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Sex toy manufacturers use a range of materials to produce sex toys. Some of the materials used include plastics, silicone, polyvinyl chloride, metal, jelly, etc. Although most anal butt plugs are made of silicone and plastic, jelly material is preferred for its flexibility and soft texture. Grab your Jelly Dildos and enjoy mind-blowing orgasms.

What Are Jelly Dildos?

The sex toy industry continues to grow every day. Many folks are ever ready to test every product introduced in the market for their sexual pleasure. Besides the commonly used silicone and rubber materials used to manufacture standard and exotic dildos, jelly is also gaining popularity among newbies due to its affordability and ease of manipulation. So, what is a bendy jelly dildo?

Jelly combines Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and rubber elements used to make cheaper and flexible sex toys. Its name is derived from the jelly-like features of soft texture and feel. However, the softness of the toy is due to the addition of a phthalates agent, a harmful softening agent considered unsafe for human use.

Therefore, the more rigid the toy is, the fewer phthalates it contains. The addition of phthalates to the jelly dildos makes them risky because they cause skin irritation and allergies to some people. This can only be avoided using a condom every time you want to enjoy the best out of your soft jelly dildo.

How to Buy the Best Flexible Jelly Dildo Sex Toy

Dildos are the best way to have solo and partnered pleasure, especially if you want something close to a man’s penis. However, since the FDA does not regulate the production of sex toys and classify them as novelty items, it is upon you to choose the best dildos that will not have side effects. Despite jelly being strongly condemned as unsafe material for internal stimulation due to toxic phthalates elements, jelly dildos are still sold worldwide and loved by sex toy beginners for their flexibility. That said, consider the following factors when buying a dildo.

Check the Size of The Toy

Buying the right size promises the desired stimulation and final orgasm. As a beginner, starting with small flexible floppy flaccid dildos is recommended as you adapt to larger options. For instance, if you are buying a jelly dildo for vaginal penetration, stick to the size of the standard human penis to avoid overstraining your vaginal muscles. On the other hand, if you are looking for anal stimulation, always start with smaller soft jelly dildos before trying larger and longer options. The size of the jelly dildo you choose also depends on your sexual experience and fantasies. However, do not overstretch your genital muscles as it can lead to tissue tearing.

The Quality of The Jelly Material Used

Jelly dildos are among the cheapest sex toys found on the market. However, buying high-quality jelly dildos with less or no phthalates is advisable to minimize the risks associated with jelly material. High-quality jelly dildos also tend to be more costly than others in the same line. Also, always shop your jelly dildos from the top-branded manufacturers and sellers to avoid low-quality products with no warranty.

Consider the Shape and Texture of the Jelly Dildo

Most jelly anal plugs are loved for their realistic feeling. If you combine this with an additional texture like curves, waves, strawberry skin, and bumps, you will certainly get intense stimulation. Moreover, jelly dildos are manufactured in different shapes, such as fist-like designs and curved shapes, which give the desired stimulation like a prostate massage for men and G-spot stimulation for women. Therefore, when buying your first jelly dildo, choose the one with a suitable shape for your desired sensation.

Additional Features of the Soft Jelly Dildo

Jelly material can be awesome on its own from its softness and flexibility. However, buying jelly dildos with unique features such as bullet vibrators and clit stimulators can increase stimulation. Therefore, if you are looking for a simple toy that will give both penetrative orgasm and clitoral or prostate stimulation, you should consider investing in erotic toys with extra features. Some jelly dildos are also designed for double penetration and come with double heads, ideal for simultaneous vaginal and anal stimulation.

How to Use Jelly Dildos

Due to health concerns, it is recommended to keenly observe safety tips when using soft jelly dildos to limit health risks. Some of the safety tips include;

Use the Compatible Sex Lube

In the sex toys industry, sex lubricant is an essential item. However, the type of sex lubricant you buy is determined by the toy’s material and your sexual desires. Silicone lubes are the most preferred because they are compatible with most sex toys, including jelly dildos, and are long-lasting. Additionally, remember to apply enough lube on your sex toys and erogenous parts before insertion to avoid bruises.

Clean Your Jelly Dildo Before and After Use

Once you unwrap the anal butt plug from its package, you should thoroughly clean it with the recommended toy cleaner before using it. Jelly is a highly porous material; thus, washing it before use reduces the toxic substances on its surface. After every use, remember to wash it thoroughly using hot soapy water or toy cleaner and store it in a cool, dry place. Cleaning and caring for your jelly dildos guarantees long-term service.

Use the Dildos for their Intended Purpose

Most people would like to use their bendy jelly dildo for anal and vaginal penetration. This should be avoided because of the risk of transmitting infections from the anus to the vagina. Therefore, you should always use the jelly dildo for its specified penetration to limit infections. However, if you need double stimulation using one sex toy, use a condom for every insertion or buy a double-ended jelly dildo.


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