Beginner Butt Plugs

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Anal play is now becoming a normal practice in our bedrooms. Whether it is anal play, prostate massage, butt sex, or anything close to or beyond that, including butt play in your sex life has proven to be fascinating and satisfactory.

What was once thought to be taboo has now been highly welcomed, and probably nobody is ready to be left behind. One of the best ways to indulge in anal play is using butt plugs. Butt plugs are the best anal sex toys for butt beginners. Therefore, if you are a newcomer in the world of ass erotism and willing to experience what veterans enjoy, the first question should be, what is the best butt plug to buy? However, search no more because here is a brief guide on the best beginners’ butt plugs.

Getting Started

First things first, what do you understand by the term butt plugs? Numerous anal sex toys deliver different stimulations and climaxes. Although most anal sex devices are created to offer maximum anal stimulation during sex or solo masturbation, their differences depend on their shapes and how you want to be stimulated.

Butt plugs are bulb-like anal sex tools designed to be inserted and stay in the anus. They are similar to dildos, but instead of being used in both vaginal and anal penetration, they are only meant for anal stimulation. There are various reasons you may choose to buy butt plugs over other sex toys. Regardless of your gender or sexual orientation, here are some of the reasons why you should consider getting a butt plug;

Preparation for Anal Sex

Anal plugs were initially designed to prepare your sphincter muscles for the coming penile penetration. When inserted into the anus, butt plugs help stretch and relax your sphincter muscles, making anal sex more comfortable and less painful. Therefore, as a newcomer ready to try butt sex with your partner, it is wise to start with butt plug insertion at least thirty minutes before actual penetration.

Prostate Massage

Massaging the prostate gland results in extreme sensations and multiple orgasms for men. Of course, prostate stimulation is equal to G-spot stimulation in women. Every man would love to be massaged during partnered sex or solo masturbation. Therefore, most beginners find butt plugs, especially beaded or ribbed ones, perfect prostate massage.

Great for Maximum Anal Stretching

Whether you are an anal play student or pro, you must be having fantasies to take your anal play to another level. Maybe you are thinking about using bigger sex toys or accommodating your partner’s monster dick. Therefore, larger butt plugs and anal sex toys for beginners would be the best way to get maximum anal stretching to fulfill your dreams. Remember, you can wear a butt plug for the whole day, whether indoors or on the go.

Types of Butt Plugs for Beginners

The first thing to be aware of about butt plugs is the wide range of designs and shapes available. Before ordering your first anal plug from Dimepiece LA, you should understand your sexual experience for you to identify the best type among the following;

Standard Butt Plugs

Standard anal plugs, also called normal butt plugs, are without much complication. They come with simple designs with plain straight surfaces. With standard butt plugs, you only get either anal fullness or regular stimulation. However, standard butt plugs come in different shapes determined by your desire to be stimulated. For instance, if you are looking for a simultaneous anal fullness and prostate massage, you can buy curved or beaded butt plugs.

Inflatable Butt Plugs

As a beginner, getting the right size of the butt plug can be quite stressful. Instead of going through the tussle looking for the best-sized butt plug, buying an inflatable butt plug could be the solution. Inflatable butt plugs are made of flexible materials like silicone and rubber and have small sizes that increase when inserted into the anus. They also come with an attached bulb and pipe that pumps air into the plug or a separate air pump. When inserted into the anus, you can fill in the air to your desired size.

Hollow Butt Plugs

From their name, these butt plugs have a space in the middle that opens the butt for other sexual fantasies. Hollow or tunnel butt plugs are made of either glass, metal, or other hard plastic material. When worn, hollow butt plugs leave the butt cheeks and the anal canal open, and you can insert either a penis or other sex toy for extra anal stimulation. Although they are mostly designed for experienced users, beginners can also use tunnel anal plugs for their sexual advantages.

How to Choose the Best Beginner Butt Plug

To get the right stimulation from your sex toys without any health risks, you should consider the following factors when buying your first butt plug;

Check the Material of The Anal Plug

When browsing various sex toy stores, you will meet different materials like silicone, glass, metal, and rubber. However, always buy non-porous, body-safe, and hypoallergic materials like silicone, glass, and metal for your safety. Moreover, choose flexible materials that you can easily switch positions when using.

Buy the Right Size

Don’t be blinded by your sexual fantasies and end up choosing the wrong size that will be difficult to insert. According to sex toys experts, you should start by masturbating with your fingers to estimate the right size for comfortability and fullness. Moreover, beginners are only advised to start with small beginner butt plugs before trying larger options.

Consider the Base of The Toy

Depending on how you want to be stimulated, you should choose between handheld and hands-free sexual experiences. For a hands-free experience, you have to buy suction-cup base anal plugs that you can stick to any hard surface and enjoy your masturbation. On the other hand, if you have to insert the plug in your anus and experience outdoor stimulation, you should buy an anal plug with a flared base to prevent it from being lost in the butt passage.

Choose A Compatible Anal Sex Lubricant

The toy’s material significantly determines the type of anal lube you choose. This means you should buy an anal lube compatible with most materials like silicone- and water-based lube. However, you should avoid silicone-based anal lube if you are using a silicone butt plug.

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