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If you are not ready to have more kids, it’s essential to use birth control measures. Why not buy a condom to have an erotic night without regrets. Regular condoms are very effective compared to other protective measures, that will only caution you against pregnancy and not STDs.

What Are Condoms?

It is a device made with a thin rubber used during sexual intercourse to reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and unexpected pregnancy.

How to Wear Condoms Effectively?

Male Condoms.

Open the condom’s wrapper cautiously and take it out. Place the condom at the tip of a fully erect penis. Squeeze out the air at the tip, then unroll it slowly down the penis. After sex, hold it in place and roll it carefully from the base of the penis, then pull out. Wrap it and dispose off. Use a new condom for every session.

Female Condoms.

Cautiously open the condom’s wrapper and take it out. Stand or squat in a comfortable position, squeeze the tiny ring at the end, and then insert the condom carefully inside the vagina so that it does not twist. The larger ring at the open area should cover the part that surrounds the vagina opening. During intercourse, ensure the penis enters inside and between the parts of your vagina and the condom.  After sex, carefully twist the larger ring to ensure semen does not leak out, then gently pull the condom out. Wrap it and dispose off. Use a new condom when having another session.

Types Of Condoms.

Lubricated Condoms.

A lubricant is a tiny liquid that forms a coating on the sides of the condom. It inhibits irritation and pain during sex. It also prevents the condom from breaking. Most people add some lubes for comfort during sex. In this case, it will be best to use a liquid-based product meant for sex. Oily lubricants such as petroleum jelly will damage the condom.

Textured Condoms.

They include studded and ribbed condoms. They are intended to boost sexual pleasure for both partners. Such condoms also are put on during foreplay.

Latex, Lambskin, or Plastic.

Most people prefer latex condoms compared to other types of condoms. However, those allergic to latex can use plastic condoms. They both protect against STD infections during any form of sex. Lambskin condoms are naturally made of materials from the lamb intestines. They prevent the risk of pregnancy and not STDs because they have tiny openings.

Flavored condoms

Flavored condoms are a preference to many people, mostly used during oral sex to mask the taste of latex. They come with different flavors like strawberry, chocolate, banana, mint etc.

Spermicide Coated.

These condoms have a chemical known as nonoxynol-9 to kill sperms. Few condoms are manufactured coated with this chemical. This might prevent pregnancy but for extra protection, add a different product. These chemicals might irritate the genitals hence a high risk of getting HIV.


Buyers Guide For Condoms.

Remember you will be wearing condoms in a sensitive area of the body. It is vital to choose the best for perfect sensation that will make the skin comfortable. These factors should be your focus while purchasing.


Wearing the wrong size will make the condom uncomfortable. Extra large condoms are likely to slip off, while one that is very small can tear. They stretch easily, and this is why people prefer magnesium size. Choose a brand with multiple sizes to compare fitness.

While testing, ensure the penis is fully erect before putting it on to know the exact fit. Nevertheless, use a tape measure and measure from the tip to the shaft of a fully erect penis. If shopping for a partner and you are not sure of their sizes, buy an average size. It can be 6-8 inches long and has a circumference of 4-5.5 inches of a fully erect penis.


Both non-latex and latex condoms prevent the risk of pregnancy and STIs. However, few non-latex condoms like polyurethane are very rigid and loose hence a higher chance of tearing or slipping during intercourse. Polyisoprene and polyurethane condoms are perfect for those with latex allergies. Few people find latex to be irritating and can cause dryness. Hence non-latex can be ideal since it transmits heat to the body during sex.


Very thick condoms lower tactile sensation preventing any breakages and are suitable for rough and anal sex. They also prolong the intercourse session for partners with premature ejaculation. Texture condoms provide either bad or good sensations depending on the situation. Condoms with ultra-thin sensitivity give a good feeling. Warming condoms do not burn but leave a different feeling and sensation. Tingle condom on the other hand can cause some irritation on the genitals, one needs to be cautious when using them. It’s good to try the different styles out to figure out what works best for you.

The lube.

Some condoms come coated either outside or inside with water-based lubricants. These lubricants are usually tangled or heated, but this may not be suitable for everyone. Choose something very comfortable. Some lubricants have a spermicide that adds a layer to prevent pregnancy. However, the commonly used spermicide, nonoxynol-9, may cause inflammation and irritation of the vagina.

Some people are often allergic to the condoms that come with lubricants. For this case, it is ideal to choose unlubricated condoms then add your own choice of lubricant.  Oily lubricants cause breakages that always go with water-based lubricants. If you have to buy already lubricated condoms, buy an extra lubricant because condoms are prone to dryness.

Condom’s safety tips.

Confirm the condom’s expiry date before use. Expired condoms give a high risk of getting unwanted pregnancies and STIs.

Store the condom in a dry and cool place. Hot temperatures weaken condoms.

Confirm any damage to the condom before using it. Careless storage of condoms may cause unexpected damages.

Use water-based lubricants only. Oily lubricants may cause breakage.

It is not ideal to reuse condoms. Use different condoms for every session of intercourse.

Prefer using latex condoms. For those with latex allergies, go with polyurethane.

Never use both female and male condoms at the same time. One may stick and pull out or tear the other.

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