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Buy your favorite You2Toys sex toys and bondage tools and enjoy unlimited possibilities and fulfillment in your sex life. You2Toys manufactures innovative toys using Yin’s and Yang’s ideas, demonstrating a strong diametric masculine and feminine symbolism. The products are high-quality and creative, increasing the intimacy and closeness between partners. The wide range of You2Toys products includes anal toys, bondage items, cock rings and penis sleeves, male masturbators, and strap-on sex devices. These categories can be described as follows.

You2Toys Anal Toys

Although anal sex was once taboo, the present generation has embraced the idea. This is because the anus is packed with numerous nerve endings, which result in multiple orgasms when stimulated. Therefore, sex toy brands like You2Toys manufacture anal sex toys to help people enjoy their limitless fantasies, whether alone or with their partners.

Anal sex toys come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. While some, like prostate massagers, are specifically designed for men, others are created to be used by men and women and come with tapered tips for easier insertion. Buying the best anal toys is determined by various factors. Apart from the size and shape of the toy, beginners must be conversant with the common types of anal toys manufactured by You2Toys. They include;

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are the most preferred toys for beginners due to their ease of use. Although butt plugs were initially designed to stretch and relax anal muscles before actual penile penetration, they are also used to offer anal fullness and stimulation, leading to anal pleasure and orgasms. Anal plugs have narrower tips for easier insertion and flared base that acts as a stopper and handles. However, the size of the plug depends on the user’s experience and where they plan to use them. They include Black Velvet Silicone Three-Piece Anal Butt Plug Training Set and Lust Tunnel Shaped Extra Large Hollo Butt Plug Silicone.

Anal Dildos

For those who love the feeling of a penis penetrating their butt, anal dildos may be the best option. These dildos mimic the real penis. Some anal dildos have realistic features, such as veins, rough texture, and squeezable balls that create the real sex environment. Like butt plugs, the size and material of anal dildos depend on the user’s experience and preferences.

Anal Vibrators

Any anal sex toy with the added advantage of vibrations is called an anal vibrator. It can be a butt plug or anal dildo but have single or multi vibrations for intense stimulation. Anal vibrators are suitable for intermediate and advanced users who already understand their anal limit and want to try more arousal. They come in different sizes, shapes, materials, and vibration speeds. Therefore, it is vital to consider the vibration levels and other features like water interaction and power source when buying. Examples are Rechargeable Remote Control Butt Plug and Lust Tunnel Hollow Butt Plug with A Bullet Vibrator and Remote Control.

You2Toys Cock Rings

You2Toys Sex toys also offer a wide range of cock rings. These sex toys are worn around the penis shaft to restrict blood flow in the penis, causing prolonged erection and delayed ejaculation. They are made from different materials, such as silicone, stainless steel, leather, and rubber, with design variations suitable for different purposes. Although they were initially meant to help men with erectile dysfunction, they’re also used for intense orgasmic sensations for both partners.

How to Choose the Best Cock Rings

Various factors determine your choice for a cock ring. Besides the material, the lube type used, the inner diameter of the ring, and the user’s intention are among the most critical factors. Therefore, how and where you use the cock ring depends on different types, including;

Cock Rings with Butt Plugs

These cock ring have an additional anal plug that goes into the man’s butt for dual stimulation. While the cock ring restricts blood flow in the penis and makes it more sensitive, a butt plug reaches the prostate gland and stimulates it for increased sensations. For instance, Black Velvets All-In-One Vibrating Cock Ring with Butt Plug.

Cock Ring and Ball Stretcher

These cock rings have extra extensions that clamp the ball and stretch them down. This type is mostly used in bondage play and is ideal for men who want to have longer and hanging balls. They include Rebel Men’s Gear Cock Strap with Ball Stretcher.

Weighted Cock Rings

These cock rings come with an extra weight hanging below the balls, increasing the masturbation level by making the penis and testicle more sensitive. They include Black Velvet Silicone Cock Ring and Weight.

PVC Orgy Beddings

Having sex on covered bed spices up the night and relieves the stress of washing the bedsheets in the morning. Therefore, if you know your bedsheets and covers cannot withstand your juices, you should invest in PVC orgy beddings. Orgy bedsheets from You2Toys sex toys are meant to protect your mattress from messy night games. These bedsheets are made of high-quality slippery materials that help slip and slide the whole night, making sleeping the last thing in your mind. Whether you decide to add them to your bed or spread them on the floor, PVC orgy beddings can withstand the roughest games without tearing and are also perfect for sex parties. They include Black King-Size Protective PVC Orgy Bedding for Fantasy Play and Black PVC Orgy Bedsheets.

Love Sex Dolls

For those looking for realistic full-sized sex toys, love sex dolls may be the best choice for your solo sexual satisfaction. Love dolls are mostly made of blow-up materials like rubber and silicone and are ideal for those who want to experience the feeling of having sex with the real human body. Love dolls also feature up to three tight, succulent love holes, with others having an additional vibrating feature. Although they are mainly designed for solo use, couples eyeing for threesome can also buy them and avoid inviting the third person into their house. They include Greedy Gilf Life-Size Love Sex Doll With 2 Realistic Love Holes and Leticia Life-Size Sex Love Doll with Vibrating Pussy and Ass.

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