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Out of the sex toy materials in the market, glass sex toys are at the top of the list because of their look, compatibility, and pleasure. Those engaged in sex devices, especially glass dildos and butt plugs have appreciated the strong, safe, and enjoyable pleasure provided by glass sex toys. From super strength, resistant, temperature-friendly, to durability, glass might sound like a counterintuitive material for a sex toy. Although the price might be high, adding glass sex toys into your bedroom can be a great idea if you are looking for something memorable.

Whether you want to fulfill your anal, vaginal, nipples, or whole-body fantasies, the glass sex toy industry has everything for your dream. Therefore, though selecting the right glass sex toy to bring your pleasure might be difficult, this article has everything you need to know before buying any of these fantastic tools.

What Are Glass Sex Toys?

Glass sex toys are devices created from glass materials to enhance your sexual pleasure and curb bad omens experienced in your bondage play. The tools come in different sizes, colors, and shapes to relish anal, vaginal, G-spot, P-spot, and nipples pleasure more perfectly than other materials. Glass sex toys can be used in any situation, including high temperature and shower plays. The material is easily cleaned, smooth, and compatible with various lubricants.

Types of Glass Sex Toys

There is a wide range of glass sex toys to offer you a mind-blowing sensation in solo plays or with your partner. These tools are categorized based on their targeted area of intimacy. They include;

Anal Glass Toys

Can I put glass in my ass? Probably, you have been asking yourself this question. Well, the answer is yes. Anal glass sex toys are safety devices designed to relish your butt pleasure and leave you with cravings. They are designed in unique shapes with great features for compatibility. There is a wide range of toys under this category, including butt plugs, anal beads, and Kegel balls. They appear in different shades, sizes, and textures to ensure you enjoy your sexual needs and desires. Some have suction bases for comfort solo play, while others have loops to allow you control and prevent them from slipping into your anus. Moreover, they have tapered heads for easy insertion. Since the anus does not produce natural lube, the devices are compatible with your lubricants for extreme pleasure and reduced friction during penetration.

Glass Dildos

The market also offers vaginal and anal glass dildos that can be used for solo play or with your partners. They come in different colors, such as blue, flesh, black, or purple to attract your attention and create sexual desires. Some come in cylindrical or oval shapes while others have one side pointed to make penetration easy. Most have suction cup bases for compatibility in a solo play, while others feature loops for your fingers to prevent them from slipping into your holes. You can get some with beads or shaft veins meant to give you an unforgettable thrusting sensation. The tools are strong enough to prevent breaking even in hard sex.

Glass Cock Rings

Cock ring glass sex toys are bands worn around the base of your penis to offer you sensual sensuality. The rings appear in various designs, sizes, and shapes. They do not only provide sexual pleasure but are also essential for men with premature ejaculation and weak erection. For instance, they enhance a long-lasting erection by preventing the blood to escape your hard rock penis during sex. They come in various models, such as glans rings and designs that encircle both testicles for enhanced results.

G-Spot And P-Spot Glass Stimulators

This category of glass sex toys is specifically designed for shallow vaginal and anal penetration targeting G-spot and P-spot. The tools are curved to ensure that they hit the exact intended area. They have smooth tapering heads for easy vaginal and anal insertion. Some come in a double-ended design with one end having a G-spot and the other one P-spot stimulator for couple intercourse. Moreover, some come separately with attachments for attaching or mounting on the walls for a solo play.

Vibrating Glass Sex Toys

Vibrating glass toys feature a different number of vibration pulses controlled by either a remote or motor bullets. Some vibrators are powered by replaceable batteries, while others come with USB cables to charge them when in use or before using. The tools can serve you for varied minutes ranging from 30 to 60 minutes. They can serve you hand-free in a solo play, or if you wish you can play with your partner for more fun.

Non-Vibrating Glass Sex Toys

Non-vibrating glass sex toys lack motor bullets and vibration pulsations. Unlike vibrating toys, these tools are controlled manually either in solo play or with your partner. They have easy-to-use features for comfortable play.

Glass Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps are star-like devices created to offer your nipples great pleasure by tickling them. The tools are attached to the nipples and left to give a new wave of erotism while you continue with other erotic stimulations. They come in various sizes and colors to allow you to get one that fits you perfectly.

Points to Consider When Shopping for Glass Sex Toys

Look at the Size

Size of the any glass sex toy you want to buy should be the first factor to look at before buying. People have varied intimate parts’ sizes, and so the devices are created in different sizes to suit every person. For this reason, know the size of your penis, nipples, or vagina to choose a toy that will fit your snugly for comfort, and enjoyable pleasure.

How to Use Glass Sex Toys

  • When using vibrating glass sex toys, ensure they are completely charged or the batteries are strong for comfort and long-lasting experienced.
  • Lube up generously, especially if you want to enjoy anal pleasure.
  • Prioritize hygiene after every use for a comfy future play.
  • When using anal glass dildos, be careful to avoid them slipping inside your anus.

Final Thought

Glass sex toys have become to be the most loved sex toys because of their strength, compatibility, and temperature resistance. The tools come in various models including anal plugs, nipple clamps, dildos, and cock rings to allow you to fulfill your sexual desires. If you consider the factors highlighted above before buying and using them safely, everything will work on your way.

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