Plus Size Knickers and G-Strings

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Feel sensual and confident with these sexy plus-size knickers and G-strings designed perfectly to spice things up for you. These sexy plus-size undergarments include plus-size crotchless, lace, sheer sexy, mesh strappy, erotic zipper brief, pearl thong, and plus-size vinyl G-strings and knickers.

Women’s sense of fashion is incredible and immense. They will stop at nothing to have the best quality lingerie in their wardrobes. There are different underwear styles and designs today that have continued to wow most women. In most cases, panties are designed perfectly to offer full coverage of your genital parts. However, today, most women are linked to erotic knickers and G-strings, which offer less coverage with the ever-growing fashion. They seem to be the best choice for ladies who want to expose their sweet assets to their spouses. Plus-size G-strings and knickers are available in numerous designs, styles, colors, sizes, and patterns. Consider choosing what’s perfect for your sexual activities.

Plus-Size Knickers and G-Strings Collection.

This category comes with a wide range of erotic panties designed perfectly with different soft and light materials to give you enough coverage and extra comfort. Choose your magical pair from the list below.

Plus-Size Crotchless G-Strings.

Sexy plus-size crotchless G-strings are the perfect choice for ladies with plus-size bodies. These lingerie sets come with an opening around your butt and vagina. This allows easy access to your assets during intimacy. These pants can be worn alone during sexual intimacy or matched with bras. Also, they can be matched with sexy outfits for a night out with your partner.

Lace G-String Knickers.

These erotic plus-size lace G-string knickers are made from pure, soft, and light lace fabrics. This allows you to spend comfortable moments with your partner. Furthermore, they come in different plus sizes, allowing you to choose what fits perfectly. Go for the right fitting size to have a great tight on your special night.

Sheer Sexy G-Strings.

They are plus-size sexy G-strings designed with adjustable strings for maximum support. Unlike briefs and bikinis, these G-strings provide less coverage, which exposes your sexy thighs and butt. Consider them for an incredible sexual experience with fewer struggles.

Mesh Strappy G-string Knickers.

They are made from a pure mesh material that is safe, light, and soft, making them comfortable. The lingerie sets are designed with elastic and adjustable straps that provide maximum support and fit for different body sizes. Consider adding these incredible lingerie sets to your lingerie collection.


Erotic Zipper Brief Knickers.

Want easy to wear and release underwear? Then try out different styles, designs, colors, and sizes of erotic plus-size zipper brief knickers,  designed with a zipper that allows your partner to access your vagina easily during sexual intercourse or foreplay.

Pearl Thong Knickers.

They are incredible for ladies who are after extra sensations and stimulation. These knickers come with medical-grade and quality pearl for offering extra sensations. They are designed in different sizes for different stimulation levels.

Plus-Size Vinyl G-Strings.

These lingerie sets are perfect for ladies who love less coverage. Plus-size sexy vinyl g-strings are designed with small coverage on the front that allows your partner to reach the vagina easily. Some are crafted with chains, while others come with straps for maximum support and comfort.

Buying Plus-Size Knickers and G-Strings.

Size can limit you from having some of the best and perfectly designed outfits. Embracing your size is one critical thing that will always guide some of the quality products. Ladies with plus-size bodies often lack the confidence to face reality. Raise your confidence by adding the following factors to come with great underwear.

Consider the Materials Used.

There are different materials used in making quality plus-size erotic panties which include satin, sheer, mesh, polyester, silk, lace, and cotton. For comfort, consider choosing soft and light materials. Most of these materials are high-quality, medical-grade, and skin-friendly, making them perfect for those with sensitive skin. Also, consider materials that are easy to clean and maintain. If looking for something to spice up things in your sexual antics, consider revealing or transparent outfits made from mesh or lace.

Prioritize Your Body Size.

Size is one of the key factors you need to consider before making your purchases. There is a wide variety of lingerie sets in the market, all designed for different body sizes. Choose the right outfit size for a great and comfortable experience. Also, avoid tighter or saggy lingerie sets when shopping for something incredibly great. Learn to embrace your body size despite the negativity. This will help you come with the right size.

Go for the Right Style.

There is a wide range of outfit styles from scary, wild, and sexy. For something sexier and erotic, consider choosing sexy lingerie. This is also a great option for your sexual activities. Avoid choosing styles that are too scary for your partner. Consult your partner before making any purchase.

Consider the Right Color.

These colors add flavor to your bedroom vibes. This is why you need to choose something that will make and not destroy. When it comes to lingerie colors, consider something that matches your skin tone. This will leave you with sexier and more luxurious looks.

Caring for Plus-Size Knickers and G-Stings.

Wash your sexy plus-size knickers and G-strings regularly to prevent them from being damaged. Putting on a lingerie set for more than a day can easily affect or irritate your skin. For better results, consider washing your garments using mild detergents and water to keep them fresh. In most cases, hand-wash turns out to be a perfect choice but you can use the machines in case of any urgency. Avoid spraying your lingerie with stronger chemicals to increase its lifespan. Dry your underwear under the shade to prevent direct sun rays, which might damage them. Store the lingerie in a clean and breathable cloth bag away from dust and dirt for durability purposes.

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