Anal Probes

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No matter the kind of sex you engage in, the sex toy industry will tag along and offer devices that suit any kinky stimulation you are into. Anal sex play can be intense, but the pleasure you derive from it will depend more on your choice of sex toy. Grab your anal dildo and start enjoying butt sex like never before.

What Are Anal Dildos?

When it comes to bedroom antics, everyone yearns for a good ending. Especially, having a good sex partner can ensure maximum satisfaction and multiple orgasms. Those who understand the magic of anal pleasure also know that anal play can be mind-blowing for both men and female players. However, you must have the right tools, such as anal dildo, that will safely penetrate your butt muscles and reach your desired regions.

Anal probes are dildos and butt plugs designed for deep anal penetration and sexual stimulation. Unlike standard butt dildos and plugs, anal dildos are longer and slimmer since they are designed to give you extra-deep penetration and mind-blowing ass orgasms.

Anal probes sex are the best way to set up a pleasurable sexual session in your bedroom, whether alone, with your sex partner, or during that BDSM scene that leads to multiple and timely orgasms. As a first-time user, ensure that you pick the right size and fullness that will not compromise your pleasure and safety.

How to Choose the Right Anal Dildo

Like any other sex toy, choosing the right anal dildo can be both overwhelming and challenging. This is because you will meet different sizes, designs and be pressured with your specific sexual fantasies. However, depending on what you and your partner need to achieve in the bedroom, several factors determine your choice of anal probes as discussed below;

Check the Material

When buying your first dildo for anal play from the sex store, choose the sex toys made from body-safe, non-porous, and easy-to-clean material. Anal probes are made from different materials with specific qualities. These materials include;


Silicone is the most preferred material due to its safety. It is also soft and flexible, features that make it suitable for different positions when solo-playing or with your partner. Silicone is also non-porous and phthalates-free, which leaves no side effects to the user. However, silicone sex toys are costly than other materials and cannot be used with silicone-based sex lubricant.


Although many butt sex toys are made of rubber, it is advisable to avoid jelly rubber since they contain phthalates- a harmful softening agent. Rubber sex toys are also easy to identify due to their strong plastic smell. However, if you fancy using rubber anal probes, stick to high-quality choices that are phthalate-free and easy to clean.


Glass might not be the best material for some people when it comes to the sex toy selection. However, with its smooth, shiny, and soft nature, glass is considered one of the most exciting and exotic materials. Although they can be rigid and hard to switch positions when using them, glass dildos are also fun to play with your partner or solo stimulation. Glass dildos are also easy to clean and durable when cared for properly.

Consider the Shape and Size

The shape and size of the anal probes can significantly change how deeper and fully you achieve from your anal penetration. Therefore, depending on your anal experience and desires, consider starting with smaller and straight probes that will not bruise your butt muscles, especially for beginners. However, anal probes with large round bulbs will give intermediate and advanced users extra fullness and maximum stimulation. Additionally, you can go for longer insertable lengths to give the desired deep penetration for maximum anal orgasms.


Anal dildos are also manufactured with different textures, including grooves, bumps, twists, and ribs. Other probes are also designed like a realistic penis to give you a natural feeling when using them. Remember, each texture is created to give you a unique sensation and stimulation. Moreover, you can also add your desired varieties during your anal play for extra stimulation.

Unique Features

Enjoying your anal play is all about being creative and challenging your limits. Therefore, if you want to take things higher in the bedroom, consider buying vibrating probes that offer the perfect prostate massage for men.  Anal probes for men are becoming common by day. You can also buy remote-controlled anal probes that allow you to accelerate the speed and vibrations for maximum simulations. Especially, anal probes for BDSM that explores your kinky limits.

How to Use An Anal Dildo

Like any other butt sex toy, using anal probes requires total control and safety measures. If you are curious about how to use your anal probes, here are a few tips to keep in mind;

Invest in The Right Sex Lube

Different sex lubes come with unique features that make them compatible with different materials. For instance, silicone lube is better for butt stuff than other lubes such as water and oil-based options. However, you should not use silicone lube with silicone material since it breaks the toy’s surface, making it harmful to your genitals. Therefore, consider the material when using your new anal probe and invest in the compatible sex lube.

Start Slow with Smaller Dildo

Most people are blinded by their higher sexual fantasies and forget the size of their butt holes. Never make such a mistake, and always start with smaller whether its for female anal probes or anal probes for men before graduating to larger toys. If you use first time small anal probe is best for you. Furthermore, go slow with your penetration and use a lot of lube to avoid bruises.

Thoroughly Sterilize Your Sex Toys Before and After Use

Some materials like rubber tend to hide toxic substances on their surfaces. Therefore, before using any anal probe sex toy, thoroughly clean it before or when sharing it to avoid infections. You should also clean it with hot soapy water or recommended toy cleaner after use, then store it in a cool and dry place.

Use Condoms When Sharing Your Anal Dildo

Unless you share it with your long-term sex partner that you trust their status, always use condoms when engaging in partnered sessions. This involves using the right condom-like Durex condoms that are compatible with most materials and lubes.

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