Glass Butt Plugs

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Everyone knows about glass material. However, what is not commonly known is that glass can also make good sex toys. With the unstoppable developments in the sex toy industry, it is not surprising to find sex toys made of exotic materials that were once thought impossible. Mostly, you will find sex toys made of silicone, hard plastic, metal, and rubber. However, do you know that some of the expensive butt plugs are made of glass? Check out the wide range of glass anal plugs below.

What Are Glass Butt Plugs?

Are glass butt plugs safe for sexual activities? Is there a special type of glass used to make glass sex toys? These are some questions that most buyers are worried about when purchasing glass sex toys. However, sex toy experts suggest that glass anal sex toys are not made of the standard glass material. The type of glass used to make other household items is much weaker and likely to break under high pressure or temperature changes. Since butt plugs need to be strong and adaptable to different temperatures, manufacturers use a unique glass element to make these anal plugs.

Glass butt plugs are made of a special type of glass called borosilicate. Borosilicate is considered strong and can withstand high temperatures and pressure without shattering. It is also easy to clean using boiling water to kill bacteria or germs. Therefore, the probability of glass butt plugs breaking inside your butt is almost impossible. They are among the safest sex toys in the industry.

Why You Should Buy Glass Butt Plugs

There are various reasons why you should consider buying glass anal plugs. Although they are costlier than other materials, they are categorized under classy and luxurious sex toys because they bring a sense of fashion and art to your sex toy collection. Here are some of the benefits of using glass butt plugs;

Glass Is Rigid and Durable

As a newbie in sex toy games, you are probably looking for an affordable anal plug that will serve you for a long time. Therefore, durability is a major factor to consider when buying a sex device. While most beginners are attracted to silicone and rubber sex toys, intermediate and advanced users understand that glass anal sex toys provide the perfect rigidity and durability, making them highly preferable.

Glass Butt Plugs Are Suitable for Different Temperatures

Glass anal sex toys are versatile, meaning that one can use them anywhere and under any temperature. Whether you want to be stimulated in the cold shower, on your bed, or under the hot scorching sun, glass butt plugs are adaptable to temperature changes and will not affect the warmth in your genitals. Moreover, if you want to feel warm sensations in your butt, you can dip your glass anal plug in warm water for some minutes before inserting them in your ass.

Glass Sex Toys Are Hypoallergic and Non-Porous

For safety, one should buy body-safe, hypoallergic, and non-porous materials, such as glass. Glass is easy to wash since you can use the recommended toy cleaner or dip the glass sex toy in boiling water to kill bacteria. Also, glass does not contain harmful elements like phthalates that may cause skin rashes to the genitalia. Therefore, glass butt plugs are the best option for those allergic to other materials.

How to Choose the Best Glass Anal Plug

Before buying glass butt plugs, there are various factors to consider as discussed below.

Choosing the Right Type

Choosing the right type of sex toy depends on sexual experience. Depending on how you want to be stimulated, buy a specific butt plug designed to fit your fantasies. Here are the common types of glass anal plugs.

Standard Glass Butt Plugs

These are anal plugs designed for beginners and advanced users interested in simple stimulations. They are small or large butt plugs with straight shafts for normal stimulations and fullness. They also have tapered ends for easy insertion and narrow necks to help them stay in position.

Hollow Glass Anal Plugs

Hollow or tunnel glass butt plugs have a hollow space at the center. This space is used for other sexual fantasies, such as inserting the penis or other sex toys. Moreover, the hollow space gives an impression of a fully-stretched anus and is ideal for BDSM players.

Round Butt Plugs

This glass butt plug has a ball-like shape that provides maximum stretching to the sphincter muscles. Since they are difficult to insert, round glass anal plugs are mostly recommended for advanced users.

Choose Genuine High-Quality Glass Material

With the vast collections, getting genuine high-quality glass material can be difficult. The only way to avoid counterfeit products is to shop from top-rated sellers. Therefore, avoid shopping from sellers without warranties on their products.

Choose the Right Size

The rule of thumb with sex toys is that no one size fits everybody. Therefore, whether you are a beginner or a butt plugs pro, always stick to the right size that will give you maximum and comfortable stimulation. The best way to identify your right size is to measure your anal hole using your fingers. However, intermediate and advanced users can buy medium or large glass butt plugs that will give the desired fullness and sensations.

Glass Anal Plugs Safety Tips

Since glass butt plugs are rigid sex toys, here are healthy tips to consider when using them.

  • Once you unwrap the glass sex toy from the package, clean it with the recommended toy cleaner or hot water before using it.
  • Apply a lot of compatible anal lube to the toy and your butt for smooth, easy insertion.
  • Start with slow insertions and choose the right vibrations if you are using a vibrating butt plug.
  • After use, clean the glass anal plug and store it in a cool and dry place.
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