Bath and Massage

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There are times when someone gets home after a long and stressful day and just feels like collapsing into bed. It will be great to use something that will soothe the body and enable you to have a peaceful and romantic night with your partner. Using cold water will not make any difference. Bath and massage are promising therapies to the body. Dimepiece LA sex shop offers these products at affordable costs.

Definition of bath and massage

Bath and massage include a tub with water jets to help massage and relax muscles for an erotic night. The jets are powered by air or water to massage comfortably massage the body.

The Importance of having bath and massage

Bath and massage can elevate couple’s mood. A warm and soothing bath at night can make a person forget about a stressful long day they had at work. Therefore, they can make the night more sweat and peaceful.

They help in relieving and soothing muscle pain. Heated water will help in blood circulation hence relaxing tight muscles. Moreover, it can make the heart very healthy by reducing blood pressure. Bath and massage also burn calories in the body. It soothes irritated skin and makes one feel very fresh.

Types of bath and massage systems


Whirlpools are best for people looking for deeper tissue massage to relax muscles and reduce stress. It uses pumps to add water via the jets. Many Dimepiece LA whirlpools include air volume regulators that control the jets’ pressure by adding more air inside to ease the force.

Air pools

Enjoy gentle bath massage with warm and relaxing air bubbles in air pools. Air baths incorporate a blower and in-built heater to pump warm air via a smooth jets found on the tub. These jets are self-draining, whereas the in-built heater warms the water and ensures the same temperature.

Air jets

They are designed to excite and massage the body. Air pumps heat through the jet that warms the water to a specific temperature. The jets are located below the tub and are regulated not to overheat the water. The number of jets that come with the tub will determine how first the water will get warm.

Combination massage system

This bath and massage tub consists of a whirlpool with relaxing air jets and a smooth air bath. This gives people an option to select a comfortable tub from the variety. They are ranging from bracing water jet to air gentle bubble massage to match different bathing needs.

Factors to consider while selecting a bath and massage to use

Choosing a bath and massage tub that will meet all your expectations, including fitting the bathroom tone and space, can be challenging. It is vital to do a series of research on what is best. These are the factors to focus on.


The bath must match the size of the bathroom. Confirm the path from the bathroom to the doorway to buy the exact size of the tub. The size must be sufficient for comfort. A too small bath is very uncomfortable, while a big bath will lead to wastage every time it is filled with water. Therefore, when selecting the size, consider the amount of water the massage tub can hold, 90 gallons of water may raise some issues. If living in a place with water problems, consider a small model. It might also use more water compared to what the water heater may hold.


Bath fixtures should complement the tone of the bathroom. The massage tub and basin can have harmonizing design elements. Moreover, it is ideal to mix and match the massage tub designs with those of other fixtures like toilets. For a romantic and soothing massage bath make it more stylized.  It is optional to add some decorations to make the tubs more attractive.


Two major factors to concentrate on while selecting the best material for bath and massage include quality and price. Each material feels different when touched. Therefore, test out first to choose one that will be very comfortable since the massage bath should serve for quite some time. However, the best material may be quite costly, so it’s ideal to research the massage bath that the bathroom can accommodate.

Consider other features like;

Heater; after the tub is complete with water, the heater will warm and maintain the same temperature for a soothing and comfortable bath and massage. Some massage tubs come with in-built or optional water heaters to keep the temperature warm.

Chromatherapy; is a lighting scheme located beneath the waterline to fill the water with a wide range of relaxing colors that can either be selected physically or cycled mechanically to match a romantic mood between partners when using massage tubs. They are offered by combo massage system and an air bath.

Number of jets; when choosing a tub for bath and massage, such as a whirlpool, consider the location and number of jets. Both air and water jets are essential for circulating heat and water, respectively. The number of air jets should be maximum to help keep the warm water temperature in the tube.

Cleanliness; the tub should be easy to clean for a comfortable and healthy massage. Install the cleaning equipment and maintain a regular clean-up. A clean tub will stimulate sexual desire very first during bath and massage.

Safety measures on bath and massage

  • Hot bath and massage are not ideal for a person who has an injury or someone who had recently gone through surgery. Therefore, note that bath and massage are not suitable for those with sensitive skin.
  • It is not ideal for older people, children, or pregnant women. The massage can be powerful and the water hot hence a bit dangerous for fragile people.
  • Those with high blood pressure and any other medical conditions should seek medical advice before using a bath and massage.
  • Since it is a rigorous treatment, it is ideal not to have alcohol or a heavy meal beforehand. It can lead to loss of conscious hence one might end up drowning in the tub.
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