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People rate unprotected vaginal sex as more pleasurable compared to protected intercourse. Many believe that they will not enjoy sex when using condoms, and most people avoid using them. However, a wide selection of Intense Ribbed & Dotted condoms is available for added intensity and pleasure to your sexual experience. Unlike ordinary condoms, these condoms protect against pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections and give both partners sexual enjoyment simultaneously.

What is Stimulating Ribbed Warming?

Stimulating ribbed warming is best described as condoms designed for sexual pleasure or enjoyment. They satisfy people who struggle to feel sexual excitement when using standard condoms. However, these condoms are not very efficient when used as a protective measure.

Types of Stimulating, Ribbed & Warming Condoms

Textured Condoms

These condoms are designed to increase pleasure for both partners, depending on where the ribs are. Most textured condoms are ribbed at the base and top to add stimulation in the right place, mostly for females. Some also contain numerous raised studs for male enjoyment or on the outside to enhance female satisfaction.

Flavored Condoms

These condoms have great sensational aromas or flavors. The irresistible flavor can be found in the sex lubricant or coated on the condoms. The flavors can be banana, mint, vanilla, strawberry, orange, bubblegum, or chocolate. Sometimes the condom package can be colored to complement sweet flavors, like yellow for banana.

Ultra-thin Condoms

These condoms are thin and silky and are made of latex materials. They give enough stimulation because the thin element feels like one is not wearing a condom. This doesn’t mean that it is not protective. It gives a sensational touch between the penis and the vagina, increasing sexual pleasure.

Warming Condoms

Warming condoms are made of thin latex to heighten sensations. They come with warming lubricant activated by the natural vaginal moisture and heated up during intercourse. The gentle and warm sensations enhance sexual enjoyment for both partners.

Pleasure-shaped Condoms

These condoms have enlarged and looser pouch-like tips that increase. The extra latex stimulates the nerve endings in the tip of the penis for enhanced stimulations. Some bands offer twist and winding shapes that enhance vigorous action during intercourse to heighten the sensitivity of both partners.

French Ticklers

Tickler condoms are either soft rubber ticklers at the tip or soft jelly. However, they have various designs with nubs, nodules, and ridges that offer stimulation to female partners by tickling the inner walls of their vaginas. Since they are novelty condoms, they do not prevent diseases or pregnancy. They are commonly used by partners where the female is using permanent contraceptives.

How to Use Stimulating, Ribbed & Warming Condoms Effectively

For enhanced stimulation, wear the right size of the stimulating ribbed warming. These condoms can be incorporated during foreplay to add some romance. Consider using stimulating condoms made of latex unless the other partner is latex-allergic. Do not use these condoms together with standard condoms.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Textured Condoms

Buying stimulating ribbed warming can be complicated if you do not understand the features. For effective results, here are some factors to consider.


Consider your comfort and that of your partner. The vagina is sensitive and reacts differently with different products. Therefore, the ingredients that come with this product should not cause redness, itching, or irritation. It is also vital to go for Stimulating ribbed  & dotted condoms that won’t irritate the skin of the penis. Comfort is the key to enjoying sexual pleasure.


Stimulating ribbed warming condoms come in either latex or non-latex material. Both are effective in preventing the risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections and pregnancy. However, some non-latex ribbed condoms like polyurethane and polyisoprene are loose and rigid; hence there is a higher chance of it tearing or slipping off. However, they are ideal for those with latex allergies. Few people experience dryness and irritation with latex stimulating ribbed warming and are the ideal choice.


For better stimulation, find the right fit for stimulating textured condoms. Like normal condoms, ribbed condoms stretch. If unsure of your size, buy various packs to compare fits. Wear one, then masturbate to see how it fits when the penis is erect. It will slip if it’s too large and tear if it’s too small.


For effective results, choose lubricated stimulating ribbed warming. Most of them come with water-based lubricants. It can either be outside, inside or on both sides. Apart from providing sexual excitement, lubes with spermicides offer higher protection for pregnancy. If your partner is allergic to lubricants that come with these ribbed condoms, buy non-lubricated stimulating ribbed warming with your choice of lubes. However, ensure the lube you choose is compatible with the condom. Avoid using oil-based lubricants because they cause condom breakages.

Safety Tips for Using Intense Ribbed & Dotted Condoms.

Check the expiry date before use. Stimulating ribbed warming that is out to date will be ineffective.

Store well in a cool, dry place to ensure they remain effective during use.

Do not use sex sprays with stimulating ribbed warming condoms. The flavors of these condoms are strong and can irritate when used together.

These condoms are not very strong hence can tear when used for a long session. Remove your warming condom immediately after use.

In case of any negative reactions, stop using these condoms immediately. They are often sugary and can cause yeast infections.

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