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Latex rubber has been known for ages as a strong material for industrial wear such as protective boots, gloves, and other kinds of stuff. However, several designers have migrated this into the fashion world.

Latex fashion is a somewhat alien term for many, but for those who understand this, it is one of the best styles you can try out if you want to. Latex is easily molded into almost any kind of design, for both males and females. The exciting part is the sexy look it gives its users. If your wardrobe lacks a latex jacket, dress, skirt, trousers, or legging, you might be missing out on a fantastic opportunity.

What are latex outfits?

For newbies, this may be an excellent question to ask yourselves. Have you seen a person in a shiny black outfit that is not leather? Most likely, you’ve encountered latex fashion. The material is mostly light and can easily be torn when worn or removed. This is why there are other products used in assisting the wearer to put it on most of the time.

Latex is initially translucent dark-colored material, but manufacturers dye it to several opaque shades, black being the most common. Latex is easily molded into different outfits and fashions; hence, various products have been made from this fantastic fabric. Mostly, since it clings to the body, sustaining the body shape, a lot of tight materials such as bodysuits, tight dresses, trousers, or pants are easily molded from latex, giving the wearer a sexy feel.

Typical latex outfits you need to know.

As aforementioned, latex has been used in the production of various products that are worn on different occasions; latex hoods, masks, clothing, and fetish products. Here are some of the outfits that you can comfortably put on:

  • Latex dresses may be uncommon to you, but believe it or not, they are available. Ladies prefer other materials such as silk or even cotton. But latex can be made into a very fabulous dress you can’t imagine. Even for the red carpet, excellent designs and shades are made from this product. Do you want to have that romantic moment with your partner, maybe a night out? You might consider having a latex dress designed for you or purchasing one. Allow your partner to admire your body shape and appreciate what an elegant lady you are.
  • Tight trousers for both ladies and gents are produced too, from latex. Mostly for ladies, there are several of these that you can put on a day activity, casual or official. Match it with a t-shirt and a blazer then you are good to go. A high heel is almost a must with this trouser.
  • Your latex miniskirt may just come in handy on a romantic date or even office workplace. Combined with your favorite top, a miniskirt made of latex will give you an admirable figure.
  • Bodysuits are some of the best outfits you can get so far from latex. Being worn by several celebrities during concerts, these are so appealing to the audience.
  • Catsuitsthese are some of the most famed latex wear worldwide. With the tight and sexy outlook they provide to the wearer, they are worn on almost any occasion, earlier worn by celebrities. Do you want to give your man a great moment, why not start by enticing him with this catsuit? You’ll not regret it. These are also known to be an excellent addition to the BDSM game. That erotic moment is spiced up with smooth catsuits on. These are designed with zips along the crotch or the butt area. If you are an explorer in pleasure games, you might consider having a catsuit (both male and female).

Why should you have Latex BDSM clothing?

You have no excuse for not having fetish rubber latex clothing in your wardrobe. You can imagine noticed by almost everybody at your workplace, at home, or even at the party, you attended. Think of how admirable you look with those body curves showing the sexy figure you got. For your erotic moments, a catsuit, jumpsuits, or just pants made from latex are some of the spices you should not lack when provoking a partner. Have your relationship ties move to the next level with just sexy dressing of shiny, smooth material.

Spending a whole day out without seeing your partner will undoubtedly make you miss them. Have you imagined how you would feel as you work with latex leggings under a dress, yet crotchless? This may seem extreme, but you can’t wait to get home and allow your man to explore that sensitive area to give you incredible stimulation.

How to use sexy latex clothing?

Latex clothing and rubber fetish gear are delicate materials that can be fragile and require enough care for them to serve you accordingly. They can easily be torn if a lot of force is used when wearing or removing. Experts recommend using a sizeable amount of silicone lubricants for the material to slide into the body to prevent this.

There is a powder (talc) that may be used too, but sometimes it may be messy in the room and leave you with marks on the skin; this is no cause for worry.  The removal is more comfortable since there was prior greasing when putting it on. Always use all hands and not just fingers in griping about preventing tearing the material.

Care; shining, cleaning, and storing your sexy rubber wear

Latex will require all the care you can provide to get impressed with your acquired latex bdsm outfit. Here are some of the tips on what is required of you:


After wearing the latex cloth, you need to provide it with a spark it offers. This is mostly achieved by applying a lubricant or some specialized latex shining and protecting agents. You can use a spray and then wipe it with a soft material such as a towel or a new sock. This will make your rubber fetish gear look stunning and protected from damage.


After removal, it is advisable to immediately wash the latex bondage clothing to remove all the sweat and lube that may damage the material’s texture. It should never occur to you to use a washing machine. Hand-wash it for more care. The dry-cleaning machine ruins the fabric. Warm water with a small amount of soap is enough for a good wash. Also, a gentle wash is recommended. Avoid rough scrubbing as it may damage the material too.


Latex may not be resistant to too much sunshine. An open place with a shade is enough for hanging the latex wear. Always hang on hangers that are non-metal (metals may lead to discoloration).


After drying, it is recommended that talc powder be added to it again to ensure no sticking together. The latex has this tendency of sticking back together, and it may be hard to separate also. Store your outfit in the cool and dry dark wardrobe.

The bottom line on rubber fetish clothing

There are several materials you prefer to have in your outfit. If you haven’t considered latex material, then it’s high time you get yourself an incredible piece of latex materials, mostly for pleasure lovers.

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