Round Butt Plugs

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Derive extreme sensational stimulation with the perfectly designed Round Butt Plugs and experience an unmatched pleasure. You will be shocked how anal play has become popular and quite a treasure trove of pleasure. And exploring this aspect of bedroom play can only get better if you introduce the butt plug fetish in your bedroom.

What Are Round Butt Plugs?

Have you ever heard of ball-shaped butt plugs? Maybe you spend a lot of time behind closed doors watching erotic movies and feel it is time you joined the batter’s box. However, seeing crazily-shaped sex toys like round butt plugs leaves you wondering how the hell do these people manage to insert them in their anal openings. Worry no more because you can also practice what you watch and take your sex life to another level.

As scary as they look, round anal sex toys are designed with rounded tips that are challenging to insert, especially for beginners. Contrary, the stretch, and stimulation realized once these rounded toys are deep inside your butt are fascinating. Originally, round butt plugs were designed to help stretch your anal sphincter for anal sex.

However, as people get used to anal play, round butt plugs are currently used to offer anal stimulation and prostate massage for men. Therefore, ballshaped anal plugs are suitable for men and women who want to break their bondage limits and have a new version of anal sensation.

Types of  Round Butt Plugs

To understand better what these round butt plugs look like and how to choose your best toy, look at these selected round anal plugs found infamous sex shops such as Dimepiece LA sex store. These examples are selected depending on the buyers’ anal experience and the toy qualities.

Crystal Premium Glass Butt Plug Set Trainer Kit for Temperature Play

For beginners searching for the best way to open their door to an amazing anal play, this trainer kit consisting of three round plugs of different sizes would be the best purchase. The set is made of crystal premium glass material that is body-safe and easy to clean. The material is also soft and firm to stimulate your backdoor on every touch, leaving you aroused right away. The size ranges from 6cm to 7.8cm and 9.2cm large.

5.25-Inch Doc Johnson Large Round Black PVC Butt Plug

That goes for advanced and intermediate users looking for wide and extreme anal stretching. 5.25-Inch Doc Johnson Large Round Black PVC Butt Plug is made of phthalate-free PVC material that is body-safe and easy to clean. The plug also has a smooth surface for easy insertion and a long neck to hold it in position.

Master Series Clawed Expanding Anal Dilator Butt Plug

Anal play master can explain the joy felt from this Master Series Clawed Expanding Anal Dilator Butt Plug that is known to stretch asses like nothing else. The unique feature of this anal plug is that it has four wedges that can pinch together for easy insertion. Once in your butt, the plug expands to stretch your anal walls to the desired size. The device has an overall length of 4.5 inches with an insertable length of 3.5 inches. It also has a center hole measuring 1.5 inches.

How to Choose the Best Round Butt Plug

Whether you are new to round butt plugs or looking forward to upgrading your sex toys store, buying the best and latest round anal plug comes with various considerations. Apart from the price, it is vital to look at the features of the device, including;

The Length and Diameter of The Plug

Round anal sex toys come in different sizes, ranging from small to medium and large. Therefore, the insertable length and the diameter of the plug matter a lot when ordering your device from Dimepiece LA online sex shop. As a beginner, remember to start with small sizes as you get your anal muscles adapted to larger sizes. Moreover, the rounded tip seems challenging to insert but comes with exciting rewards once you overcome the challenge. Don’t forget to start with foreplay to an easy and relaxed insertion.

Check the Material of The Plug

Like other sex toys, round butt plugs are made from different materials, including silicone, glass, metal, PVC, and rubber. The type of material you pick is determined by its ease of cleaning, durability, how you intend to use the toy, the type of sex lube to use, and the safety. For instance, rubber and jellies are suitable for long-term wear and comfortability.

However, they are not body-safe since they contain harmful toxins that can cause skin rashes and allergies. On the other hand, silicone, metal, and glass are body-safe, durable, and easy to clean. Therefore, remember to buy your sex toys from top-branded manufacturers and sellers like Dimepiece if you doubt the quality of the material.

The Type of The Base

When it comes to anal stimulation, stick to sex toys with a flared base. A flanged base prevents the round butt plug from getting lost in the anus, giving a safer and more confident play. Moreover, a flanged base gives you full control over the toy and simplifies insertion, thrusting, and removal.

The Type of Anal Sex Lube Used

The type of anal sex lube to use is determined by the material of the butt plug and vice versa. Different types of lubes such as water, silicone, and oil-based lubes have different properties, making them compatible with specific materials. For example, if you pick silicone material, use water-based lube since silicone-based lube breaks the silicone surface, making the toy harmful.

How to Use Round Anal Plugs

How you use your round butt plugs determines how safe you are and the level of sensation you achieve. Here are a few safety tips to ensure you get the best out of your round butt plug;

  • Apply adequate anal lube to the ass plug and your anal walls before inserting it into your butt.
  • Avoid sharing your round anal plug with a short-time sex partner, or use condoms.
  • Try using other sex toys with your ballshaped anal plug like inflatable dildos.
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