Butt Plugs with a Finger Loop

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Anal play is full of dark secrets that only those cherishing it can tell. It is also full of exciting moments that can send your entire body to quivering orgasms when done well. Although butt actions, such as anal play, anal sex, and prostate massage are fun and perfect for solo masturbation, you still need simple and safe tools that you can easily insert and hold. This is why sex toy manufacturers are now widely offering butt plugs with finger loops to simplify masturbation.

Understanding Butt Plugs with Finger Loops

Butt plugs are among the best anal sex toys ever invented. There are many reasons why they are among the highly chosen sex toys. For instance, butt plugs are perfect for both solo masturbation and couple play. Whether you are hidden in the room to enjoy your private moments with anal sex toys, butt plugs will offer you the perfect anal fullness and stimulation. Moreover, butt plugs are versatile.

They can be used to give the desired anal stretching in preparation for butt sex, erotically massage your anal walls to give you anal orgasms, and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor stimulation. Another reason why many folks love butt plugs is that they come in different shapes and designs to fit various sexual demands.

This is where butt plugs with finger loops come in. They have a ringed-based that you can insert your finger for easy insertion and removal. The loop also allows you to control the motion and intensity of the plug. You don’t have to worry about your anal sex toy getting lost entirely in your anus. There are ideal for butt plugs for beginners and experienced users. Your choice is ultimately determined by your sexual experience with different types of butt plugs.

How to Buy the Best Butt Plug with Finger Loop

There are various reasons why you should buy anal butt plug with a finger loop. The loop allows you to insert the butt into your anus and remove it safely. However, like any other anal sex toy, buying the best anal plugs for beginners with a finger loop requires you to shop like a pro to avoid counterfeit and non-satisfactory devices. Before ordering your first anal plugs with a finger loop, the following factors should be at your fingertips.

The Material of The Toy

Manufacturers use different materials to make butt plugs with finger loops. The most common materials include silicone, jelly, rubber, metal, glass, exotic stone, and polished wood. All these materials are high-quality and safe for sex devices. Moreover, metal, glass, exotic stone, and polished wood can be crafted to give glamorously shining designs that can unlock your hidden sexual fantasies and adventures.

However, not all sellers give safe materials, considering the market is flooded with millions of butt plugs. Therefore, when buying your butt plugs with a finger loop, always look for body-safe, non-porous, easy-to-clean, and hypoallergic materials. Furthermore, ensure you choose materials compatible with most anal sex lube, comfortability, and easy change of positions.

The Diameter of The Loop

The finger loop is mainly added to the butt plug to ensure the device does not slide completely inside you amidst hot masturbation and incoming climaxes. Therefore, you should ensure that the loop has a well-defined diameter that your finger can fit in as you concentrate on other sexual activities like foreplay or partnered sex. The loop should also be functional and convenient to give easy and calculated removal of the butt plugs so that you can enjoy multiple orgasms.

Insertable Length and Girth

The insertable length and girth are parts of the butt plug that enter your anus. Butt plugs with finger loops are fun to use. They are also suitable for both solo masturbation and BDSM moments. However, you are only limited to small beginner butt plugs and shorter insertable lengths until your backdoor has adapted to different anal toys and is fully trained. Let it not discourage you because even small beginner butt plugs with finger loops can deliver incredible shivers to your sphincter muscles and tight ass. For anal play experts, large butt plugs with finger loops will give you the extreme anal fullness you wish, leading to intense stimulations.

Texture and Stimulation Degrees

Like any anal sex toy, butt plugs with finger loops are designed primarily for anal stimulation. This means they are also likely to come with different surfaces, such as smooth, ribbed, nubbed, or beaded surfaces. These texture surfaces are meant to give your butthole the best treatment with volcanic stimulations. Moreover, some butt plugs with finger loops come with vibrations to deliver extreme stimulations. Therefore, depending on how you want to be stimulated, you can buy beaded, ribbed, or vibrating butt plugs to enjoy deep sensations, especially on every insertion and removal. All you have to do is test your anal limits to get the right anal device.

How to Use Butt Plugs with Finger Loops

Once you have agreed with your partner or decided to include butt plugs in your sexual activities, you may be overwhelmed figuring out where to start. Worry not because here is a simple guide on how to use your butt plugs with finger loops;

  • Start with visiting the bathroom to clean your rectum using anal douche and cleaning your butt plugs with the right toy cleaner.
  • Apply plenty of compatible anal lube on the toy and your butthole for easy insertion and thrusting.
  • Start with expressing your massage skills to help your partner relax and welcome your anal plays comfortably. If you are on solo masturbation, start with inserting one or two fingers in your anus to arouse the nerve endings before inserting the butt plug.
  • Gently insert the butt plugs with your finger fitted in the loop. Push it in until you reach your desired depth or the loop resting on the butt opening.
  • You can remove and insert the butt plug simultaneously or set the suitable vibrations and wait for your climax.
  • When done, clean your butt plug and store it in a cool and dry place.
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