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Anal play is one of the main sources of extreme and sensational sexual experience. Regardless of sexual orientation, people find anal play to be more attractive than ever, with various innovations making it as promising as possible. However, enjoying deep sensations derived from anal play is subject to preparations that often involve stretching the butt muscles to eliminate pain during penetration. Fortunately, things have been made easier with the perfectly designed hollow butt plugs that ensure you warm up efficiently for anal sex.

What Are Anal Stretchers Sex Toys?

Anal stimulation can provide intense sexual sensations that leave you in toe-curling ecstasy. However, the tight sphincter muscles at the anal gap can present a challenge. Anal penetration can be painful and complicated without proper lubrication and preparation. Therefore, if you are determined to have a mind-blowing anal stimulation, you may consider using anal stretching toys to make things easier.

Tunnel and stretchers are anal sex toys designed to ensure that your anal gap opens a few inches gradually within a given period for more accessibility during toy or penis penetration. Moreover, tunnels and stretchers have a hollow space at the center for other sexual acts such as penis penetration or various sex toys.

These are the perfect sex toys for beginners or those wishing to experience the joy of having more giant sex toys or penises in their butts.

Why Do You Need Hollow Butt Plugs and Anal Stretchers Sex Toys?

There are various reasons why people use tunnels and stretchers, but the reasons may differ depending on the experience level and sexual fantasies. For instance, newbies may use tunnels and stretchers to keep the butt cheeks open during anal penetration. Advanced users may need to experience more giant sex toys with a wide diameter in their butts. Generally, tunnel and stretchers help in;

Easing the Sphincter Muscles

Anal play requires relaxed sphincter muscles for easier penetration. You need a toy designed to gradually open up your butt muscles with different sizes without experiencing pain to achieve this comfort. Anal stretcher sex toys help ease butt muscles and open up the anal passage to accommodate larger and longer sex toys.

Improves Sexual Experience

Using sex toys that deliver the expected sexual fantasy elevates your sexual experience in the bedroom. If you have been dreaming of having anal play with your partner but are afraid of where to start, use a tunnel and stretchers of the perfect size to open your butt beforehand for your partner to penetrate. This creates confidence and a comfort zone with your partner or sex toys.

Which Is the Right Anal Stretcher for You?

Whether you are a novice or a fan of giant butt sex toys, choosing the best anal stretcher can be challenging, especially with the vast options available. You will have to crosscheck every toy, looking for the attractive features that make it suitable for you. However, to simplify your search, here are a few things to consider when buying your tunnel and stretcher;

Size of the Anal Tunnel and Stretchers

In the sex toy industry, everyone should choose the perfect size that fits their genitalia without overstretching. Start with a smaller anal tunnel and stretcher before trying more extensive market options. Since tunnels and stretchers are meant to open your anal passage to accommodate more giant sex toys and penises, it is recommended to start with an anal stretcher that is a few inches above the average penis size. Preferably, 3.5 inches in diameter is the best size for beginners.

Check the Material

Anal stretching device materials such as silicone, rubber, jelly, PVC, glass, and metals are used to manufacture anal stretching toys. The material determines the ease of cleaning, the lube to use, and the safety.

Therefore, when buying your tunnel and stretcher, choose materials that are easy to clean, hypoallergenic, body-safe, and compatible with most anal sex lubricants. Silicone is considered the best material due to its lack of toxins, flexibility, and ease of cleaning.

Buy from Top-Branded Sellers

Buying your sex toys from top-branded manufacturers and sellers saves you doubts about the quality of the tool and its warranty. Reputable brands offer conducive warranty policies, high-quality and body-safe materials, and a user manual to get you started.

Type of Lubricant to Use

There are three main anal sex lubes available: water, silicone, and oil-based lubricants. While each type of lube has its safety characteristics and durability, its choice depends on the tunnel and stretchers’ material. For example, water-based lube is compatible with most materials but dries out faster and needs regular reapplication. Silicone is long-lasting and thicker, making it ideal for anal play. However, it is not compatible with silicone toys because it erodes and breaks the material.

How to Use Hollow Butt Plugs and Anal Stretchers Sex Toys

Before using your anal stretchers, remember the following safety tips;

Thoroughly clean the toy and your bowels to eliminate the risks of playing with dirty toys and causing bacterial infections.

Apply the right lube on the device and your anal openings for easy and frictionless penetration.

Do not force the toy in your butt and stop using it immediately you feel discomfort.

Sanitize your toy after use, and store it in a cool, dry place.

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