Other Dildos

Other Dildos
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One thing about dildos that makes them outstanding among other sex toys is that anyone can use them, whether during masturbation or partnered play. They are also easy to use since most mimic the penis to give penetrative sensations. However, do you know that manufacturers now offer non-realistic dildos that you never thought could exist? While most people are running for phallic dongs that mimic an erect cock, others now go for non-phallic dildos that offer deep-reaching penetration and full sensations. Therefore, if you want something that can offer extreme sensations, here are other dildos to consider.

First, What Is A Dildo?

Dildos can trace their history back to popular blue movies such as Sex in The City and Fifty Shades of Grey. These devices are popularly known to enhance sexual stimulation and orgasms, and they can be used by one or more people at once to intensify sensation.     However, although the market now has a wide range of sex toys, most people settle for dildos because they have simple features that make them easy to use. Therefore, a dildo is a sex toy that resembles an erect penis and has a size ranging from 4 inches.

Dildos are mostly created to give penetrative or thrusting sensations when inserted into the vagina, anus, or even mouth. They also have smooth surfaces with flared bases that act as handles during erotic play. However, some manufacturers have improvised these smooth or bobbled sex toys to give them unique features that make them ideal for advanced users. These dildos are what we shall discuss as other non-phallic dildos.

How Non-Realistic Dildos Are Classified

With a wide array of unique dildos around, it can be challenging to choose the best one that meets your sexual needs. Therefore, these non-phallic dildos are sold in different types based on several features, including the following:

Classification Based on Structure

Non-realistic dildos are sold according to their shapes and structural differences. The common shapes include;

Curved Dildos

These dildos have curved shafts that target pleasure points such as G-spot and P-spot when inserted. They are also most recommended for intermediate and advanced users since they exert high pressure on the inner walls on insertion.

Crooked Dildos

Crooked dildos also have curved, rigid, or irregular shapes. They are best for experienced users and should be used with plenty of compatible sex lubricants for easy insertion and removal. These dildos include fist or hand, fluffy, and layered dildos.

Straight Dildos

These are the common dildos for beginners since they are easy to insert and pull out. Some manufacturers also offer straight dildos with different features such as ridges, bumps, and veins. Therefore, if you want non-realistic but straight dildos that deliver an intense sensation, you can choose smooth or bobbled sex toys for your solo fun.

Based on Penetrations

Non-phallic dildos are also designed to offer different penetrative sensations, such as single and dual penetration. With single penetration, the dildo penetrates one orifice at a time, be it vaginal, anal, or oral penetration. However, these dildos can have unique features that give extreme sensations such as dual or triple layered shafts.

On the other hand, dual penetration dildos are designed to penetrate two orifices simultaneously to give double sensations. These sensations can be vagina-to-vagina, anus-to-vagina, or anus-to-anus penetration. The devices can also be used during solo masturbation or partnered play such as sexual intercourse and lesbian plays. Common examples include double dildos with one base or double-ended dildos with flexible shafts.

Based on Size

Non-realistic sex toys also have different sizes that make them unique and suitable for specific groups. The common sizes include:

Discreet Dildos

For those looking for small unusual dildos that they can use anywhere without causing alarm, discreet dildos are the best choice. These dildos have smaller sizes that can fit in pockets or purses. These dongs include finger and plug dildos.

Large Dildos

Large dildos range between 9 and 11 inches with wider girths for fuller sensations. They are ideal for various experience levels since they have comfortable features such as smooth shafts and tapered ends for easy insertion.

Extra-Large or Monster Dildos

Extra-large or monster dildos have longer and wider shafts only recommended for experienced users. Most monster dildos also have unique structures on the shaft that deliver intense pleasure on every insertion. These dildos also measure above 11 inches in length and have wide or suction-cup bases that prevent them from disappearing inside the orifice.

Different Types of Non-Realistic Dildos

Fisting Dildos

Fisting dildos resemble the hand instead of an erect penis. They are classified according to the shape of the fingers, such as straight fingers or duck-shaped dildos and clenched fingers or fist dildos. Some fist dildos also have two hands or fists tugged together to increase their girths. These dildos are not ideal for faint hearts; hence, only recommended for fisting experts.

Monster Dildos

Monster dildos are made with out-of-world shapes and features that make them horrifying. They can take the shape of an animal or any other structure to make their shafts extra-arousing. Other monster dildos also have double or triple-layered shafts and are highly recommended only for experienced users.

Animal Dildos

These dildos are designed to resemble animal penises. Animal dildos are larger than regular ones and often measure above 10 inches long. They are mostly loved by people who would like to satisfy their animal fetishes. The common animal dildos include the following:

Dog Dildos

Dog or canine dildos are created to look like a dog’s penis with dog knot-like structures close to the base. They are mostly between 6 and 8 inches long with a diameter of about 1.8 inches. However, beginners can also get dog dildos below 6 inches long. These dildos are also made from different materials such as silicon, glass, and rubber.

Horse Dildos

Horse dildos are between 15 and 20 inches long with a diameter of about 2 inches. They often have classic round flat glans at the head just like the real horse and are most loved for their huge size that delivers intense sensations. Most horse dildos are also made from high-quality materials such as glass, wood, silicone, and stainless steel.

Wolf Dildos

Wolf dildos have small empty glans, just like the real wolf, with G-spot heads that give maximum internal stimulation. They are mostly above 7 inches in length and 1.5 inches in diameter. They are also made from safe and easy-to-clean materials to reduce maintenance costs.

Glow-In-The-Dark Dildos

As the name suggests, these dildos come with luxury lighting systems that make them glow in the dark. Most glow-in-the-dark smooth or bobbled sex toys are made from luxurious materials such as glass, stainless steel, and silicone that give them higher price points. They are, therefore, ideal for people ready to splash more coins on their adult toys.

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