Anal Lubricants

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Are you looking to explore anal pleasures? Anal lubes are necessities and major attributes to pleasurable anal penetration, not to mention that the anal cavity is not self-lubricating. By applying anal lubricants, the thinner walls of the anus remain hydrated and slippery, which promotes safe penetration and prevents anal injuries that can increase the likelihood of contracting an STD. Anal lubes come in different formulations and varieties, and if you are looking to explore anal pleasures, here are the best lubricants for anal sex to consider.

Anal lubes enhance pleasures during anal penetration by easing the glide of the penis or sex toy during partnered or solo play. Some are formulated using warming, cooling, or desensitizing ingredients. Desensitizing lubes, for instance, are more recommended for beginners at anal play. Either way, there are tons of anal lubes in the market designed to fulfill your pleasure desires.

Anal lubes are made thicker than the standard sex lubes and stay longer when applied. Some are extra thick and come as anal gels, and dispensing a small amount around the anal area could do the trick. Read on to explore the different anal lubricants you can use to maximize comfort and glide when you indulge in anal penetration.

What Are Anal Lubricants?

Anal lubes, also called personal lubes, are specially formulated lubricants used to perform sexual acts such as masturbation and intercourse. They minimize friction between the penis or sex toys and the anus for easy penetration. Unlike standard lubes, anal lubricants are thicker gels that last longer when applied, and they are made to help the anal cavity get wet because it doesn’t self-lubricate. They are also more viscous to enhance the pleasurable glide during anal penetration.

Not only do anal lubes make sex more pleasurable, but they prevent anal injuries and micro-tears that can increase the risk of contracting STDs. Surprisingly, the US market for personal lubricants is an estimated $600 million enterprise, explaining why these products are vital for any bedroom act. While no one lube is said to be best for anal sex, some are better suited than others. According to experts, the best lube for anal sex should be silky, compatible with sex toys, easy to clean off from linen, and long-lasting even in minimal amounts.

Types of Anal Lubricants

When it comes to anal sex, pre-lubricating the anal cavity with appropriate lube is necessary. The abundance of lube goes a long way to prevent discomfort and reduce the risk of anal tears. Therefore, based on the formula, ingredients, and purpose, anal lubes are classified as follows:

Anal Gels

These are the thickest, and most long-lasting anal lubes. They are highly dense, thick, and don’t dry up as quickly as another standard lubes. If you plan to go for anal predation for a long time, you can choose lubricant gel for anal play.

Natural Anal Lubes

Natural anal lubricants are formulated using organic and all-natural ingredients such as essential oils and chamomile extracts. They are considered quite clean because they lack petrochemicals and other harmful substances. Their greasy nature that moisturizes the anus and the ease of cleaning them up provides the perfect backdoor adventure.

Water-Based Anal Lubes

Water-based anal lubes are great to use with condoms and offer the necessary slippery texture for anal penetration. However, they absorb water and require frequent replenishment. On the flip side, they are easy to clean up and are compatible with most toys.

Silicone-Based Anal Lubes

Silicone-based lubes are the most recommended lubricants for anal play because they are waterproof, condom-friendly, and have a slick texture. Their glide endures longer than water-based alternatives. However, they stain the fabric they come in contact with, which gives a less luxurious feeling.

Anal Lubes for Women

Anal lubes for women are specially designed to moisturize, lubricate, and enhance the ease of penetration during anal sex. They are safe for vaginal and anal penetration. The best anal lubricant for women is the one that supplements the vagina’s self-lubrication and is compatible with most condoms and sex toys.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Anal Lubricants

Brand Reputation

When it comes to anal lubes, a brand with outstanding customer service and an online presence should be your go-to. Good anal lubricants are formulated with extreme care using body-safe and medical-grade ingredients. A brand with a great reputation will be available to respond to your inquiries and even more willing to make refunds in the event of damaged goods or wrongful shipment.

Lube Specifications

Before hitting the “Add to cart” button, ensure the selected lube fulfills your desires. Opt for the anal lubes engineered precisely to fit your bedroom needs. The marketplace has numerous options, including warming, cooling, and desensitizing anal lubes. Take time to compare product specifications.

Comfort and Durability

As mentioned earlier, the anal cavity does not self-lubricate and is completely necessary to help it to get wet and slippery. Best anal lubricants are designed to offer just that. The ingredients used should be natural, body-safe, medical-grade, and should not cause any allergies. Regarding durability, most anal lubes are made thicker than the standard ones. Still, others like lubricant gel for anal sex are thicker, and dispensing a small amount can apply to the anal area and still last longer without reapplying.

How to Use Anal Lubes

  • Apply a small amount of lube to your fingertip and gently apply to your anal area in a circular motion.
  • Wet both the outer and inner areas by gently spreading the lubricant.
  • Apply lube on the penis or sex toy and spread it evenly before penetration.
  • Upon initial penetration, use the penis or sex toy to slowly spread the lube to cover the skin around the anal region to prevent friction.
  • Apply generous amounts of anal lube because the anal cavity does not self-lubricate.
  • Always consider relaxing your sphincter muscles before penetration.
  • Avoid anal lubes formulated using glycerin, numbing agents, and other petrochemical components.
  • Don’t consider saliva a lube because it dries the skin that it comes in contact with.
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