people overlook the instructions provided on the package and go-ahead to use the metal dildo to fulfill their sexual desires. Reading the instructions gives you the big picture of using your sex toy, maintaining it, and switching from cold to warm temperature.

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