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For women and men, it is important to understand that the vagina absorbs everything. It can be tragic if condoms used in sex toy play or partnered sex contain harmful chemicals. Some of the toxic chemicals to avoid in condoms are Glycerin, Nitrosamine, spermicides, and casein.

Indulging in protected sex protects you from STIs and unplanned pregnancies. Condoms are the most used contraceptives. These thin devices are worn in the vagina for women and the penis to block the passage of semen. Condoms can be natural or regular. Misunderstanding the two can leave you with serious vaginal infections that can be costly to reverse.

About Natural and Regular Condoms

Traditional condoms were made from linen and animal products. Rubber condoms then came in to offer more protection and prolong sex. Today, condoms are crafted from different materials to fit different budgets.

Natural condoms are made from the intestinal membrane of a limb. These animal product condoms are vaginal and penis-friendly. Regular fit condoms are made from latex. They perform just like natural condoms. However, they can fuel the growth of yeast infections and skin irritations to some users. These condoms may have powerful ingredients that may not be safe for everyone.

Chemicals Used in Condoms Not Good for Humans

The human skin is highly absorbent. It takes in anything that makes contact with it to the bloodstream, fatal if the materials are toxic. A vagina, the most sensitive sex hole, responds to harmful chemicals in sex lubricants and condoms by swelling, pain, and irritations. In most cases, these symptoms are allergic reactions to latex condoms. Checking what your condom contains may seem like a wastage of time but can save you from many health inconveniences.

Do You Need Natural, Organic, or Vegan Condoms?

Raw sex can cause life-threatening infections, including HIV. However, the choice of natural and organic condoms depends on your preferences. Dishonest advertisements make distinguishing between natural, organic, and vegan condoms challenging. Therefore, avoid making condom purchases based on advertisements, as most are misleading.

Choose a condom that protects you from STIs pregnancy, is easy to use, and contains safe ingredients.

Are Free Condoms Safe?

For women, wearing a condom, whether natural or organic, is better than ignoring completely. Governments have been at the forefront, ensuring citizens indulge in safe penetrative sex by offering free condoms.

Many health centers have free condoms that help keep you safe from STIs and unplanned pregnancies when used in the right way. These condoms are effective and safe for regular users. Therefore, you do not have to worry about paying for condoms anytime you need fun with your lover.

Ingredients to Look Out for When Buying Condoms

The ingredients of a condom cause allergies. Fragrances, parabens, and petrochemicals are common ingredients that do not work out for many people. These ingredients include;


Nitrosamine is a common ingredient for latex condoms. It is extracted from salted fish and cured meats. According to research, Nitrosamine fuels the growth of tumors. As a result, in 2010, the World Health Organization (WHO) banned this chemical in condoms.


Glycerin is found in condoms with water-based lube. The ingredients become harmful only when left in the vagina for a long time. Condom and lube glycerin is fond of breaking down into sugar that fuels the growth of yeast infections. It also alters the Ph of your vagina, limiting the survival of sperms and affecting your ability to conceive. Showering to clean up condom lube after sex may reduce the effects of Glycerin.


The leading spermicide, Nonoxynol-9(N-9), limits the survival of sperms in your vagina. For women having sex to get children, lube and condoms containing this ingredient may not be ideal. Reportedly, N-9 can also leave your pussy and booty walls damaged, increasing the chance of getting urinary tract infections and STIs. Although manufacturers have eliminated N-9 in their condoms, it is important to check the packaging to be safer.


If you are a vegan or have a dairy allergy, condoms with casein may not be ideal for you. This ingredient is obtained from milk and is used as a food additive.

Certified Fair Trade

A lot happens in latex plantations, including child labor, unfair wages, and unfavorable conditions. Certified Trade condoms allow you to pay premiums that benefit the people involved in the whole production of the condoms.

How to Use Condoms

The following tips can help you use the condom the way.

Confirm The Expiry Date

Checking the expiry date of the condoms to avoid the incidences of condom breakage that increase the risk of contracting infections.

Check The Air Bubbles

A condom with air bubbles is fresh and safe for use. To confirm the presence of air bubbles, squeeze the package with the thumb and first finger. If there are no air bubbles, the condom may be punctured, thus unsafe for use.

Tear The Package to Open the Condom

Tear the packet’s edge to remove your condom. Avoid using scissors or other sharp objects as they may break the condom.

Ascertain The Side

Checking the right side helps to avoid putting on the condom upside down.

Create Room for Semen

Condoms have little or no reservoir to hold semen. Roll your condom before placing it on your penis to create a reservoir. However, this may not be necessary for sex toy play.

Wear The Condom

Pull-on your condom while ensuring you leave space at the tip to accommodate semen.

Unroll The Condom

After placing the condom on the penis tip, unroll it to cover your penis shaft to prevent the spread of STIs and HIV.

Hold The Condom Base When with Drawing

Ejaculation makes the penis less erect. Holding the condom’s base when withdrawing from the anus, mouth, or vagina prevents sliding off that may cause semen spillage.

Throw The Condom

Wrap your used condom in toilet paper and dispose of well.

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