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When it comes to sexual wellness and pleasure, no specific sex toy can satisfy everyone. That is why the Vibratex brand, founded in 1984 and located in Napa, United States, specializes in the manufacture of different sex toys, such as vibrators and personal massagers, with explicit designs to stimulate all the erogenous zones. Vibratex vibrators & adult toys have been featured in various publications and movies, including Glamour Magazine, Oprah Magazine, and the proud producer of Rabbit Pearl vibrator featured in HBO’s series Sex and the City.

Vibratex Collection

Below is a breakdown of the main sex toys manufactured by the company. Vibratex Vibrators are made from hypoallergic, non-phthalate, and non-porous materials that are easy to clean and use. From its name, Vibratex only specializes in vibrating sex toys, meaning all the products are equipped with powerful vibrations that will send you on an unforgettable orgasmic journey.

Rabbit Vibrators

This vibrator features two bunny ears that vibrate against the clitoris while the up-and-down gyrating shaft buries away internally to stimulate the G-spot. Every woman is guaranteed the best sensations leading to explosive orgasms with this double stimulation.

Vibratex Rabbit vibrators come in different sizes, colors, and designs. The most outstanding design is the Pearl rabbit vibrators first used in the Sex and the City series. This type features a rotating shaft filled with pearls that increase sensations during masturbation. They include the Pink Multi-Speed Rabbit Vibrator with Pearls and Clit Stim and Purple Penis Dildo G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator with Clit Stim.

Prostate Massagers

According to sex wellness experts, prostate massage reduces the risk of prostate cancer and treats other complications like erectile dysfunction. However, while the whole idea can be tricky and confusing to conduct, you only need a unique device designed to reach and give the spot the attention it deserves. This is why a prostate massager is a must-have device for every man.

Vibratex produces high-quality and powerful prostate massagers in different shapes and sizes, with varied vibrations to suit every man’s choice. If you are looking for the smallest vibrating prostate massager, you can try 7-Function Vibratex Pandora Unisex Discreet Prostate Massager. These small but powerful prostate vibrators aim at introducing every man, even women, to the magical stimulation hidden deep inside their rectal canal.

Magic Wand Massagers

These small Vibratex personal massagers vibrate against tired or numb muscles to relax them. They feature a round head and a sturdy handle, connected using a rotating neck with an electric motor sending vibrations to the head.

Different types of magic wand massagers include plug-in, rechargeable, and battery-powered massagers. When buying your first magic wand vibrator, you must understand how and where you plan to use it to pick the right type. Most plug-in wand massagers are not waterproof but very powerful; hence suitable for experienced users. In contrast, battery-powered massagers are waterproof and can be enjoyed in the shower or bathtub. However, they are not as powerful as plug-ins, though they are travel-friendly and ideal for quickies. They include 8-Inch Mystic Wand Discreet 6-Function Waterproof Vibrator and 5.75-Inch Vibratex 6-Function Waterproof Mini Wand Massager.

Wand Attachments

These Vibratex vibrators are ergonomically designed to be used in regions that the bulb head of the wand massager cannot reach. The G-spot and prostate gland are such areas that harbor plenty of sensory nerves that result in multiple orgasms when stimulated. Therefore, combining clitoral and G-spot sensations ensures that you are satisfied ultimately. These attachments include Mystic Wand Silicone G-Spot Wand Attachment with Clit Stim.

Vibrating Cock Rings

While the standard cock rings are designed to restrict blood flow in the penis shaft and make the penis more sensitive, some men include vibrating cock rings in their collection of intense stimulators. They deliver powerful sensations on the erect penis, delaying ejaculation. Moreover, during couple sex, vibrating cock rings offer extra stimulation on the woman’s clitoris, giving her double stimulation. These sex toys feature powerful bullet vibrators located at the top or below the penis. They include Multi-Purpose Nubbed Jelly Vibrating Cock Ring.

Vibrating Penis Sleeves

These are male sex toys designed to be worn on the penis to deliver greater pleasure to the recipients. Men with erectile dysfunction can benefit from these sleeves since they are also created with different textures that stimulate the penis, making it more sensitive. Whether you are going for solo masturbation or couple sex, vibrating penis sleeves ensure that every nerve ending on the penis is stimulated for delayed ejaculation. They include Vibratex Purple Ribbed Male Masturbation Sleeve.

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