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One finger can feel good inside the vagina or butt. How about inserting two, three, or the whole hand into your vagina? Well, a significant number of horny folks are willing to experience something new. Thanks to fisting sex toys, you can spare your hand the maneuvers in your genitals.

What Are Fist Dildos?

Fist dildos are hand-shaped sex devices created to imitate real hand penetration. They come in different shapes, sizes, and materials and are meant to give you intense stimulation. Many people find it erotic and pleasurable to fist themselves. But what happens when you cannot fist yourself? You can invite your sex partner and convince them to give you that intense finger-fuck. However, you may be afraid or ashamed to tell your naughty partner to fist you, afraid of being judged. Therefore, the best way to hide your sexual fantasies from the public and still enjoy your limits is by buying sex toys that will deliver the intended stimulation and fulfill your desires. These non-realistic sex toys meant to deal with your out-of-world sexual demands are fisting dildos.

Whether you are looking for vaginal or anal penetration, fist dildo products will give you the desired fullness and stimulation. They are usually larger than other dildos and made of rigid materials.

Types of Fisting Sex Toys

Fisting dildos are classified according to the shape of the head. Different tips and girth are meant to give different sensations; thus, your choice is greatly determined by your sexual experience and fantasies. They include;

The Silent Duck Dildos

These are the standard fist dildos with one hand only with straight fingers shaped like the duck’s beak. They are ideal for beginners since they are easy to insert and remove. They include Kink Black Silicone Fist Dildo for Fisting and Pussy Stretching and 16.5-Inch Hand-Shaped Nude Dildo.

The Prayer Dildos

They have two hands with open fingers joined together to make prayer-shaped hands. They are meant for advanced users who want something broader and longer penetrating their orifice. They include Black Massive Double Fist Dildo.

The Fist

For intermediate users who would like something bigger than the silent duck in their orifice, fist dildos are the best tool to get started. Fist dildos have fingers clenched in a punch to make a round shape. They include Pipedream Basix Fist of Fury 11-Inch Flesh-Colored Fist Dildo and Kink Dual Density Secondskyn Black Fist Dildo for Fisting and Pussy Stretching.

Why Do You Need Fist Dildo?

There are many reasons why fisting is becoming popular, with many people ready to try the activity. Here are the main reasons why people enjoy using fist dildos.

To Fight Their Limits

How are you willing to satisfy your sexual desires? Instead of using a non-realistic dildo to penetrate your vagina or butt, you may choose to enjoy a sex toy that is close to a human hand. Therefore, using fist dildo sex toy is the best way to experiment and challenge yourself with a bigger and broader sex device.

Fisting Develops Intimacy Between Couples

Fisting and fist dildos require hot foreplay and patience. You need to whisper sweet words to your sex partner, give them an erotic massage, and prepare them for the coming event. This helps to develop a strong sexual bond between couples. Moreover, when using fist dildos for solo masturbation, you need to be wet and ready to receive a bigger tool in your orifice.

Fisting is Considered a Taboo

Many people are not ready to try fisting with their partners and view the act as taboo. Therefore, instead of convincing others to try fisting, fist dildos during solo masturbation are a great way to fulfill your crazy dreams.

Factors to Consider When Buying Fist Dildos

Since fist dildos are not meant for everybody, you should be keen on the type of dildo you pick to fulfill your fisting fantasies. Several factors determine your choice of first dildos, including;

The Size of The Dildo

Fist dildos are designed to represent an average human fist. However, they are manufactured in varying lengths and girths. While some have slim shafts and shorter insertable lengths, others have thicker shafts and longer insertable lengths. As a beginner, always go for slim and shorter fist dildos before trying broader and longer versions. On the other hand, intermediate and advanced users can choose larger fist dildos that will provide comfortable penetration.

The Shape of The Tip

Fist dildos have different tip shapes; some are stretched fingers with thumb curved inside the palm while others have clenched fist shapes. As a newbie, it is recommended to start with stretched fingertips before moving to clenched fist options. Stretched straight fingers are easy to insert and remove than those with clenched fists.

The Materials

The materials of fist dildos are vital to consider, especially when contemplating the skin-friendly and easy-to-clean materials. Moreover, choose a pliable, smooth, and squishy material for easy insertion and a realistic feel. Therefore, silicone is the most preferred material because it is hypoallergenic, waterproof, easy-to-clean, and flexible. Silicone is also compatible with most sex lubricants except silicone-based lube.

How to Use Fist Dildos

Unlike other sex toys, using fist dildos requires much attention and care to avoid hurting yourself. Here are some of the safety tips of using fist dildo products;

Get the Right Sex Lube

Whether you are using your hand or fist dildos, fisting is rough sex and requires a lot of lubrication. Ensure you use a lot of compatible sex lube that will not dry up easily.

Use the Right Fisting Dildos

Before jumping into fisting, ensure you choose the right fisting dildos. Always use fist dildos for their specific penetration, either vaginal or anal. Additionally, you can start with anal dildos and beads before using the fist dildos.

Start with Foreplay

Warming up before actual penetration is essential to ensure your orifice is ready to welcome a larger sex toy. You can start with foreplay with your partner or using other sex toys like vibrators to get to the mood. When you are ready and wet, slowly insert the fisting dildo and proceed with caution. When you are done, slowly remove the toy and relax for some minutes before the second attempt or cleaning your toys.

Clean Yourself and Fist Dildos First

In any sex toy use, hygiene is a must. Before moving on with fisting, ensure you are clean and your dildos are highly sterilized to avoid contamination and infections. Follow the cleaning instructions on the package to wash your dildos before and after use and store them in a cool and dry place.

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