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Size is a vital factor to consider when buying butt plugs. Buying the right size means you will get the desired fullness and anal stimulation. However, getting the best size depends on your sexual experiences and the desire to overcome your anal limits. This is why butt plugs are manufactured in different sizes to suit various erotic demands. This article will look at the best medium butt plugs, how to buy the right medium anal sex toy, and how to use your first medium butt plug.

Who Should Buy Medium Butt Plugs?

Medium butt plugs are sizeable bulb-like sex toys designed to open your anal canal, relax your sphincter muscles, and heighten sexual pleasure. They are specifically created for intermediate and advanced users who are done with smaller versions and are looking for something that offers maximum anal stretching and fullness. However, some beginners have insane anal demands and find medium butt plugs the perfect starter pack.

Medium butt plugs can be purchased by anybody regardless of gender and sexual orientation. Whether you are looking for the best anal toy to give maximum butt stretching and stimulation during solo masturbation or anything for your BDSM moments, medium butt plugs will fulfill your sexual fantasies, giving you amazing anal orgasms.

Types Of Medium Butt Plugs

Like any other anal toy, medium butt plugs come in different designs that deliver unique sensations and orgasms. Here are the common types of medium butt plugs;

Standard Medium Anal Plugs

This is the common type of medium butt plugs found on the market. These devices have no distinct features since they only come with realistic materials and dimensions that are easy to use and maintain. Standard medium butt plugs are suitable for normal anal stimulation and orgasms. They are also ideal for beginner and intermediate users looking for fuller and deeper sensations in their butts. However, standard medium butt plugs only offer minimum stimulations and may not be perfect for intermediate and experienced users.

Vibrating Butt Plugs

If you are looking for tightness and intense stimulations in your anal canal, vibrating medium butt plugs are the best option. These toys have longer insertable lengths and vibrating shafts or tips that deliver deep-reaching sensations. They have different vibration modes, speeds, and strength and are suitable for beginners and experienced masturbators. Depending on your sexual experience, you can buy a vibrating medium anal plug with multiple functions that will allow you to choose between low and high vibration speeds.

Inflatable Medium Anal Plugs

If you are unsure about the right size that will offer maximum fullness, opt for inflatable medium butt plugs. This type comes with handheld air pumps or syringes that fill the plug with air when inserted into the anus. Although most people believe that inflatable butt plugs only come in small sizes, not all inflatable anal toys are equal in insertable lengths and diameter. Moreover, when inflated, the size of these butt plugs differs; hence you should be keen when choosing this type of medium butt plug. Always check the size of the toy before and after inflation.

Factors To Consider When Buying Medium Butt Plugs

Medium butt plugs can be petrifying to first-timers and attractive to intermediate and experienced buyers. However, apart from your sexual experience with anal plugs, here are other factors to consider when buying medium butt plugs;

Consider The Materials Of The Ass plug

Various materials are used to make medium butt plugs, including silicone, metal, and glass. Each material has unique features making them ideal for different sexual experiences and positions. Therefore, when buying an anal toy, always go for flexible and versatile materials like silicone and high-quality rubber. You should also buy medium butt plugs that are waterproof, hypoallergic, durable, and easy to clean. However, intermediated and advanced buyers can buy rigid materials like metal or glass.

Consider The Base Of The Plug

How you plan to use your medium ass plug to stimulate your backdoor determines the type of base you choose. If you are aiming for a hands-free experience, you can buy a medium butt plug with a suction-cup base that prevents deeper penetration of the sex toy. Generally, choose a medium butt plug with a good stopping point to avoid sliding it entirely in your sphincter canal.

Check For Extra Features

Your experience with butt plugs should guide you when looking for extra features in a medium butt plug. For example, if you are ready to experience intense stimulation, you can buy a vibrating, ribbed, or nubbed butt plug. If you are a man looking for prostate massagers, you can also buy butt plugs with curved tips that will reach and massage your P-spot. You can also choose a medium butt plug with cock ring to experience both anal and penile stimulation.

How To Use Medium Butt Plugs

Once you receive your medium ass plug, read the user manual in the package to learn how to use your new toy safely. Moreover, here is a summary of everything you need to know to use your sex toy safely;

Start by cleaning your butt plug with the recommended toy cleaner and your rectum using an anal enema for cleaner anal play.

Apply a lot of compatible sex lubricant on the toy and your orifice before insertion.

Gently insert the plug into your anus, lying in a comfortable position, and push it slowly until it reaches your desired length.

Avoid mixing anal and vaginal penetration using the same anal plug, and use condoms if you intend to share your medium butt plugs.

Thoroughly clean your ass plug after use and store it in a cool, dry place.

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