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Everyman dream to have a big penis to satisfy her partner’s sexual needs and desires. Contrarily, most women dream of men with big cocks. Men feel powerful with big cocks, and when it comes to having an intense sensation, they always enjoy it to the fullest. Having a big dick means having wild sex that always leaves your partner screaming in great pleasure. No woman complains about a man with a big penis as experienced in those with small dildos. Those with small penises are doing everything to expand their machines to avoid frustrations. Thanks to the sex toy brands, the invention of penis extenders have helped men with small cocks. However, as much as big cocks create maximum pleasure, they may have their barriers, like getting a condom that fits them perfectly. This article discusses everything you need to know when it comes to choosing big condoms that fits your big cock perfectly.

What Are Large and Extra-Large Condoms?

Large and extra-large condoms are protective barriers that are worn on a penis to protect couples from contracting STIs, and unwanted pregnancy, and enhance great pleasure during sex. These large-sized condoms are tube-like shapes specifically designed for men with big penises. They are worn over the erect penis when you are yet to have sex. They are available in a variety of colors, flavors, and textures to offer good results. The products are made from different materials like natural rubber, polyurethane, nitrile, and lambskin. Even though they have the same goals, their sensations vary from each other because of the material used.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Condoms

Choose The Best Size

When it comes to length and width Most people have a problem choosing condoms that fit them perfectly. Note that some condoms are longer than they need to be, including large, XL, and XXL-sized condoms.  Choosing the right size helps you to prevent risks of condom errors and increase pleasure. It is important to measure the size of your penis before you buy a condom. Simply measure the length by placing a ruler or tape measure under your erect dick. Make sure that the edge of the ruler is at the base of the penis to ensure the whole shaft is covered. Then, measure the width by wrapping the tape measure around the middle of the hard erect penis measure the length discovered on the ruler.

Choose According to the Material

Condoms not only come in various sizes and shapes, but they are also made from different materials including latex, polyisoprene, polyurethane, and lambskin. Thus, getting the best one that suits you might be difficult, especially for a beginner. While all these materials provide complete safety, comfort, and protection, latex makes up the vast majority of condoms.

Check the Expiration Date

When you are looking for safe sex life, make sure that you do not use expired condoms, which may increase the risks of health problems. Check well the labels to confirm the manufacturer and expiry dates.

Check On the Color

Colors always have a great influence on romantic impressions. Since people have different attitudes towards certain colors, you should discuss with your partner to know what she likes before buying your extra-large condoms.

Look For the Defects

Defects like odor, bristle, sickness, and discoloration should be highly considered when purchasing condoms. If you identify any of these on your condom, toss it and get another one.

Check The Signs of Friction

One of the main purposes of using condoms is to prevent friction. Friction on some condoms wrappers means friction on the condoms. Check for any discoloration on the wrapper, if they appear, then the condom can be worn down easily during sex.

Check The Lubrication

People have different considerations when it comes to lubrication. For instance, some prefer slip-sliding, but others do not. Thus, before buying the kind of condom you want, always check if the condom is lubricated. If you are using sex toys, consider the type of lubricant used and the material of sex toys. For example, silicone sex toy lubes are damaged by silicone-based lubricants.

 Using Large and Extra-Large Condoms

  • Make sure that the condom is in good condition and not opened. You can check on the wrapper to see the expiry date.
  • Open the wrapper carefully and take out the condom with clean hands.
  • Wear it on an erect penis with the rolled part facing out. If you are not circumcised, pull the foreskin backward first before putting it on.
  • Leave a half-inch of space at the tip to provide room for semen when you ejaculate to prevent the condom from breaking.
  • Try to pinch the air out of the condom to create enough space for the semen and unroll it along the erect penis.
  • If your condom is not well lubricated, you can add more lube, especially inside the condom and to the top to avoid its break-up during sex.
  • After sex, grab the rim and pull off the condom gently while you are still erect. You can let your partner do it gently to prevent the semen from spilling.
  • Wrap it in paper or tissue and dispose of it where other people cannot reach it.

Safety Tips on Using Condoms

  • When you feel that the condom has slipped out of place, or the outer ring is pushed into your body, stop the penetration and pull out the dick.
  • Store correctly, in a cool and dry place, and out of heat exposure. Do not keep condoms in wallets, cars, or purses to prevent exposing them to heat which destroys them.
  • Communicate to your partner to get her feedback on the use of condoms before buying to ensure that everyone enjoys sex.


Large and extra-large condoms are protective barriers that are worn on a penis to protect couples from contracting sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. They also offer sexual pleasure during sex. The products are specifically designed to be worn on extra-large penises. They are tube-like shapes worn over the erect penis when you are yet to have sex. They come in a wide range of colors, flavors, and materials like natural rubber, polyurethane, nitrile, and lambskin. Using them well and considering the safety measures shown above will help you get better results.

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