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How does it feel to masturbate daily with your hands? Would you like to introduce a new masturbation style in your sex life? Try these superb masturbators from Utensil Race sex Toy Company. They include mouth mastubators, vagina mastubartors and anal mastubartors.

Utensil Race is a Japanese brand specializing in producing male masturbators using advanced technology to ensure that the results are great and satisfactory. Its products are also the first male sleeves that use dimension construction technology. Buy your first Utensil Race Sex Toy and enjoy mind-blowing stimulations.

What Are Utensil Race Male Masturbators?

Masturbation is a safe self-pleasure activity that increases penis sensitivity, releases stress, and improves sleep. During masturbation, the body releases endorphins that trigger positive energy and sensations, making a man feel good and relaxed. However, to achieve better results, a good device meant to do the job effortlessly is required. These Japanese male masturbators will help you reach your orgasm quickly and enjoy your solo moment.

Utensil Race male masturbators are sex toys created to imitate female sex organs. Most male masturbators have artificial vaginas, while other options come with mouth, anus, or a combo of three holes. Male masturbators come in different designs, including stokers, sex dolls, and penis sleeves. Each design delivers unique feelings and functions. Moreover, Utensil Race masturbators are modeled after famous female porn actresses such as Sarah, Meiki, Zhang Xiao Yu, and Rola. If you are craving to have sex with these famous pornstars, there’s a chance to masturbate with sex toys imitating their mouth, vaginas, or buttholes.

Types of Utensil Race Masturbators

Different types of male masturbators are categorized according to their type of orifice. When thinking about buying a new male masturbator, you need to contemplate among the following openings.

Mouth Masturbators

These masturbators have mouths as the only orifice. They are meant for blow jobs. They give the same results as all masturbators and have warm lips and tighter curling tongues inside. These sex toys are made to imitate deep throat sex and have ridges or nubs inside that massage the penis shaft for an incredible orgasmic climax. They include Magic Eyes Mouth of Truth with Small Tongue and Hard Teeth and Magic Eyes the Mouth of Truth Realistic Mouth Masturbator for Men.

Vagina Masturbator

Realistic vagina masturbators have a realistic pussy as the only orifice designed to imitate the standard vaginal penetration. They are modeled after the women’s birth canal with an upward or downward clitoris. Some have tighter vaginas, whereas others are loose and hanging, providing a real picture of larger vagina lips. The inside of the masturbators has smooth or roughly textured surfaces with ridges and nubs. The materials can also be heated to give the same warm feeling as the real vagina.

Anal Masturbators

As the name suggests, these masturbators have a butthole as their orifices. They are meant for men who enjoy anal sex. They’re also meant for gay individuals who only find joy in anal sex. Anal masturbators have tighter openings and internal sleeves that perfectly milk men’s loads making them climax faster.

How to Buy the Best Male Masturbator

Buying the right masturbator, especially in an online shop, can be harder than expected. Since most online sellers do not offer the chance to touch and test sex toys, you are required to know the essential buying tips before ordering your sex toy. Therefore, when buying your first Utensil Race masturbator, consider the following factors;

Your Masturbation Experiences

Though there is no specific skill needed to use your male masturbator, buying the right type ensures satisfaction. For instance, realistic masturbators resemble real female organs, such as the vagina, butt, or mouth. If you have experience with anal sex, you can buy anal masturbators. However, if you have never tried anal sex in real life, you probably need to buy a realistic vagina masturbator or one having both holes.

Check the Material

Your body safety and ease of cleaning the sex toy matter when choosing a specific material. Luckily most Utensil Race sex toys are made of silicone material that is body-safe, hypoallergic, and non-porous. Silicone is also compatible with water-based sex lubricants and adapts effectively to temperature. However, avoid using silicone-based sex lubricant with silicone masturbators because it damages the surface.

Buy the Right Size

In the sex toys industry, no one size will fit all users. When buying a masturbator, you need to pick the right size that will offer a comfortable fit on your penis. A larger masturbator will not deliver the required sensations and pleasure while a smaller masturbator will be harder to insert your penis and enjoy thrusting motion.

Added Features

Male masturbators also come with added features that increase sensations and pleasure. If you are looking for intense masturbation, buy vibrating masturbators or those with rough inner textures. However, if you are only interested in standard stimulation, go for smooth and non-vibrating male masturbators.

How to Use Male Masturbators

Like any other sex toy, Japanese male masturbators need careful handling and proper use. Here are a few safety tips on how to get the most out of your masturbator.

Start by setting an erotic mood by teasing yourself and creating a conducive environment with no interruptions.

Apply plenty of compatible sex lubricant on the sleeve opening and your erect penis for friction-free penetration.

Choose the best position, gently insert the penis into the masturbator, and increase the motion as you climb the ecstasy.

Once you are done, clean the masturbator both inside and outside with the recommended toy cleaner or hot soapy water, rinse it with clean water, and allow it to dry well before storing it in a cool and dry place.

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