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Sex toys can be cleaned with mild antibacterial soaps and lukewarm water to keep you safe from bacterial infections.

Sex toy cleaner is a bacterial-free solution for keeping sexual accessories bacteria-free and in a good hygienic condition. For those who love human-made devices for penetration, it is good to use cleaning liquids. Usually, it comes in the form of spray-on liquids that can dry up on their own.

Others require to be rinsed quickly with fresh water. However, sex toy cleaners are quite expensive and sold only by the love toy makers. The functionality of the cleaning solution can vary, but they all give users safety and protection for their toys. Shop sex toy sprays and cleaners from Dimepiece LA.

Purpose of Sex Toy Cleaners

Rinsing sex toys with water and normal detergent may not eliminate all bacteria. Below are the advantages of using the cleaning solution.

Reduces the Presence of Bacteria

It’s advisable to clean them after every use, especially those used in the vagina and anus. Cleaning detergent with no antibacterial can still help reduce bacteria in the sex toy surfaces.

It Prevents Voiding the Manufacturer’s warranty.

Improper cleaning and mishandling of sex toys can make them stop working. The fine print note includes cleaning before and after using the sex toys to last.

It Improves the Condition of the Toy’s Material

Some cleaning solutions help protect and improve the condition of the material of sex toys.

It Removes the Junk

After using the sex toys, there are many unseen bacteria on the surfaces. Therefore, sex toy cleaners help remove junk like lube, body fluids, dead skin, food particles, and dried chemicals that may affect the skin when they come in contact.

Types of Sex Toy Cleaners

There are a lot of cleaning solutions with different ingredients and unique blends. Therefore, below are the best toy cleaners you can use to wash your sex toys and accessories.

Autoblow Advanced Antibacterial Cleaner

It is best for a versatile collection, tough on germs, mild skin irritation, allergic reaction, and rashes. Transparency of the bottle makes it easy to monitor the level of the solution, and it’s available in different sizes with a convenient nozzle designed for the push.

Sliquid Shine Organic Cleaner

It is best for natural cleaning, and it is made with a natural mindset consisting of antifungal and antibacterial properties to keep you safe. Also, it gently cleans the surface leaving the sex toy material in an optimal condition. Its bottle has a convenient spray nozzle and is free from ingredients that can irritate. The cleaner’s powerful aroma from tea tree oil keeps your toys fresh until the next use.

Kiiro Pure Premium Toy Cleaner

This sex toy cleaner has ingredients that protect the skin, enhance toy material, and wealth of antibacterial properties. It is safe for all skin types, no rinsing required, and is often sold as a pack of three, but it is also available in separate bottles.

Pjur Med Personal Cleaning Spray

It has a small bottle with a nozzle that is easy to use, safe for all skin types, with antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Furthermore, this cleaning solution is ideal for glass, rubber, and latex toys.

LELO Premium Cleaning Spray

LELO brand is also known for making luxurious products, including 24-Karat gold dildos. The bottle and the solution are made with the same quality as sex toys and do not have harmful chemicals, making it ideal for all skin types. The sex toy cleaner also works for all materials because of a balanced pH and is alcohol-free. Liquids are the best because they do not damage the skin or cause irritations.

Guide to purchasing Antibacterial toy cleaners

Shopping sex toy sprays and cleaners can be difficult if you are a newbie. Below are factors that one has to consider when shopping for this product.

 Ingredients of The Toy Cleaner

Toy cleaner’s ingredients vary depending on the brand. Other models consist of blended ingredients, which are more gentle. People with skin sensitivity issues should be more attentive when choosing substances to make skin contact. It is advisable to read through the ingredients keenly before using them to prevent skin irritation.

The Gentleness

Some sex toys require gentle and non-abrasive solutions to avoid damaging the materials. It is good to consider a gentle solution to feed the needs of your sex toy. Avoid the normal cleaning detergent because it can damage the sex toy materials. Use the detergent that is specifically for cleaning the toys.

The Formula

Certain sex toy cleaning solutions can be used without water but still remove the dirt without extra effort. Also, note that some sex toys are easier to take care of without water, such as textured or tight sleeves.

The Bottle and The Scent

The cleaning detergent bottle should have the best storage size. Also, it should have a big nozzle for easy use and a scent that lasts longer. It is equally important to check if it is manufactured with hypoallergenic organic ingredients for safety purposes.

Health and Safety Tips

Consult your doctor or physician if skin irritation persists. Thoroughly wash the liquid with clean water. After cleaning, close the bottle of the toy cleaner and store it in a cool, dry place. Above all, enjoy the stimulations from your clean sex toy and accessories.

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