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Zero Tolerance is a sex wellness company specializing in manufacturing male masturbators and sex lubricants. Its products comprise cock rings, prostate massagers, and vagina strokers. Many of its vagina strokers are molded after popular porn actors like Sasha Grey, Lisa Ann, Alexis Texas, and Tori Black. Before placing your order, here is a little information you should know about different collections made by the Zero Tolerance sex toy brand.

Vagina Stroker Masturbators

As a man, your hand may get tired of holding and stroking your penis until you climax. The best solution is to buy a sex toy that stimulates the shaft and takes you on an unforgettable journey of solo masturbation and explosive orgasmic climax. While a full-sized sex doll could be a good choice, it may take the most space of the room and raise many questions. Vagina stroker masturbators are the best option since they are easier to use and hide from others. These Zero Tolerance adult sex toys resemble a woman’s vagina, giving men a realistic masturbation experience. They are made of soft flesh-like materials and sometimes lubricated to help men imagine having sexual intercourse with their female partners.

Types of Vagina Stroker Masturbators

There are different types of vagina strokers from Zero Tolerance. As a new buyer, you should learn about different types before deciding. These varieties include;

Realistic Vagina Strokers

This type of vagina stroker is modeled to replicate some of the famous porn actress’s vulvas. They simulate the pubic bones, hair, labia, and other creases and dimples. Realistic strokers are also made in different shapes and styles for various sexual fantasies. For instance, while some have mouths for oral sex, others have narrower anal orifices for anal sex lovers. They include Zero Tolerance Lisa Ann Vagina Stroker Masturbator and Zero Tolerance Sasha Grey Vagina Stroker Masturbator.

Vibrating Vagina Strokers

These strokers are closely related to realistic vagina strokers but have an added feature of vibrating during masturbation. Some vibrating vagina strokers have removable bullet vibrators inserted into a hole at the bottom or end of the sleeve. The vibrations come with different levels, pulsations, and rotations and are controlled either by a wireless remote control or built-in click buttons. These vagina strokers are ideal for men who want to enjoy a hands-free masturbation experience.

Rabbit Vibrators

Some women cannot orgasm through penetration alone. They need an advanced sex device to stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot for dual orgasm. This is why Zero Tolerance manufactures rabbit vibrators to help women reach climax during their solo pleasurable moments. Rabbit vibrators are rapidly growing in popularity, giving rise to a unique sex toy genre that targets the G-spot while the outer part vibrates against the clitoris.

Types of Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are among the most sought-after Zero Tolerance adult sex toys by single women and those who want to elevate their bedroom games. A first-time buyer should be conversant with the available types to choose the best toy that delivers the desired stimulation. The two common types of rabbit vibrators from Zero Tolerance are;

Standard Rabbit Vibrators

This category includes all types of rabbit vibrators that are standard size. They include rechargeable vibrators, battery-powered, waterproof, large, and small rabbit vibrators. When buying a standard rabbit vibrator, consider the type of material used, a compatible sex lubricant, and the size of the sex device. Also, consider the vibration levels and the power source.

Inflatable Rabbit Vibrators

Unlike standard rabbit vibrators, inflatable rabbit vibrators come in an original small size, which increases to fit your needs. This type of rabbit vibrator is created for women unsure about the best size that offers extreme vaginal or anal fullness, hence a desire to control the size of a sex device penetrating them. They are made of soft expandable materials like silicone and rubber that are body-safe and splashproof. Most inflatable rabbit vibrators have different inflation modes that allow you to choose which size is efficient. When buying this sex device, check the original size and the maximum size when fully inflated. Also, check the type of material used and the power source. They include Silicone Inflatable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator Rechargeable.

Prostate Massagers

Incorporating anal play during masturbation yields more sexual satisfaction and explosive orgasms. This is because the anal opening and walls are surrounded by numerous nerve endings that are very responsive to a light touch. While playing with the external anal tissues results in a pleasurable feeling, getting deeper to stimulate the prostate gland leads to sexual and physical wellness.

Prostate massagers are sex toys designed to reach and stimulate the prostate gland or male G-spot. Although a finger can reach the walnut-sized gland, it is challenging for most people to stimulate the part with their fingers. Hence, they need a sex toy specifically designed to give the spot the attention it deserves.

Choosing the Best Prostate Massager

When shopping for Zero Tolerance sex toys like prostate massagers, consider the following factors;

The Material of the Massager

Different materials are used to make prostate massagers. A first-time buyer should choose flexible and easy-to-insert materials like silicone and rubber. However, experienced masturbators can buy rigid materials like glass and stainless steel. The type of anal lubricant available also determines the best material to choose.

Size of the Prostate Massager

Beginners should stick to smaller sizes before graduating to larger prostate massagers.

The Type of Base and Handle

The base of the prostate massagers is also used as a handle for easier insertion and thrusting. A prostate massager should have a good stopping point to prevent the tool from disappearing in the anus for safety purposes. However, there is no fixed type of handle for prostate massagers, and it is up to the buyer to choose their favorite shape of the handle.

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