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One thing is undeniably true in the sex toy industry; butt plugs are among the best adult devices ever invented. Although some people are still afraid of admitting their crazy anal desires to their partners, a slight touch on the anal opening results in incredible sensations and orgasms. Therefore, instead of hiding your crazy sexual fantasies behind the innocent face, it is high time you should test these wonderful tail butt plugs. First, what are tail butt plugs and how do you use them? Find your answers in this buying guide, including;

Why Do You Need Tail Butt Plugs?

Tail butt plugs are anal plugs with animal tail-like materials fixed at the base. The tails are meant to create role-playing in the bedroom, where the wearer looks like the animal in question. For example, when worn, the butt plug creates a picture of a dog, cat, dragon, or horse roaming around the room and responding to its master’s commands. Therefore, tail butt plugs are ideal for both BDSM and couple play as the other partner feels like having a sex moment with the animal of their dream.

There are various reasons why you would go for tail butt plugs. Remember, most tail butt plugs are smaller in size, hence do not deliver intense stimulations to the wearer. For that reason, the tail is only attractive to the other partner or the game master, unless you are masturbating in front of the mirror. One of the biggest reasons why you would choose a tail butt plug over a regular anal plug is to enjoy role-playing in the bedroom. Such a scenario as wondering how it would feel to have a tail and having sex with an animal can be attractive and erotic. Moreover, these scenarios do not necessarily need to be sexual, although they often end up being arousal moments.

Types of Tail Butt Plugs

Tail butt plugs are significantly characterized according to the animal in the picture. They can be standard or vibrating butt plugs, but the tail used at the base of the plug gives the real picture of having and controlling animals in your bedroom. Here are the common types of tail butt plugs found at Dimepiece la;

Bunny Tail Butt Plugs

These are cute round tail butt plugs with perfect dimensions for role play that roams the room for simple arousal and animal fantasy. They come with different color variations to suit different personal preferences. The small size of the tail also makes these types of butt plugs suitable to wear in public under a flowy dress to increase the thrill of public stimulation. They include 4-Inch Pink Bunny Anal Butt Plug Tail and 2.75-Inch Jewelry Beginners Butt Plug with Pink Tail.

Dog Tail Butt Plugs

Dog or puppy tail butt plugs have gained popularity among BDSM devices due to their sweetness and delicate nature. The tail part is mostly made of silicone or fur, while the insertable part is made of metal, glass, or silicone material. This makes these dog or puppy tail butt plugs unique and classy. They include Good Boy Wireless Remote-Control Vibrating Puppy Tail Butt Plug And 7.5-Inch Black Silicone Puppy Play Dog Tail Anal Butt Plug.

Pony or Horse Tail Butt Plugs

These types of tail butt plugs resemble the long and elegant horse tails. They are made in huge sizes which intensifies the anal pleasure in the bedroom. They can also make good devices to use in public places, especially when worn under a long dress. The most common variant of pony tail butt plug is the unicorn butt plugs such as 5-Inch Smooth Pink Unicorn Tail Tapered Butt Plug.

Cat Tail Butt Plugs

The cats’ interesting and mysterious quality makes these cat tail butt plugs more attractive and fun to wear. They are usually made of cat fur, which is soft to touch and leads to extreme arousal when brought close to the anal opening. They also come in many color and shape variations, ideal for different personal preferences.

Wolf Tail Butt Plugs

This is the last type that comprises scary and wild plugs. They are often made of real wolf skin and fur, making them both frisky and worth buying. Since these kinds of tail butt plugs are challenging to use and maintain, are often meant for advanced buyers. They are therefore designed to imitate some furious anal sessions.

Choosing the Best Tail Butt Plug

The following are factors to consider when buying tail butt plugs;

The Material of The Sex Toy

Tail butt plugs consist of two parts; the insertable bulb-like part and the tail. The two parts can be of different or the same materials. However, the tail is mostly made of materials that resemble the real animals’ fur while the plug can be made of silicone, glass, rubber, jelly, or metal. Some tail butt plugs can also have jewelry-coated surfaces to match their classy designs. Therefore, when buying a tail butt plug, ensure the two parts are made of body-safe, hypoallergic, and easy-to-clean materials. However, if you are looking for customized tails, go for high-quality versions that are safe and easy to clean.

The Size of The Butt Plug

Like any other anal toy, always buy the right size that is easy to insert into the anus and comfortable to use. Although most tail butt plugs are made of small sizes, sex toy pros can also get medium and large versions to suit their preferences. The size of the tail is also vital to consider, especially if you intend to use it in public. However, if you are a novice but eager to have these tails hanging between your butt cheeks, you can start with anal trainer kits from Dimepiece la.

Check the Type of The Tail

There are two main types of tails; permanent and detachable tails. Most butt plug with tail come with firmly attached tails. However, you can also get a few options with detachable tails, especially if you are looking for easy-to-clean tails. Additionally, furry and faux-like tails should be detachable to allow you thoroughly clean your toy after use.

The Compatible Anal Lubricant

In every anal toy and play, do not forget to include a compatible anal lube in your budget. The advantage of shopping for your sex devices from top-rated sellers is that they come listed with the type of sex lube to use in your game. Therefore, do not forget to read the instructions indicated on the package.

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