Kama Sutra

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Are you looking for the best kama sutra intimate gift sets & fun travel kits to spice up your bedroom play? Kama sutra is the only alternative option to grab to uncover your sexual pleasure and take the bond to the next level.

Whether you have been in a relationship for a long time or just starting, switching to different sex positions can add a lot to your bond. Using the same position every day is boring and even frustrating. For this reason, the kama sutra is created to uncover your sexual pleasure by providing you with a wide range of amazing sex positions. Whether you love anal or vaginal penetration, this article explains perfectly different sex positions found in the kama sutra to help you choose one that suits your bond.

What Is Kama Sutra?

Kama sutra is an inspiring guide for couples that helps them to learn and manage their sexual life by providing multiple sex positions. Whether you are a lesbian, or gay, kama sutra can now transform your love-making into erotic ecstasy created by an experienced sex therapist. It is one of the most loved and old-serving erotic manuals that has unlocked the secrets of sex positions for various couples.

Sex Positions Found in Kama Sutra

Cowgirl Position

Cowgirl is sometimes referred to as a ‘lazy sex exhibit’, where a man lies down and allows his wife to come over and have complete control of the penetration. The girl rides your penis allowing deep grinding and clitoral stimulation. She should be able to limit your pleasure and focus on her sensation.

Spooning Position

Enter her from the back while your front pressing against her back like the spooning cuddle position. This position allows for easy both anal and vaginal penetration, you are the larger spoon, and she is the smaller one. Let her separate the legs a little, and find her pussy with your hand. The spooning position allows for a short thrust that targets her G-spot preventing you to get to a point of no return by making long wild thrusts. Furthermore, it helps to stay longer in the game than in normal positions.

Side By Side Position

Side by side allows both of you to control the depth of the thrust. This position can result in both active and passive sex. Let her leg on top of the other rest over you while your penis penetrates easily without tapping out. You need to coordinate your thrust while working as a team to enjoy the game.

The Yab-Yum Position

Here the sits on a comfy surface, and the lady straddles his hips, facing each other for the man to penetrate from the front. This position is very intimate, and enjoyable and enhances longer time in the game. However, if you are stating, it can be quite hard to maintain, but as you adjust to it, things will always work to your pleasure. Moreover, if you have tight hamstrings or hips, you can also find it difficult to enjoy this position.

Non-Penetrative Missionary Position

Non-penetrative position is best for vulva, clitoral, and perineum stimulation. The man lies on top as in a normal position but does not insert the penis into her vagina, instead, he massages her vulva, clit, and perineum with his hard erect penis. Even though there is warmth experienced, the sensation is targeted at the back of the penis where sensitivity is less. This position is more recommended for guys who cum faster.

The Cross Positions

This position will always give her a relaxed pleasure. It involves the man lying on his side while she rests on her back with her torso at a 90-degree angle to allow easy back penetration. Her legs should be wrapped over the man’s hips, and the butt exposed to the front of his pelvis to allow him to thrust forward and penetrate her with your hips against her thighs’ back. Since there is not much range of motion in this position, it helps you to stay longer in the game.

Lazy Dog Position

The lazy dog position allows for shallow depth which enhances a longer period in the game than in doggy style which is almost the same. In doggy style, the man is in control of the deep thrust and the momentum, which is impossible to last longer. This style involves both of you lying, and facing down with you on top. The shallow depth allows reduced intense stimulation. The style can be challenging if your woman keeps her hips lower than they should be.

Women In Top Position

This position allows the man to chill on his back while the woman comes on top to envelop the penis deeply. The man is restricted to thrust to allow the woman to enjoy the deep sense of his hard erect dick. She can also rub her clit against the shaft of the penis without thrusting. Since she is in charge, make sure that you communicate with her whenever you get close and need to break.

Sit On the Throne Position

Besides the woman on top, here is another position that allows her to have control of the thrusts. Here, a man sits on a chair while she stands with her back facing him and lowers into a sitting position on his lap to get the penis into her vagina or anus. Let her can bounce a little while she enjoys the deep penetration without long or fast thrusts.

Grinding Missionary Position

If you wish to have a deep thrust and leave her screaming helplessly under you? Try grinding missionary position. This position allows you to grind her clit and fill the vagina fully to bring her to squirting.

Safety Tips When Performing Any Kama Sutra Position

  • Make sure all the sex accessories are strong enough and made from soft materials for comfortable sex.
  • In case your lover calls for a break, stop the thrust immediately to prevent inconvenience.
  • Start slow when trying a particular position for the first time to avoid muscle issues and pains.


Everyone wants to enjoy sexual pleasure, especially married people. Note that all sexual fantasies can be fulfilled if a particular couple should consider adding sex positions discussed above. Unless you switch to a different sex position, your bond can have issues, especially in the bedroom.

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