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Few activities can be more intimate, relaxing, stimulating, and sexually reviving than sensual massages and showers. The experience can only get better when you incorporate bath and erotic massage oils & lotions. These products are formulated with active wellness and sensual-focused active ingredients that do not only revitalize the skin but ensure your body’s nerve endings in your intimate parts explode with exhilarating sensations and delight. These unique formulas comprise fragranced, all-natural, warming, and flavored oils and lotions couples can use to massage their intimate parts. If you are looking to cap your erotic massages with passionate sex, here is your entry to erotic bath and massage oils and lotions.

Understanding Bath and Massage Oils

Nothing explores erotic taste, touch, and sensational play than air filled with fragranced aromatic massage oils and lotions. Every couple could use an erotic massage on a romantic night, and while most could do with bare hands, incorporating massage kits and accessories can be a real game-changer. These oils and creams are manufactured using high-quality, body-safe ingredients that offer couples an opportunity to explore flavors, tastes, and erotic sensations. Therefore, if you fancy an unforgettable intimate bath and massage experience, here is everything you want to know.

The Different Types of Bath and Massage Oils & Lotions

A massage could target any part of the body, and the different types of massages require specific oils, creams, and lotions. An understanding of the different accessories needed goes a long way in achieving consistency. Deep tissue massages, for example, may need thick creams because they offer more glide resistance, hence, more friction. Sensual, intimate, or erotic massages, on the other hand, require light and lowly viscous oils. That is because light oils offer less glide resistance, making everything as smooth and pleasurable as is expected of an erotic massage.

That said, couples need to understand the massage type involved before selecting a perfect cream or oil to use. Besides, no one wants to purchase a massage oil only to realize it cannot fulfill the task at hand. Also, while most brands offer bath and massage sampler kits at the buyer’s request, you are not always guaranteed luxury. Nonetheless, we shall examine the best erotic massage gels to help you match the right oil to your massage type, as well as the best body oils to use for intimacy.

Bath Oils and Lotions

This category is often sold in kit sets of two or more products and contains a range of oils and lotions formulated for a perfect precursor to a night of pleasure. The formulas are aromatically enticing and contain active ingredients that can clean and offer pleasure during bath sessions.

Bath Salts

Bath salts, since the ancient Roman Empire, have been used to hydrate, soften, and smooth the skin. They are formulated with ingredients that tantalize your senses and contain pleasant scents. If you have had an exhausting week, they are ideal romantic gestures. Get into the bathtub and glide over each other with your slippery bodies for a change.

Warming Massage Oils

As if a sensual massage isn’t erotic enough, try warming massage oils and lotions. Once applied, they ignite a warming sensation on the skin that can leave your windows steamy. They are ideal for both intimate and deep tissue massages because the extra-sensory warming feels on a cold night could up your levels of pleasure. They are, therefore, among the best body oils to use for intimacy.

Edible Massage Oils

Most people wouldn’t buy the face value of the idea that massage oils are pure enough to be eaten. However, brands utilize organic, and 100% natural bonafide ingredients that we blend in our foods in our everyday diets. Some oils and lotions, for instance, are formulated using organic fractionated medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil as well as organic coconut-derived oils. These ingredients not only maximize the level of absorption of these oils into the deep tissue but are also part and parcel of essential edible oils. Edible massage oils are great at moisturizing the skin for an intense intimate massage.

Fragranced & Aromatherapy Massage Oils

Treat your partner to an intense sensual massage that is fully enveloped by exotic and relaxing scents from erotic massage oils & lotions. Research indicates that great scents can comfort and promote mental openness of the body, mind, heart, and let’s not forget legs. They perform great tissue massage while filling the room with delightful aromas derived from natural fruity, vitamin-infused flavors.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Erotic Bath and Massage Oils

While modern-day couples have embraced erotic massage therapies, only a few people bother to find out what oils can match their massage types. Different oils are better suited to different massages, and it is important to get insight into that to avoid the risks associated with the use of certain oils. Below are key aspects to bear in mind when purchasing an erotic massage oil, cream, and lotion.

The Skin Type

People’s skin types vary; hence, different skins are better suited to different oils and lotions. That is why it is vital to select the best oil that fits your skin type. Certain oils are specifically designed for folks with dry skin, and their formula is created to soften the texture and leave a long-lasting moisturizing effect on the skin. Moreover, moisturizing massage oils can work perfectly for folks with aging or scarred skin.


Regarding cost, always remember that the steepness of the price point doesn’t necessarily indicate quality. The key is to understand the type of oil that suits your massage type and match it to your pocket without throwing your budget off. Misguided purchases may end up in intense side effects or skin irritation.

The Oil’s Formulation

Ideal bath and massage oils are those that use organic, non-GMO, and all-natural ingredients with proven nourishing effects on the skin. So always check out for the presence of infused ingredients. This has also become even more imperative because some unscrupulous brands utilize harmful products in their massage oils and lotions.

How to Use

  • Get into the perfect mood with your partner.
  • Identify a perfect position such as a bed or in the bathtub.
  • Establish the massage type you want to have or offer.
  • Apply your massage oil, lotion, or cream, and get sensual with your partner.
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