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Control condoms are here to save a lot of men from the continual embarrassment of being the “one-minute man”.  You may be one of the many in that category; this is the product you’ve been waiting for. Naturally, most ladies delay Cuming more than men. Not every man ejaculates early, but this is an item for everyone.

Have you had frustrating moments with your woman? Consider having control condoms of the best quality. We value long-lasting pleasure.

What are control condoms?

You probably know what control condoms are or not. If you have no idea, it is ok to wonder what kind of condoms are these. Have you heard of numbing? Not a good thing when it comes to sensitivity. In this case, slight numbness is helpful; that is where climax delayed condoms come in.

They are added with a special healthy agent, benzocaine, that acts as weak anesthesia to reduce sensitivity. The penis head is an end to hundreds of nerve ends, hence so sensitive. Reducing sensitivity means more action, thrusts, and fun. Escape the ladies’ gossip by proving the power to make them climax before or at the same time as you.

Do I need control condoms?

The issue of early ejaculation has been a topic discussed in various forums. There are several developed causes of this situation. However, not everything requires a doctor. You may not be the one Cuming faster, but the partner is delaying. People employ various methods to ensure the bedroom game is boosted, such as various exercises or other boosting drugs. Whichever way you opt, it’s a personal decision.

Nonetheless, we recommend getting best condoms for lasting longer and enjoy the intercourse today. So, do you think you need them? Yeah, you do. These are the best shot in making sure your lover never gets enough of you. This is the deal with control condoms; they enable long-lasting sexual activity. Besides, who doesn’t love to last? Other than extended action, control condoms are your best shot in protection against post-sex situations and health concerns such as pregnancies unplanned for and STIs. Enjoy extra sensational pleasure in the safest way you can, with control condoms.

Factors to consider before acquiring control condoms

As mentioned above, however long you last, it won’t hurt, lasting longer. Plus, all other benefits of this condom prove how you need this incredible penis protector. It would be best if you had several things in mind as you select the preferred control condom.

Size of the condom

Just as other body parts, people have different sizes of penises. Understanding your size will ensure you get the fitting control condom. Condom sizes are fitting the different categories of penises in terms of sizes. These include the medium sizes, and large, XL, and XXL.

The good thing with these control condoms is the elasticity trait; enables them to fit various size. However, it is always best to know the right size for better results. Size is important in preventing breakage of smaller condoms or slipping off of the larger sizes.  Slipping or breaking exposes both parties to danger for being unprotected. We have multiple selections from all sizes for more options.

Shape designs of the control condom are vital.

We have different types of designs and styles of control condoms. These include straight shapes, flared, and indented. Each shape has particular specifications, and some have snug shafts/rings too for more grip. These designs are the best condoms for premature ejaculation. It is always advised to ensure you test various designs and shapes to get the right one.

Texture/ feel of the condom

There are numerous textures designed in the making of control condoms. These include the dots, ribs, or studs. Whichever texture you select should be able to enhance the feeling during the action. Maybe you already know the best texture to have; you are in a safe place. If not, make several trials with either studded, ribbed, or dotted condoms; eventually, you will get the best. Feel extreme sensations from the best textures we have for you.

Fabric if the control condom

Which condom material do you prefer? There are various fabrics used in making these protection products. These include latex, Animal-membrane, Polyurethane, or polyisoprene (SKYN). Each is unique in its way.

Latex is a rubber product commonly known in the manufacture of condoms.  It has various reasons making it the best. It is elastic hence favorable for different sizes. It is good in preventing STIs and other unwanted post-sex occurrences.

Polyurethane is a thin plastic that is also good for condom manufacture. They are great for people who don’t use latex due to various reasons such as allergies. A setback or polyurethane is that plastics are not as elastic as rubber, hence selective fitting. Would you like to go natural rubber? Then polyisoprene (SKYN) is the material for you. You may not know it yet, but soon it becomes a household name as it is latex-free. They are safe and strong for maximum protection.

You may also want to try out the Animal-Membrane fabric for extra sensation and long-lasting sex. They provide raw feeling since they are technically animal skin. They, however, are not good infection protectors; this is because they are porous. Animal-membrane condoms are ideal for faithful partners.

The strength of the condom is key for safety and satisfaction.

You are likely to have ultra-strong or regular control condoms. This is because they are either thick or thin in the material. Thick materials are designed for the hardcore action hence ultra-strong. On the other hand, thin material is good for sensual action. Depending on the kind of sexual activity you prefer, select the appropriate strength. Furthermore, ensure the condom is in good condition, such as the expiry dates and more.

How to use a controlled condom

After acquiring a packet of your preferred control condoms, it is time for uninterrupted action. Various things can go wrong when wearing this coating item. These include cutting them when removing them from the package, wearing them inside out, among others. Always be careful when removing from the package; look for designated ends for tearing. Never forget to check the manual if unsure of what to do. Secondly, the tip should fit the penis head without air in it; this prevents bursting. Roll the condom as you slip the penis inside. This is the safest way to fit it.

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