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Ever had a more bizarre way of pleasuring yourself? Well, satisfy your workout plans and sexual desires with the incredibly designed Inflatable Dildo Ball.

Do you have a yoga ball at your home? What if someone tells you that you can convert that exercise ball to one kind of a fantastic sex ball that you can use to satisfy both your tired muscles and sex desires? It sounds crazy, but it is what you are going to meet in this blog. Many women are now looking to satisfy their sexual fantasies in the most bizarre ways.

This involves using Inflatable Dildo Balls that come with attached dildos. If you also wish to join the trend and experience the new sex styles, read on to find the best inflatable dildo ball for you.

What Is an Inflatable Dildo Ball?

A dildo ball is a sex ball that is designed with a dildo ball on top. It is best suited for the cowgirl solo stimulation and gives the standard flare of fun and excitement in standard masturbation. An inflatable dildo ball can also be a yoga ball but with an attached dildo for the rider to have an immense sexual experience while riding on it. It can have one dildo on top or have two dildos for both vaginal and anal penetration. Therefore, inflatable dildo balls promise extreme pleasure while relaxing your muscles as you bounce on them.

Why Do You Need an Inflatable Dildo Ball?

Why do you need an inflatable dildo ball? It might sound the craziest question, but using an inflatable dildo ball comes with numerous advantages to the user. For example, here are some of the advantages of dildo balls to the masturbating lady;

  • Inflatable dildo balls are very convenient sex toys for both beginners and experienced. It gives the user the feeling of being in control and riding the real cock. It also creates the water bed experience, which contributes greatly to the final results.
  • Most inflatable dildo balls are hands-free; therefore, you can use your hands to explore and arouse other body parts.
  • Inflatable dildo balls are also designed with flexible materials, allowing the user to try different sex positions. You can also bend whenever you want while using inflatable dildo balls.

The Best Inflatable Dildo Balls

There are many inflatable dildo balls you may want to try from Dimepiece la online sex shop. However, it would help if you understood that not all options in the store are recommended for beginners or experienced users. Therefore, here are some of the top-rated inflatable dildo balls to try.

Fetish Fantasy Series Vibrating Mini Sex Ball

If you are looking for the best dildo ball that promises high-end stimulation and orgasms, this Fetish Fantasy Series Vibrating Mini Sex Ball should be the first stop. The ball features vibrations, handles, and a dildo. The components are made from hard plastic material, which needs a lot of lube for the fun time. This may not be the best toy for experienced users who want something more flexible and fun. Hence Fetish Fantasy Series Vibrating Mini Sex Ball is only suitable for the new users with few options.

Dillio Vibrating Mini Bouncing Ball with 6-Inch Dildo

This dildo ball is almost twice expensive as the Fetish Fantasy choice but offers great pleasure, especially with the Pipedream material. The ball features vibrations, an inflatable ball about ten inches in diameter, and handles. However, the dildo is made of a hard material that is not body-safe. There are pink and purple options that can withstand a maximum of 200 lbs.

 PinkDiamond 69 Magic Bouncy Ball Dildo

This option remains the best dildo ball ever created, although it will cost you more coins to buy. PinkDiamond 69 Magic Bouncy Ball Dildo features an included hand-pump, a 23-inches inflatable diameter, and feels like a comfy exercise ball, especially with the added handles. It is easy to use and hide away when not in use and offers double penetrations. However, PinkDiamond 69 Magic Bouncy Ball Dildo is made of PVC material, making it not the best body-safe toy for insertion. Additionally, it features a six-inch dildo that cannot be changed.

How to Choose the Best Inflatable Dildo Ball

With the wide range of options offered by different manufacturers, it can be overwhelming to decide which toy to take home. However, here are a few factors to consider when buying your first Inflatable Dildo Ball from Dimepiece la store.

The Size of The Dildo

It is wise to remember that you cannot change the dildo attached to the ball. Therefore, you should consider the size of the dildo before buying. Different balls come in different dildo sizes. Ensure you crosscheck the length and girth of the dildo before buying so that not regret it later. For instance, a too large or too small dildo will fail to deliver the intended stimulation and end up in the dustbin.

The Component Material

The ball and the dildo may be made from common materials such as silicone, rubber, or other hard plastic. Each material has its advantages and downsides; therefore, ensure you pick on the body-safe material that is also easy to clean. Choosing the best material is also determined by the type of sex lube to use. Therefore, ensure that you check the compatibility of the lube and the dildo material. Alternatively, you can stick to water-based lube, although it dries out faster.

The Attachment

The dildo may either be permanently attached to the ball or detachable. Therefore, when choosing the permanently attached dildo, ensure that you pick on something that you can live with forever. If not, choose a detachable dildo that is designed for the ball or any other compatible dildo. One advantage of the detachable dildo is that you can change the size of the dildo to fit your experience level.


Some user prefers using vibrating dildo on the inflatable ball. However, not all inflatable balls offer this option. Thus you need to check if the toy is compatible with a vibrating dildo. Moreover, check if the attached dildo has vibrating capabilities, functionalities, and available speed. The controller option, such as remote-controlled, may also be vital to consider when buying the inflatable dildo ball.

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