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Most men plan for a marathon session and instead manage a short sprint or even an 80-yard dash, which can be quite disappointing, specifically when your partner is far away from finishing the race. You are already on the sidelines, ready for a nap.

If you often reach the finish line early, do not worry. Guys graze this territory more often than not. Thankfully, Dimepiece la sex shop provides a variety of products to help slow down the speed. Specifically, Sex Sprays and Shines help desensitize the penis before sex to enable men to last longer in bed.

Definition of sex sprays and shines

Sex sprays and shines have for a long time helped men deal with premature ejaculation. Sometimes known as delay sprays, they help men to stay long before they cum. These sprays and shines are best applied minutes before intercourse to absorb the penis for the best effect.

Types of sex sprays and shines

Promescent spray

As one of the strongest sex sprays, the Promescent Spray contains 10% lidocaine that is significantly effective for numbing before sexual encounters. It is approved to be best for oral sex. However, it does not taste well for women; hence not ideal if trying to bring in a romantic environment during intercourse.

Adam and Eve Marathon

Consisting of 7% benzocaine, Adam and Eve Marathon spray is among the best quality sex sprays but has medium numbing strength. This spray is compatible with latex condoms, an ideal option for safe and long-lasting intercourse. This product is best applied 7 minutes before intercourse to achieve the desired outcome.

Stud 100

Stud 100 spray is commonly known to enhance intense sensations and help men enjoy sex while still numb. This spray help men stay longer to satisfy their partners when applied in fewer quantities.

KY Duration spray

This spray acts immediately and helps sexual play last significantly longer. After applying, it’s important to wipe off excess spray in the penis before intercourse. The main disadvantage of this spray is that it is incompatible with all condoms. Apart from this, it works incredibly well, and its results are impressive.

EXS Endurance spray

This spray is odorless and tasteless, so it has no negative effect on the body. However, some people think it has an unpleasant taste.  Hence it isn’t ideal if going to get a blowjob. Regarding usage, apply small quantities of this sex spray to avoid irritation.

How to apply sex sprays and shines

There is nothing dangerous like opening the product and spraying it on the penis without knowing how to do it. Therefore, the first step should be to read the manufacturers’ instructions on using the product, its precautions, and its importance safely. Do not forget to confirm the expiry date. Once you have the green light, shake the bottle well and squeeze as you apply it to the penis. Squeeze gently and apply slowly until you are satisfied with the amount. Allow the sex spray or shine to work for at least 10minutes while engaging in foreplay. Wipe excess product before engaging in sexual penetration so that it does not transfer to the vagina.

Factors to consider when choosing sex sprays and shines

When looking for a sex spray or shine, there are some important factors to consider. It can be quite overwhelming because there is a variety of them available in the market. These factors include;


It is essential to consider the comfort of both partners. The best sex spray or shine should enhance sexual pressure without the partners worrying about anything. The product should not have negative effects during or after intercourse.


Be mindful of the other partner’s needs and experience. The vagina is the most sensitive part of a women’s body parts. Choose non-transferable sex sprays and shines to ensure that the spray is not transferred to them during intercourse. If it passes on, it can desensitize them. Read the labels first. Sex sprays and shines that are transferable can cause numbness and discomfort to women.

Sex lubricants

When looking for a sex spray or shine, it is vital to consider if there will be a need to use it alongside sex lube. Using the two products may not be a good idea since it can irritate the penis. Moreover, if the excess spray is not wiped out accordingly, the vagina will be desensitized, especially if you use lubes. So, choose a sex spray that is lube compatible if not use one product at a time. Another option is to wipe the extra spray well before using the lube.

The ingredients

Consider the products that the sex spray and shine contain. Understand how each of them is important to your sexual health. Ensure the sex spray and shine to pick is catered for long-lasting lovemaking. The product should enhance the sexual experience of men and not make them perform poorly in bed.


Consider if there is a need to incorporate a condom during intercourse. There are many sex sprays and shines that are condom friendly, except for a few. That said, read the instructions first to ensure you pick a product that is compatible with condoms. Apart from reducing the risk of pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections, in this case, condoms will reduce the chance of numbing agents transferring to the anus or mouth of the other partner.

Sex Sprays and Shine

  • Never use sex sprays and shine in case your partner is expecting a baby. The ingredients in these products are unsafe during pregnancy.
  • Gently shake the bottle before applying.
  • Wipe the penis well after spraying before oral sex so that the spray does not adversely affect your partner.
  • Avoid using Viagra and sex sprays together since they aren’t compatible. While some men may want to use both simultaneously, this can negatively affect their sexual health.
  • Store in a place with moderate temperature.
  • Wash the penis well after sex. If you leave sex sprays and shines overnight, they can cause


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