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Uberlube was set up in 2002 in Chicago and has committed itself to produce lightweight sex lubes with durable performance. The lube does not leave any sticky residue after use. In 2004, the company launched its products after numerous formula iterations and extensive market testing. Its pure and simple ingredients are packaged in the Uberlube trademark clear glass bottle.

Types of Uberlube Lubricant

Although they all come in clear bottles, picking the right lube that will suit your intimate or personal requirements needs you to have a clear knowledge about different types of sex lubes. Here is a brief guide of different types of Uberlube lubes available;

Uberlube Silicone-Based Sex Lubricant

This lubricant contains traces of Vitamin E, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, and Cyclomethicone ingredients. They do not contain animal products, alcohol, gluten, parabens, scents, flavors, or glycerin, making them some of the best sex lubricants. Vitamin E improves performance and leaves a smooth sensation on the skin after use. Silicone-based sex lubes are slippery and do not soak into the skin. They are also long-lasting and need little reapplication during sexual intercourse.

They are also thick and sleek, ideal for prolonged vaginal and anal sex. However, their thickness makes cleaning demanding. They are also compatible with most condom types, except latex and other polyurethane condoms. However, silicone-based lubes for sex are incompatible with silicone sex toys since they easily break the toy surfaces. They include Uberlube Intimate Personal Silicone Sex Lube, 50ml.

Water-Based Lubricants

These sex lubes contain deionized water as the only ingredients, with a few samples containing glycerin or propylene glycol. They are lighter than silicone-based lubricants and compatible with most sex toy materials. They do not stain fabric, sheets, or clothing and are generally safe to use with other silicone or latex accessories. This makes them easier to clean with only a little soap and hot water after use and does not stick on the skin.

However, water-based lubes are not long-lasting as other types and are easily washed away; hence unsuitable for shower or bathtub sex. They are also not ideal for anal sex since they dry out faster. This requires frequent reapplication to enable extended sexual activity.

Oil-Based Lubes

These sex lubes are the least recommended because they alter the natural pH balance of the vagina. This is due to the plant oils that give them a long-lasting property. However, oil-based lubricants are thick and sleek, making them ideal for rigorous anal sex. You do not need to reapply frequently to enjoy durable intimacy with your partner. They can also double up as massage oil.

Oil-based lubricants are not compatible with all rubber condoms because they increase the chances of ripping or tearing the condoms. They are also associated with higher rates of vaginal infections such as vaginosis. These lubricants stain sheets and clothing, making them difficult to clean.

How to Choose the Best Uberlube Lubricant

Choosing the best sex lube that will give you the desired sensation depends on several factors. Uberlube lubricants reduce friction while enhancing pleasure. When buying a sex lube, consider the following factors;

The Type of Sex Intended

The type of sex you intend to engage in determines the type of sex lube you will buy. If you are going for anal sex, you need a long-lasting thick lube like Uberlube silicone-based sex lubricant or oil-based lube. However, since oil-based lubes contain harmful ingredients that may cause yeast growth, it is recommended to stick to silicone-based lubes. Go for water-based lubes when engaging in vaginal or oral sex because they do not contain artificial ingredients.

Are You Trying to Conceive?

Women who are trying to conceive are advised to avoid using sex lubes. However, when fighting vaginal dryness caused by hormonal changes, do proper research or seek medical advice to determine the safest lube that will not alter the vagina’s pH level. Alternatively, you can use all-natural lubes such as water-based lubes.

Consider the Texture

Uberlube sex lubes aim at increasing the sensations to make lovemaking sessions more pleasurable. Apart from slippery gliding, you also need to experience the smooth and silky texture and pain-free sexual intercourse. Therefore, avoid sex lubes that are sticky, goopy, or slimy. A good sex lube should be clean, light, hydrating, and absorbent.

The Durability of the Lube

No one likes the feeling of breaking intimacy to reapply the lubricant. Therefore, when buying a sex lubricant, choose one with lasting durability. While some people only love little applications, others love more concentrated applications. There is no limited amount of lube you should apply.

How to Use Uberlube Lubricant

Uberlube can be used in several fields, including sex, sports, hair styling, and personal massaging. However, remember to apply the lube as recommended on the package bottle. You should also buy the right lube that will match your sex type and avoid oil-based lubricants. After climaxing, clean yourself and your bedsheets to avoid the lube forming patches on them.

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