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Are you getting too hot and steamy in your intimate sessions? Combat the extra heat with cooling lubricants that provide a compelling contrast at the point of contact. Cooling sex lubes, and indeed all forms of sex lubes, offer a variety of uses. Beyond the extra personal pleasure during masturbation or intercourse, cooling sex lubes are a blissful addition to your collection if you experience pain or discomfort during sex. If you are looking to try cooling lubes, here is everything you need to know about them.

Sex lubes have been used for years now and come in different formulations. Overall, cooling sex lubes contain body-safe ingredients that provide a tingling sensation to intensify pleasure during solo or partnered play. Sex lubes either silicone-based, water-based, or oil-based, but others are formulated using special enhancements such as flavors, scents, and warming/cooling ingredients. This post will examine the ins and outs of cooling sex lube to help make your intimate encounters as spicy and pleasurable as possible.

What Are Cooling Sex Lubes?

Cooling sex lubes are a category of sex lubricants formulated with special ingredients and additives that create unique cooling sensations that minimize the heat generated during intercourse. These cold sex lubes are not in themselves cold, but they produce a certain kind of coldness that enhances intense sensational pleasures when applied. They also create a tingling sensation accompanied by coldness at the point of application. Manufacturers use different formulations in creating cooling sex lubes, but the main ingredients responsible for generating the tingling sensation are mint, benzocaine, and menthol. Unlike warming sex lubricants, cooling lubricants leave a cool after-effect on the skin.

Types of Cooling Sex Lubricants

Cooling sex lubes, and indeed all formulations infused with benzocaine, leave a numbing effect on any body part they contact. All cooling sex lubricants fall into one of three categories in the lube marketplace: water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based. Each category possesses its advantages and drawbacks, but water-based lubes are generally popular.

Sex lube brands have diversified their products to suit individual needs. For folks experiencing pain or discomfort during sex, cooling sex lubes are a perfect choice. They not only minimize dryness in the genitals but also leave a cold tingly after-effect during sex or masturbation. Below are the subcategories of cooling sex lubes classified based on the point of application and formulation criteria.

Vaginal Cooling Sex Lubes

This type of lube is specially designed to reduce vaginal dryness, relieve pain during intercourse, or help couples looking to conceive. The main ingredients in vaginal cooling lubes are mostly hydroxyethyl cellulose or water-based. Both are safe in collecting sperm specimens during fertility intervention, and their constituent elements are ideal for maintaining perfect vaginal PH.

Anal Cooling Sex lubes

Anal cooling lubes, as with other anal lubricants, are made extra thick to ensure adequate backdoor stimulation. Anal cold lubes create a cooling and tingling sensation that heightens sensitivity and makes anal sex play more enjoyable. Some anal cold lubes contain numbing additives such as benzocaine that alleviate pain or discomfort during anal sex.

Silicone-Based Cold Lubes

Silicone-based cooling lubes can either be anal or vaginal but are slick, water-usable, and ideal if you want to get intimate in bathtubs, showers, lakes, or swimming pools.

Water-Based Cold Lubes

These are primarily hydroxyethyl cellulose-based lubes that are water-soluble and slippery, and their application should be far from showers, tubs, or pools. They are more popular because they are remarkably smooth, silky, and easy to use or clean off after use.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Cooling Sex Lubricants

All cold lubes contain one after-effect, a tingling sensation that makes intercourse spicy and more pleasurable. But below are other aspects of cooling lubes you should consider before making your choice:

Skin Sensitivity

Before making a cold lube of your choice, it is important to understand how sensitive your skin is to the lube in question. That is even more imperative because even as companies look to outperform others, there is always a chance that some would use different ingredients responsible for the cooling sensation. However, for the most part, body-safe ingredients free from allergies or itching are used so that you can apply worry-free to your most intimate parts.

Compatibility with Condoms and Sex Toys

Are you going to incorporate sex toys into your sex play? If so, consider compatible cooling lubes. Silicone-based cold lubes, for instance, are not ideal with silicone sex toys because they are known to degrade the surface, which impacts their shelf life. However, you can utilize silicone-based lubes in bathrooms because they are not easily washed away with water.

Their Texture

When going for cooling sex lube, it is vital to consider its smoothness and slickness on the skin. Silicone-based lubes are known to be inert and may not have adverse effects on the skin or react with sex toys. Water-based lubes are slicker and have a moisturizing impact on the skin.

The Intended Sexual Activity

Based on their formulation, certain cooling lubricants may be ideal for masturbation and unsuitable for anal or vaginal use. Others may not be appropriate for use with condoms, so be careful to match your cold lube with proper pleasure activity correctly.

How to Lube Up with Cold Lubricants

  • Once you have figured out what activity and sex lube is appropriate, you can roll the lube tube in your palms to warm it (although this is optional).
  • If you have a condom, oil-based cooling sex lube is recommended.
  • Apply sex lube on top of your body’s natural lubrication. Even with a partner or sex toys, ensure you apply adequate amounts of lube by rubbing it on the genitals and the sex toys.
  • For anal play, ensure to apply cold lubes more generously because of lack of self-lubrication.
  • Avoid cooling sex lubes containing sugars, parabens, and petrochemicals such as glycerin.
  • Be mindful of the lube type, especially if you want to conceive.
  • Use thick formula cold lubes for long-lasting, safe, and comfortable anal play.
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