Nipple Pasties

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Nipple pasties are patches used to cover the nipple and the pigmented area around the nipple. Nipple tassels are ornate surrounding the nipple and were invented in the 1920s. Sometimes they are attached by natural gum to don’t fall off easily. Burlesque stars, strippers, and athletes wear these tassels. They show girls’ visual nakedness without breaking the law of decency. Sometimes tassels breast covers, and nipple pasties can be worn as underwear or beach costumes. Furthermore, some pasties can be washed and reused, while others are only used once. There is a wide variety of high-quality nipple tassels, breast covers, and nipple pasties you can try out.

Types Of Nipple Tassel Breast Covers And Nipple Pasties

Below are the common women’s erotic pasties & nipple tassels.

VOCHIC Disposable Pasty Set

VOCHIC Disposable pasty sets are made of breathable satin material and are more suitable for covering the nipple than other pasties. The satin breathable material makes them gentler and more comfortable. Normally, they come in a set of ten with medical-grade paste that prevents irritation when applied to nipples. These nipple tassels also come in the choices of black and ivory. They, however, don’t last long like others.

Bae Cups Nipple Covers

Bae Cups Nipple Covers are ultra-thin and visually invisible and can be paired with slightly transparent tops or cutouts. Usually, they come in three shades, beige, deep chocolate, and caramel. They are round in shape, covering all the nipples. The good thing is that Bae Cup nipple pasties can be used up to 25 times.

Braza Petal Tops Reusable Nipple Tassels.

These nipple tassels and pasties are made from soft material, which is 100% polyester, making them more comfortable. Braza petal nipple covers are waterproof, and one cover can serve up to ten times. Normally, they come in two shades. One size will fit many.

Rose LeMarc Nipple Cover

These hypoallergenic nipple tassels are best in summer because they can withstand sweat due to their waterproof nature. They come in dark and light shades with a matte finish. Usually, one size fits all nipple types. The best part of this product is that one pair can be reused up to 40 times because they are strong.

How to Choose Nipple Tassels and Nipple Pasties


Many people are allergic to paste or plastic material. For this reason, the best quality nipple pasties are made from hypoallergenic silicone material and use a unique natural gum to reduce allergic reactions. Polyester and satin are commonly used to manufacture fabric breast covers because they are cheaper than silicone. Fabric lovers should use medical-grade paste to prevent irritation.


The size of the Tassles Bra Nipple Covers depends on the chests of individuals. Some prefer to cover the whole breast, while others prefer covering the nipple and the pigmented area. Overall size is always the best though it makes the small boobs look bigger. Usually, there is no standardization in pasties’ sizes. The designers make them in inches and centimeters. Therefore, one size fits many.


Sometimes nipple pasties come in medium, light, or dark shades. However, most designers prefer light shades. Choose what blends with your natural skin tone.


Tassels bra nipple covers come in different shapes, with most being circular, floral, and x shaped. Others are star-shaped, heart-shaped, butterfly, and skull-shaped. The human nipple is usually round; therefore, only the round area will be covered if you opt for round pasties. If one needs a different shape, it’s good to measure the diameter of the nipple and segmented area to avoid buying long pasties.

Reusable or Disposable

Fabric breast covers are usually for one-time use only. However, some can be reused up to ten times without washing. Silicone nipple pasties are the best when it comes to reuse. They can be washed and used 20 to 50 times with proper care.

How To Use Nipple Covers

Pick a Style

Pick a nipple cover that will hide the nipple wholly and comfortably. Since they come in different colors and shapes, pick what suits you perfectly.

Getting Them Attached

Before attaching nipple covers, tassels, pasties, or stickers, the skin must be clean, dry, and not oily. This prevents them from falling off. Some come with the paste used to attach them, while others have bondage tape, hence can stick on their own.

Finishing the Look

Tassels bra nipple covers can be worn on their own, but for a sexier look, add sexy lingerie, knickers, stocking, and an open cup bra.

Hygiene Tips Of Nipple Tassels And Pasties

Fabric breast covers are not washable. In contrast, silicone nipple covers can be washed using warm water and soap and dried overnight. If it is difficult to remove the excess gum, use baby oil and a cotton ball. Do not use a machine to wash, dry, or iron the nipple tassels.

The Bottom Line

Nipple tassels, breast covers, and nipple pasties are trending sexy wear. Sometimes they are worn during summer as undergarments. They are made of high-quality silicone material, which does not cause allergies. Usually, the product comes in different shades and shapes. Choose one according to the shape, size, and color that suits your needs.

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