Flavoured Lubricants and Oils

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During sex, lubricants and oils ensure a smooth and slippery action. The lubricants reduce the friction, and in the process, the game becomes pleasurable and without pain. Lubricants are not only used in partnered sex but also with sex toys. Enough lube is necessary for easier, smoother penetrations with these sex toys. There are different types of lubricants and oils to cater to different needs. Some lubricants and oils are also flavored. Flavored sex lubricants and oils make things even sweeter and take your sex game to the next level.

What Are Flavored Lubricants and Oils?

There is a need for lubricants and oils for frictionless thrusts that ensure you get uninterrupted movement. Lubes provide pleasure and protection to the vaginal or anal walls. The flavored sex lubes and oils not only offer a slick, slippery, and smooth texture but also add an irresistible scent to the sex, making it more fun. They come in various flavors like vanilla, strawberry, and mint. The oils come with natural ingredients such as coconuts and olives to improve the flavor.

Why You Need Flavored Lubricants and Oils

As discussed, lubrication is essential, whether for vaginal or anal sex. They are also a must-have when using sex toys. Sometimes, the body odor is not pleasurable to some, and this is where flavored lubricants and oils for sex apply. With your favorite scent, you are sure to enjoy your moment uninterrupted by the unpleasant smell of the body fluids.

Selecting Flavored Lubricants And Oils

Selecting the right product requires keen consideration with the wide range of flavored lubricants and oils. Here are some of the things to consider when selecting your best lube or oil.

The Contents Of The Lubricant Or The Oil

Flavors come in different forms, such as flowers, fruits, and leaves which have beneficial benefits as long as they work for you. Some of the sweet-smelling flowers are irritative to people. Some of these ingredients may also cause a burning sensation to the vagina or anus. Therefore, use what works for you. This is possible since there is an endless collection of multiple flavors you can select from.

Durability Of The Lube Or Oil

Some flavored lubes for sex are light, while others are thick. Thick lubricants are ideal when engaging in anal sex as they do not wear out easily. They are also the best for shower play since the water doesn’t wash thick lube off easily. Light lubes work well for the sensual moments as they easily transfer heat, making the action more sensational.

Consider The Price

Choose lubes and oils that are affordable and fit your budget. However, don’t compromise on quality as you consider the price. There are various high–quality flavored lube and oils that are affordable.

Types Of Flavored Lubricants And Oils For Sex

Various lubes and oils with unique specifications make them preferable to others in different circumstances.

Silicone-based Flavored Lubricants

These lubricants are some of the bests in the market. They are skin-friendly and are ideal for sensitive skin. They also stay on longer, unlike water-based lubes and oils. These are ideal for raw sex and good for non-latex condoms. They are, however, not compatible with latex and silicone material as they damage it and lead to the breaking of latex condoms.

Water-based Lubricants

Water-based lubes are body-safe and are ideal for foreplay and penetrative sex. They are also easy to wash and are compatible with any material of sex toys and condoms. However, this lube washes off easily, requiring you to reapply frequently.

Oil-based Lubricant

Oil-based lubricants are smooth and slippery. They are best for male masturbation. They also have a longer staying power than the water-based lube. This lube is also ideal for shower play as it is not easily washed off. Like silicone, oil-based flavored lubes are not compatible with latex condoms and sex toys made of this material. As a precaution, use these lubes externally only.

How To Use Flavored Lubricant And Oils

When applied correctly, these lubricants and oils for sex are the best to enhance sexual pleasure. As discussed, there are different ways to use the different types of flavored lubes. This includes knowing the flavor you prefer, choosing from the different types like silicone, water-based, or oil lubricants, and knowing when and how to use them. If unsure of the best-flavored lube and oil for sex for you, the only way is to make several attempts and trials. When doing the sensual game with your partner or doing a solo game, use several, and eventually, you will find what works for you. Lubricants can never be assumed since they are so helpful in treating the dryness of the anus or the vagina hence making the erotic moments smooth and pleasurable.


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