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Do you apply sex lubricants manually?  How do you regulate the amount applied? It is not hygienic to apply the lubes in the genitals using bare hands. There are very tiny bacteria or dust particles that might remain in the hands after washing. Therefore, applying lubes with fingers can easily cause infections. This is a very sensitive part in women, so it is ideal to use sex lubricant applicators.

Define Sex Lubricant Applicators

They are mechanisms used to apply lubricants to the genitals. These sex lubricant applicators offer a hygienic and convenient way of delivering the right amount of sex lubes, unlike tubes. They are an ideal mechanism for people who are unsure how much lubricant should be used.

Types Of Sex Lubricant Applicators

There are different types of sex lubricant applicators available due to advanced technologies. They include;

YES WB- Water-Based In Applicators

It is smooth in texture and almost resembles natural lubricants. It intensively delivers moisture quickly hence ideal for treating vaginal dryness and engaging in intimacy. YES WB has similar pH to the vagina, making it the best realistic option. Also, this helps avoid bacterial infections caused by the change in vaginal ph. Moreover, YES WB in applicators is both toy and condom-friendly.

YES OB – Plant Oil Based In Applicators

It is a comfortable and rich plant oil-based lube with coconut and sunflower seed oil ingredients. YES OB offers significantly long-lasting lubrication essential for prolonged sex. Its silky texture makes it double up as a sensual massage oil. This lubricant applicator can be suitable for silicone toys and water play but cannot be used with condoms.

YES Vaginal Moisturizer In Applicators

It effectively improves discomfort and dryness associated with vulva conditions like vaginal dryness and atrophy. It reduces itching, burning, and irritation through intense hydration of the vaginal mucosa.

How To Use Sex Lube Applicators

Read the instructions at the applicator’s label before use. Secondly, know the quantity of lube the applicator can hold and how to apply it. A simple way of using a sex lube tube applicator is by pressing the wider part. Before this, insert the tip of the applicator in the vagina slowly, then regulate the amount that comes out. This is to ensure you do not apply excess lube.

Guidelines For Buying Lubricant Applicators

Choosing the best item to be used in the sensitive parts of the body, the vagina or penis can be very complicated. When looking for sex lubricants applicators, some factors are very vital. They include;


It is essential to go for something affordable. Do not choose an expensive lubricant because of its design. To save on cost, buy lubricants that come in applicator form. This will save money that you will have spent on buying the lube and applicator separately. However, most lubricant applicators are cost-friendly compared to tubes.


Whether vaginal or anal sex, the lubricant applicator’s comfortability is key. The vagina is prone to irritation and infections like yeast. It is essential to ensure the applicator does not cause negative reactions or any discomfort. Note that the applicator is supposed to be pressed inside the vagina or anus, so it should not bring any discomfort during and after use.

The sexual activity

This is simply the kind of sex to engage in, be it anal or vaginal sex. Choose an applicator depending on where it is used and the partner’s preference.


Look for sex lubricant applicators that are portable to give an easy time during application. Choose a lube applicator that is easy to move around with. For instance, one may want to consult the doctor about the effects of a specific lube. Therefore, it should be easy to carry a sample into the applicator bottle.


Choose an applicator with a material that is compatible with the vagina. The material should not lead to negative reactions like redness, irritation, or itching. Choose sex lube applicators made of non-toxic plastic materials. They are significantly safe when used with either water-based, silicone-based, or oil-based lubes.

Type of lube

Look for lubricant applicators that are compatible with the type of lube you intend to apply. Do not buy a water-based lube applicator to use in applying silicone lubes. Moreover, some lubes come in the form of an applicator. So instead of buying the two separately, buy the applicator lube once.

The vaginal pH

Choose a sex lubricant applicator with a pH compatible with the vaginal pH. The normal pH of a vagina is often 4 to 4.5. Therefore, it is ideal to look for a sex lubricant applicator that will not alter the vaginal pH.

Safety tips when using sex lubricant applicators

Store the applicator in a cool and dry place to retain its effectiveness.

Most lube applicators can be reused. Wash well after use, then store for future use.

Do not use the wrong applicator on the wrong type of sex lube.

The applicators should be used specifically for applying lubes. Using it for a different activity can contaminate it.

How to use sex lubricant applicators

To use sex lube applicators well, follow these steps:

Remove the applicator from its packaging. Avoid using packages with a damaged sealed tap.

Shake well to the narrow end.

Twist off until the top is opened.

Choose a comfortable position to insert the lube tube applicator gently; stand up, squat, sit or lie down. Only insert its narrow end into the vagina.

Squeeze the wider part of the applicator several times until all the contents are released inside the vagina.

Discard immediately when the applicator is empty.

Most sex lube applicators can be reused. Therefore, rinse and recycle if possible.

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