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Are you worried about pregnancies and STIs? Eliminate the worries by buying these Wingman condoms. Wingman has set the pace in producing quality condoms that do what they intended for. Since 2006, the company has been among the leading manufacturers of ultra-thin, easier-to-use condoms with a more natural feeling. Wingman condoms can be worn in 2 seconds with only one hand, even in the dark. You don’t have to worry about the condoms bursting because they have an air-free tip that reduces pressure during usage.

Why Do You Need Wingman Condoms?

First, Wingman condoms stand out to be ultra-thin, supple, and safer to use. They also come with special applicators that allow users to put on even without hands, making these condoms easier to wear and minimizing the risks of rips and tears caused by long nails and other sharp objects. So, does this give you enough reasons to choose Wingman condoms?

Apart from the mentioned benefits of Wingman condoms, here are the general reasons why you should choose to use condoms, especially when about to engage in erotic games with a short-term partner;

Condoms Protect Against Pregnancy and STIs

The main purpose of using a condom is to eliminate the worries of being infected with Sexually Transmitted Diseases or getting pregnant. Even when having sex with your long-term partner, sometimes you may need a condom, especially when trying new styles like anal sex.

Condoms Enhance Sexual Pleasure

Some condoms come with different textures, shapes, and flavors. These variations aim at increasing pleasure between couples. For instance, ribbed condoms offer intense stimulation to women, while flavored condoms are ideal for oral sex. This fine-tunes the normal sex into a more pleasurable moment.

Wingman Condoms Are Cheap and Readily Available

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy safer sex with your partners. Order Wingman condoms and they will be delivered to you anytime and at an affordable price. They are also small enough to fit in your pocket or handbag unnoticed.

No Side Effects

Your safety matters a lot when using any sex tool. This is why Wingman condoms are all manufactured keenly to be safe, even for people with allergies to certain lubes and materials. A wide range of Wingman condoms has zero side effects on sensitive skin.

How to Choose the Best Wingman Condom

Although condoms generally protect against unwanted pregnancies and Sexually Transmitted Infections, it does not mean that all condoms are good for everyone. Choosing the best Wingman demands you to understand your preferences and your partner’s. Moreover, here are some factors to consider when buying condoms;

Choose the Right Size

Some people believe that all condoms are equal in size, which is wrong. Condoms are also manufactured in different sizes, ranging from smaller to larger ones. When buying a condom, you should check for the right size that will fit your penis and avoid breakage if it is too small or slipping off if it is too large. As a first-time buyer, you should look for regular sizes by measuring the girth and length of your penis to estimate which size will fit perfectly. Use a measuring tape to measure your penis and order your Wingman condoms using your estimations.

Buy the Right Type

Condoms are also manufactured in different materials, which define their sensitivity and durability. Here are the common types of condoms.

Latex Condoms

Most Wingman condoms are made of latex, the most basic condom material in the market. Although durable, they may cause skin rashes in people with latex allergies.

Polyurethane Condoms

Those who are allergic to latex can also buy polyurethane condoms with a plastic sheath, making sex more pleasurable and a real feeling.

Insertable Condoms

Condoms are not meant for men alone. Women can also buy insertable condoms meant to be inserted into the vagina or anus. Insertable condoms are ideal for lesbian partners.

Spermicide Condoms

The fact is that condoms are not guaranteed to offer 100% protection against pregnancies. Therefore, manufacturers are coming up with spermicide condoms designed to kill sperm during sex. The only downside is that they irritate if used often.

Choose A Safer Lubricant

Most condoms are self-lubricated to reduce friction during wearing and removal. However, some lubricants dry out faster, forcing you to apply your lubricant. Therefore, when buying a condom, it is also vital to consider the material and the compatible lube. Most condoms are compatible with both water- and silicone-based lubricants. Although oil-based lubes are also preferred, they easily break the latex surface; hence not recommended. You can also use numbing creams to reduce penile sensitivity for long-lasting sex, though not often.

Consider the Shape and Texture

Different condom shapes and textures also increase stamina and sexual pleasure. While some condoms have straight sides, others have form-fitting and flared ends. Those with loose tips enhance the penile sensation, letting couples enjoy pleasurable sex. Moreover, condoms also have different thicknesses and textured surfaces with ribs, dots, or studs to spice up and deliver intense stimulation to women.

How to Use Condom

It sounds like a simple task, but most people find it wrong when wearing or removal condoms. If it is your first time using a condom, follow these simple steps;

Carefully open the package and remove the Wingman condom by the wings. Do not use your teeth, scissors, or sharp object to cut the package.

Place the condom on the tip of an erect penis with the logo on the wings facing up.

Gently push the wings down simultaneously with one or two hands and unroll the condom down the shaft. Hold the tip to ensure a room remains to allow ejaculation and free head movement.

Remove the wings by pulling them down and away from the penis at the point where they join.

After reaching orgasm, remove the condom and dispose it appropriately.

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