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Sex is all about the smoothness and silkiness in either the vagina or the anal or the oral sex. This is why there is a need to make things more slippery for fun to go on. When a girl is not wet, it may signal displeasure and puts off the man. The wetter the game, the sweeter it gets. You can’t ask for more. The game has to be that way always.

With lubricants available, the pleasure only gets better. A small amount of lube does wonders to the bedroom game. When it comes to flavours, sweet goes sweeter. With Dimepiece la, your flavoured game gets better.

What are flavoured lubricants for sex?

These liquids are here to make the game under the shits even more exciting. These are greasing agents used during sex and have great benefit when reducing friction, protecting the vaginal or the anal walls. The flavoured lubes not only offer the slick. Slippery and smooth texture, but add a little scent to the environment making it more fun. Enjoy our best collection and find joy in flavoured lubes of all kinds. Is it vanilla, strawberry, mint, and many more? With our flavoured lubricants, your needs are what we treasure.

Do I need a flavoured lubricant?

Yes, you do. Some people are allergic to flavoured lubes. But if thats what you prefer then, certainly never go for less. These are some of the best stimulants for great sex. The vaginal sex is sufficient most of the time without lubes. You may think you do not require one. However, lubricants are great for vaginal penetration too. Even though the vagina produces its lube, apply some lube and feel the incredible sensation and smooth penetration. Sometimes, the body odor is not pleasurable to some. With the favourite scent, you are sure to enjoy your moment uninterrupted by the unpleasant smell of the body fluid. When it comes to anal sex, this is a must-have. Whether using a toy or penis penetration, the anus, unlike the vagina, has no natural lubrication. Here the amount of lube to be used has to increase and reapplied from time to time.

Choosing the best flavoured lubricant for sex

The process to acquire the best lube may be quite hectic so that you may get the wrong one. all our lubes are great and of the best quality. However, we understand that people have different specifications. You need to ensure your moment is as special as the lube you use. When it comes to flavours, always find the best. Here are some of the things to consider when selecting your best lube.

The ingredients of the lubricant

Flavours come in different forms, such as; flowers, fruits, and other leaves. All have benefits as long as they work for you. Some of the sweet-smelling flowers are irritative to some people. Some of these ingredients may bring a burning sensation to the vagina or the anus. Always use what works for you. This is possible since we have an endless collection of multiple flavours, all waiting for your selection.

Thickness of the flavoured lubricant

With different contents, the thickness of the flavoured lubes differs. Some are light, while others are thick. When engaging in vigorous sex will require thick lubricants since they are good for heavy thrusts. They do not wear out easily; they persist hence keeping the game in motion. Plus, they are preferred to avoid a situation where you have to keep adding more lube. The light lubes well for the sensual moments as they easily transfer heat, making the action more sensational.

Silicone-based flavoured lubricants

These lubricants are some of the bests in the market. They are skin-friendly, n allergies are caused. Secondly, they stay on longer than others like the water-based. These are ideal for raw sex and good for non-latex condoms. They are not compatible with latex material as they damage it and lead to the breaking of latex condoms.

Water-based lubricants

These are probably the best in terms of safety since they are best in the foreplay, good when penetration. The washing of early is a disadvantage as well as an advantage. They easily wash, making the user keep reapplying. This may be a put-off; however, it is a good thing since the washing-off means you get cleaned faster and easier. Water-based flavoured lubricants are the best when it comes to condoms since they are compatible with any lube.

Oil-based lubricant

This is another type of lube to consider. They are good and slippery. They have a longer staying power, too, more than the water-based lube. They do great in masturbation sex for the male. Your solo game is moved to the next level with these lubes. Like silicone, oil-based flavoured lubes are not good with latex condoms. Use them for the external solo games only.

Play within your budget with these flavoured lubes

Yes, it would help if you had the pleasure. it would help if you had the best flavoured lubes. However, if you cannot afford this, go for the other. There are numerous choices to be made. With the Dimepiece la, our discounted prices will allow you to access what you need, and feel free to place an order. All our products are from trusted manufacturers with years of experience in lube making.

Using your lubricant

The favoured lubricants are helpful and will do wonders if used accordingly. As we have seen, there are different ways to use individually flavoured lubes. This includes knowing the right flavour you prefer, understanding the right type, such as silicone, water-based, or oil lubricants. Know when to use each and how to use them. If not sure which is the best for you, the only way is to make several attempts and trials. When doing the sensual game with your partner or doing a solo game, use several, and eventually, the right one presents itself. Lubricants can never be assumed since they are so helpful in treating the dryness of the anus or the vagina hence making the erotic moments pleasurable.

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