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Masturbation has proven to be a reliable means of dealing with sexual demands for those who are single or in a long-distance relationship. Masturbating with your hands may not be satisfying, and you may need something more appealing to help you climax quickly.

Tenga Masturbators are a better alternative to using hands during solo play. These sex toys offer intense pleasure that leads to mind-blowing orgasms. Get one today and take your masturbation to the next level.

Tenga Masturbators Collection

Tenga is a Japanese sex toy company, set up in 2006, that deals with the production of unique male masturbators with non-realistic shapes and designs. The few years of existence in the sex toys industry does not mean that the company has not established its brand. Tenga has changed the notion of realistic masturbation by manufacturing masturbators that do not resemble any human genitalia. You will only feel their magic once you go deep inside. The wide range of Tenga masturbators includes:

Tenga Flip Holes Male Masturbator

These masturbators use the unique flipping style with regular cylindrical tubes that flip open once you place them on your manhood. The Tenga flip hole masturbator is easy to open and apply lubricant for frictionless masturbation. The opening mechanism also allows you to clean the sex toys after use and dry it. The inner lining of the Tenga Flip Holes for penis masturbation is filled with a combination of ridges, bumps, and waves designed to increase the sensations. There are also three buttons on the outer surface that allow you to choose your favorite masturbation experience.

Tenga Flip O Men Masturbation Device

This male masturbator also uses the flipping style for opening and inserting the manhood but has hinges hidden inside the product. Tenga Flip O penis masturbators are an upgrade of Tenga Flip Holes after some complaints that the latter had lubricant leakage. Therefore, this second design prevents lubricant leakage. The Tenga Flip Zero male masturbation vibrators come in translucent, white, and black colors. Moreover, these sex toys have intricate details on the inside that give intense stimulation during masturbation. The one-way air valve also creates an incredible sucking sensation in the penis. The Tenga Flip Zero electronic men’s masturbators are also easy to clean by opening the case, washing the inner surface with soapy water, and drying it.

 Tenga 3D

Externally, these sensual massage masturbators look like modern, artistic sculptures when they are set up on their stands. However, they are among the most powerful male masturbators. Tenga 3D male masturbators are about 4.5 inches long. There are five different types of Tenga 3D masturbation sleeves; Spiral, Module, Zen, Polygon, and Pile masturbators. Each has its unique features on the outside and inside that are equally amazing during masturbation.

Since they are super stretchy, they accommodate every different penis size. When buying this collection of Tenga masturbators, remember to include compatible sex lubricants on your budget.

Tenga Eggs Male Masturbator Sex Toys

This company has a line of strong sensation eggs called hard-boiled eggs, and you have to peel the outer shell to use them. There are about twenty different Tenga eggs male masturbators, summed up in four categories; Standard, Hard Boiled, Lovers, and Cool Eggs. Each category has a unique inner texture and exterior features. For instance, the Lovers and the Cool Eggs are transparent. The vital thing to note is that Tenga eggs for male penis stimulation are designed to be used once, after which one has to dispose of them.

Tenga Vacuum Cups

Also known as Original Vacuum or Deep Throat Cups, these Tenga masturbators allow you to control the suction with one finger on top of the toy. They resemble stand-up cylinders that have been pinched in at the waist. They are usually red with silver stripes and designed for one-time use. As the name suggests, these sex devices give a deep-throat feeling once you insert your manhood inside. To use these amazing toys, lube up the entrance and a little bit inside and insert your penis inside. The feeling is a smooth entrance that loosens up at the neck and becomes tighter as you approach the squeezed zone. The one-way air valve also helps to create an incredible suction feeling inside, which is likely to make you blow up your load very soon.

How to Use Tenga Masturbators Sex Toys

Tenga masturbators, including Tenga Eggs, are among the best male masturbators. All Tenga sex toys are easy to use and maintain. However, for those who have not tried Tenga masturbators yet, here is what to do with the devices once you get them;

Once you receive the package, wash the masturbator with hot soapy water or toy cleaner and allow it to dry well before using it.

Apply plenty of lube on the entrance or open the flip holes to apply the lubricant in the inner side. Although Tenga offers sample lubricants with the products, you can use your favorite sex lubricant.

Gently insert your manhood into the masturbator and enjoy the feeling.

When done, dispose of the toy or clean the flip holes and cups and dry them well before storing them in a cool, dry place.

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