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Are you looking to explore new sensational anal pleasures? Anal sex toys open up your path to anal penetration, which can enhance solo and partnered play. Anal range of sex toys such as anal beads, butt plugs, prostate massagers, and anal probes will elevate your bedroom pleasures to new heights. If you want to spice up bedroom matters for intense anal pleasures, here is your beginner’s guide to the anal range of sex toys.

Whether you are a veteran of anal predation or simply curious about anal play, standard practices can make anal penetration pleasurable. You have to understand what type of sex toy is ideal for you and your partner to achieve your pleasure goals. From anal training kits that build up a path to anal penetration to anal dildos that go full in, here is a brief guide to get you started on the right foot.

What Are Anal Sex Toys?

Anal sex toys refer to the broad category of sex toys designed to stimulate the nerve endings around and inside the anal region for sexual pleasures. In men, some anal range of toys can stimulate the prostate (p-spot), while in women, specific anal toys can stimulate the A-spot (erogenous zone located inside the vagina between the bladder and cervix. Anal toys come in different shapes and sizes, and most are made from non-porous, body-safe, and medical-grade materials, including fiberglass, stainless, steel, and silicone. When incorporated into the bedroom, the anal range of sex toys can bring about anal orgasms, which is a new element to your sexual encounters.

Types of Anal Sex Toys

Anal Beads

Anal beads are a row of glass, silicone, or ABS plastic spheres that range in size and are joined together along a single cord, often with a loop at the rear end for easy retrieval. The beads are designed to stimulate the anal sphincter muscles to increase intensity when climaxing. Anal beads can be a blissful addition to anal play, especially for beginners. They are anal-friendly toys that offer you a taste of anal play without going all out. They can also increase anal stimulation for advanced play.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are an anal range of toys designed to be inserted in the anal region and held there during sexual activity. They are purposely crafted to deliver a feeling of fullness. Butt plugs have a narrow and tapered front tip for ease of insertion, a wider middle, followed by a flared base that offers safety from being sucked inwards. Butt plugs can be smooth or textured, while some have built-in motors to offer sensational vibrational stimulation. They are made from non-porous, medical-grade materials such as silicone, stainless steel, and glass and represent an excellent way to get your sphincter muscles ready for penetration.

Anal Dildos

Anal dildos are standard phallic-shaped toys that you can insert into the anal region for stimulation by manually thrusting in and out. Anal dildos can vary in shape, but the standard ones have a slight curve, a wide middle, and a flared base to prevent the dildo from being sucked inside the anus. An anal dildo is designed to stimulate your sweet zones inside the anal cavity, and some have features that you can peg or attach to a harness for a hands-free experience. Anal dildos for women create the feeling of double penetration during sex.

Prostate Massagers

A prostate massager is designed to stimulate the prostate gland – a tiny organ located between the bladder and penile base in men. They feature a rounded and smooth tip to ease insertion. Some are slightly curved to press against the prostate gland (also called the male p-spot), while others have external components that press the perineum (the region between the anus and scrotum).

Inflatable Anal Toys

Inflatable anal sex toys are similar to butt plugs but come with hand pumps. Once inserted into the anal cavity, the hand pump gently fills in the air to achieve a fuller sensation. These toys are used to safely stretch the anus to a desirable level to stretch the anus to a desirable level.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Anal Sex Toys

The Material

Before going all out to buy an anal sex toy, consider a safe material. Steer clear of anal toys made from jelly and other porous materials as they increase the risk of skin burns and bacterial infection. Stick with safe and medical-grade materials such as silicone, fiberglass, and stainless steel.


Consider a size that offers the sensation of fullness and comfort. For beginners, it is best to start small with anal toys that can stretch the anal cavity to make the sphincter muscles get used to the sensations. Stick to the size that offers the comfort and pleasure you need in the bedroom.

Brand Reputation

The sex toy industry is a billion-dollar enterprise, and with brands looking to outperform others, the marketplace has become quite volatile. You need to do your due diligence and order from a reputable seller or store.

How to Use Anal Sex Toys

The following are standard tips when using anal sex toys:

  • Be clean: Anal exploration takes a little extra preparation. Therefore, ensure you are adequately washed. An anal douche can do the task of flushing your anal cavity.
  • Apply a generous amount of anal lube: Unlike the vagina, the anal cavity does not self-lubricate. So be sure to incorporate anal lubricant during anal penetration.
  • Warm-up using fist play: When it comes to anal penetration using sex toys, the rule of thumb is to start small. Get your index finger down to play, and then two before using a sex toy. Also, don’t get into deeper penetrations right away. Instead, ensure the cavity gets used to the sensation by starting with shallow penetration.

Anal Toys Safety Tips

  • Start with smaller anal sex toys such as probes or butt plugs before using something larger such as a dildo.
  • An anal training kit with a miniature anal range of toys is recommended for first-timers.
  • Always consider relaxing your sphincter muscles before penetration.
  • Apply plenty of anal lube because the anal cavity does not self-lubricate.
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