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Do you want to surprise your naughty friend at their wedding, birthday, or holiday parties? Or do you want to spice your sex life with some funny sexual gifts to leave your partner guessing what next? First, you should know that there are gifts for your friends and your partner. While you can gift your workmate, sibling, or long-term friend a sexy dress or bedroom essentials such as pillows and bedsheets, getting what will move your partner needs some research and money.

You need to focus on what they love, even if it is meant to be a surprise, and personalize your rude gifts for better results. You can also use the internet to ensure what you get has all the body-safe materials or positive reviews from other users. If you need something functional in all ways, read on to find the best erotic adult novelty gifts for your partner or yourself.

What Are Novelty Gifts?

The term novelty was first referred to small items such as electronic devices, executive toys, and collectibles. However, with the current technological advancements and emergence of the sex toy industry, novelty is now used to refer to unusual or funny sexual gifts meant for couples or those in long-term relationships. These items include sexy wear, erotic edibles, adult toys, and media such as books and movies.

The novelty was also originally used to mean any item that does not have a practical purpose due to the unusual shape and size. Therefore, the items were used for bedroom decoration or to elicit emotions. However, new forms of novelties are created for specific purposes, such as sexual stimulation, mind relaxation, and relationship strengthening. Therefore, depending on what you want to use these rude gifts for, you will always get what matches your sexual desires or intentions.

Types of Novelties

As mentioned above, these erotic adult novelty gifts are classified based on their use. Wearable novelties such as sexy lingerie are designed for role-playing and bedroom teasing, while edible novelties are formulated for oral play. If you want to enhance sexual stimulation and achieve mutual satisfaction, you can use adult toys for bedroom play. Here is an overview of each category for you to make a wise choice.

Sexy Lingerie for Him

It is not surprising that women also love to see their men dressed in short, tight, and revealing garments in the bedroom. Though most men love wearing boxers or briefs and vests while chilling indoors, you can surprise your man today with unusual gifts such as a hand-knitted drawstring sock to keep his manhood and balls warm. You can also gift him a leather thong or G-string and watch the shock on his face. Let him know that you love seeing him almost naked, with little left for guessing. During role-playing sessions, men can also use rude aprons and shirts with naked female images.

Sexy Lingerie for Her

If you want to see your woman differently tonight and admire her seductively, buy her the best lingerie as a naughty gift. Surprise her with a cozy nightshirt made with breathable fabric to make her warm and sexy. You can also buy her a low-rise thong, bra and G-string set, or a silky chemise. These lingerie pieces will put you in the mood right away whenever you see her wearing them. However, for the best results, gift her somewhere private, away from other family members, and let her try them before you.

Adult Games

Erotic adult games are among the best rude gifts that guarantee strengthened relationships and enhanced sex life. Couples best play these games in the bedroom before getting intimate as they introduce new ideas such as exotic foreplay tips, sex positions, and bondage ideas. They are also ideal for birthday or hen and stag parties. They include grown-up board, dirty dice, truth and dare, and flip coin games. The games are suitable for men and women and are designed to provoke erotic feelings since they always have happy endings. The winner of the game also becomes the decision-maker for the entire session, although they must follow the laid rules to ensure mutual enjoyment.

Novelty Toys

Sex toys are slowly becoming must-have items for any relationship. According to experts, these adult devices enhance sexual stimulation and shorten the orgasmic journey. They also alleviate sexual issues such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Therefore, when talking about rude gifts, we cannot miss mentioning novelty toys meant for individuals and couples. That means you can surprise your partner tonight with a unique couple vibrator, vibrating underwear, or a masturbator. You can also gift your favorite couple with an oral stimulator, nipple clamps, or clit vibrator and let them remember you whenever they get intimate. Beginners’ butt plugs are also vital to your list of erotic adult novelty gifts, especially if you plan to introduce butt play to your relationship.

Edible Gifts

Naughty edible gifts such as erotic candies and gummies can also express your mind perfectly to your partner. Why can’t you get cock-shaped candies, edible body paints, nipple covers, and flavored thong-theme edibles when walking back home? Tease your partner with a bite as you prepare for a steamy sexual encounter. You can also spread the edible body paint on your partner’s body and lick it during foreplay. It creates sexual anticipation and makes your partner ready for penetration. However, when using edible body paints, remember to cover your bed with easily washable POV orgy beddings to avoid staining your clean bedsheets.

Other Novelty Gifts

The list of rude gifts to surprise your partner or friends is quite long, primarily because you may not know what will impress the receiver. While some people will love unique toys such as finger vibrators and double-ended dildos, others would like to receive large accessories to facilitate their bedroom plays. That said, here are other erotic adult novelty gifts to consider:

  • Bondage tools, including wrist and ankle cuffs, ropes, masks, and spreaders.
  • Sex accessories, including sex furniture, machines, pillows, and POV orgy beddings.
  • Sex essentials such as condoms and lubricants.
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