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Are you planning to try something without hurting your partner? Or are you a porn star fun and you wish to put some ideas into action? Most partners limit themselves to vaginal sex with the imagination that anal play is risky and painful. However, there is a lot of pleasure in anal sex, especially when you use specific lubes. There are different silicone sex lubes that offer adequate deep anal penetration that is significantly long-lasting and smooth.

What Are Silicone Sex Lubes?

Silicone sex lube is a long-lasting and slippery sex lubricant often used during anal play. Generally, it is mostly preferred for long intercourse sessions due to its long-lasting feature.

Best silicone sex lubes

Uberlube Luxury Lubricant

Uberlube is the highest quality silicone sex lube in the market. It is great for a person looking for a lube with enough slickness. It is mainly a pure silicone lube with traces of vitamin E. This vitamin provides smoothness, making it ideal for people who prefer deep anal penetration. Additionally, uberlube is exceptionally slippery and lasts longer than other silicone and water-based lubes. Therefore, it is preferable for sex acts, such as vulva massage, hand jobs and anal play. This and all other silicone lubes are effective options for shower sex play since they aren’t water-soluble. The bottle is also uniquely stylish; hence nice enough for a nightstand.

Gun Oil Silicone

Gun oil is a silicone sex lube with vitamin E and aloe. This mixture minimizes unwanted friction and restores most tender tissues. This is why it is nice for anal sex. Also, it usually stays slick for some time. Its bullet-like packaging is more aggressive, and the lube is ideal for those looking for a long-lasting variety.

Sliquid Natural Silver

This silicone sex lube is extremely slippery, making it last significantly longer than other silicone lubes. This makes it ideal for sex activities like vulva massage, anal play, and hand jobs. It is also the best option for shower play.

Pjur Black Door Silicone Anal lube

Like other silicone sex lubes, this one is also great for anal play because it provides a good cushion and lasts significantly longer. However, Pjur Black Door lube is mainly made with anal play in mind. It is composed of natural ingredients, such as guava and jojoba extract, that help in relaxation.

How To Use Silicone Sex Lubes

Silicone sex lubricants are preferably used during anal play since they are very slippery, allowing deep penetration. They are rarely used with sex toys, masturbation, and vaginal sex. When using a sex toy, ensure it is not made of silicone materials. These two should not be used together. This lube can be used during masturbation but in very small amounts. While applying, put a towel underneath to avoid staining your bedsheets. This lube also is used when having shower sex.

Factors to consider while choosing silicone sex lube

With the above options, picking a silicone sex lubricant can be challenging. However, consider these factors when looking for a silicone sex lube to use during anal play.

Material of the sex toy

If planning to add a sex toy to the play, ensure it is not made of silicone material. This lube is not compatible with silicone sex toys. It causes damage to the toy, making it functionless. Instead, choose a toy made of plastic materials.


It is essential to consider the comfort of both partners while buying a silicone sex lubricant. The lubricant should not hinder sexual pleasure. The lube used should allow both partners to enjoy the sexual activities without worrying.

Amount to use

Different partners have different preferences regarding the amount of silicone lube to use. The fact remains that the more lube used, the more slippery it will be. However, silicone lube has ingredients that make it slippery and last significantly longer if the correct amount is used. It is ideal for those who prefer using little amounts to buy an extra amount that can be reapplied when necessary.


It is ideal to avoid flavored silicone sex lubes for anal sex. Some scents can negatively react with the anal fluids leading to inflammation or other infections. Pick a scentless silicone sex lube to reduce the risk of infections and other negative effects.


Consider the elements that comprise the silicone sex lube. Most people ignore this because they think it’s only the vagina that is sensitive. However, the anus can also get infections or inflammation. Therefore, ensure the product is body-safe. Choosing a silicone lube incompatible with the anus results in irritation and itches.

Precautions when using silicone sex lubes

Put a towel underneath when using silicone lubes. They can easily stain fabrics like clothes or sheets that can be tedious to wash. Some stains might be permanent.

Since it is slippery, always apply less and only reapply when necessary.

Use a silicone applicator to apply the lube. Do not use fingers because they are prone to infections.

The lube also leaves the floor slippery for months if it spills on the hardwood floor. Therefore, be careful when applying.

Store the lube in a cool, dry place. Extremely high temperatures can make it ineffective.

Never use silicone sex lubes with silicone sex toys because it can cause a breakage of the rubber.

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