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Feel the smooth penetration and intense sensations delivered by these glass dildos that can be used under any temperature to fulfill your imaginations. Most people are scared of inserting glass into their bodies. However, glass dildos are safe and can never break despite the pressure exerted. These dildos are designed with a strong and wide surface to withstand immense tension and light drops. With the glass dildo sex toys, durability is not an issue.

Why You Need A Glass Dildo

The Hard and Rigid Material

For people who enjoy intense sensations from hard and rigid materials, glass dildos are the best option. Several people enjoy soft and flexible materials as sex toys. However, they may never get to understand the intense pleasure that accompanies the hard material.

Glass Dildos Are Hygienic and Hypoallergenic

Most sex toy materials cause allergies to the users, but glass is safe and skin-friendly. Also, the material is easy to clean and sanitize since it’s non-porous. The hypoallergenic properties make glass dildo sex toys ideal for sensitive skin.

For Temperature Play

Tease yourself or your partner with intense and tingly sensations from a cold or hot dildo fresh from ice or hot water. However, putting the glass dildos directly in a deep freezer or microwave might lead to cracking of the surface, injuring the user.

They Have an Elegant Appearance

Since glass makes some of the best ornaments, the same case applies to glass dildos. They combine different shades and twists to bring out the best.

They Are Long-Lasting

Borosilicate, a high-quality product with resistance to various forms of pressure and tension, is the most common material used in making glass dildos. With enough care, the glass dildo sex toy will last longer.

How to Use Glass Dildos

Apply Enough Lubricant

Safety is one of the most important things to consider when using glass dildos. Therefore, apply enough lube to the vaginal or anal cavity and the glass dildo. Lubricants ensure a smooth, easy, pain-free insertion.

Take a Comfortable Position

Always take the best positions for easy and smooth penetration. Lie on the back, spread the legs, lift your back and safely insert the dildo inside the genitalia for a mind-blowing sensation. Depending on the design of the glass dildo, there are different positions you can take. Some dildos have suction bases that can easily be attached to a flat surface for intense stimulation and a hands-free moment.

Safety Is Key When Using Glass Dildos

Borosilicate is one of the hardest glass materials used to make dildos. This material is safe for use withstands breaking, heat, or pressure. This means you get to enjoy a smooth penetration and experience without worries. However, avoid dropping the toy on hard surfaces, which may lead to breakage. When the glass dildo is dropped, inspection is necessary to avoid injuries since a single crack on the glass can hurt the soft skin. Unfortunately, when the dildo cracks, there is no other way but to replace it. Look out for the counterfeit dildos that might cause harm.

What to Consider to Buy the Best Glass Dildo

Consider the Size of The Dildo

Glass dildos come in different sizes, ranging from small to large. The right size of the glass dildo sex toy ensures maximum satisfaction and comfort. A smaller size might not satisfy you as intended, while a larger size may be uncomfortable. For beginners, it is better to start small before advancing to large dildos.

Texture and Shape of the Dildo

There are numerous shapes of glass dildos. Some are straight, while some have curved shapes for G-spot and the P-spot stimulation. Other examples of glass dildo sex toys are egg-shaped penetrators and straight ones.

The numerous textures, bumps, twists, grooves, waves, and ribs can help you enjoy the powerful stimulations. It’s a great opportunity to try out several textures for different sensations.

Different Glass Materials to Choose From

Borosilicate is the common material used in the manufacture of glass dildos. This is the best sex toy material since it doesn’t break easily and can withstand hot water. Also, it is non-porous hence can easily be cleaned. However, there are other materials you can select from. Most of the materials used are strong and durable.

Hygiene for The Glass Dildo

Since glass is non-porous, a glass dildo is easy to clean and disinfect. Warm soapy water or toy cleaner is enough to clean the dildo. When sharing the dildo with a partner, be sure to use alcohol-based for disinfection or use a condom.

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