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All-in-one personal bikini shaver for women by Swan allows you to maintain a smooth skin that boosts intimacy whenever you meet your lover for special moments. Hairy pubic areas can be a turn-off, especially during intercourse. They may deny you extra pleasures from vaginal licking. Pubic hair also traps dirt that may cause odor. In addition, overgrown hair in your armpits can catch dirt on your white shirts. So why allow these embarrassing moments to limit your bedroom fun and chase away your sex partners? These shaving kits help clean your bikini and pubic areas to heighten your confidence in the bedroom or public. This also excites you when spreading legs for your lover.

What Are Swan Shaving Kits for Women?

Shaving kits are tools including trimers, razors, creams, and brushes that you can use to shave body hair. These vital products are designed for women and men to clean the pubic and bikini areas. A smooth pubic area ignites the sexual mood of your lover, allowing for naughty plays, including pussy licking. However, other than sexual preference, maintaining smooth skin raises your hygienic standards. Trimmers have contoured heads that give you a clean shave than other tools. More interestingly, they come equipped with combs that help level hair at desired lengths. You can also detach the comb from the trimmer and use it for shaving. Trimmers are designed to clear any hair length. Choose your favorite shaver to look clean inside and outside.

How to Choose the Best Shaving Kit

The market has a wide range of shaving products that can leave many buyers confused about which one to pick. However, the following tips can help you choose the shaving kit that meets all your needs.

Comb Size

The right comb size should slice through your hair despite the length. A good shave is utilized by small-sized combs. Buying a trimmer that accommodates various comb sizes can help customize depending on the length of your hair.

Battery Life

Poor battery life can inconvenience you when keeping your pubic and bikini areas clean. However, this depends on the current capacity a battery can hold. Small-sized batteries may not allow you to finish shaving before recharging. Choose battery capacities that allow extended use. A shaving kit that takes a short time to charge and lasts long after a single charge is worth your attention. Therefore, it is important to check the battery life of the shaving tool before placing an order.

Do You Want a Cordless or Codded Trimmer?

Corded trimmers come with no battery requiring you to plug them directly into the power source. They are also supported with batteries and are more flexible than codded ones. However, bot trimmers have advantages and downsides, and you may not be justified to say one is better than the other. For instance, codded trimmers guarantee you non-stop shaving because of their continuous supply of power. However, cordless trimmers depend on the charge and run time- how it drains when shaving. Choose a trimmer that fits your lifestyle to stay hygienic every time.

Consider Their Functionality

Trimmers can shave the pubic area and other sensitive body parts, including the bikini area. Therefore, select one with an ergonomic design and better grip to handle sensitive areas effectively. Be extra cautious when shaving to avoid injuries.

The Quality of the Blades

Blades carry a trimmer’s quality, which impacts the budget. In simple words, you may spend more to get a top-performing trimmer.

Some all-in-one personal bikini shavers for women by Swan have self-sharpening blades, chromium steel blades, and double-sharpened blades. Such offer various experiences and fit in different budgets. You can try them all to determine your best.

How To Use an All-in-One personal Bikini Shaver For Women

Using a trimmer is easy, but first-timers can have it rough when using shaving kits to get the perfect trim. The following tips will help you know how to use your trimmer for smooth and soft skin.

Set Up the Trimmer

If you are using a cordless trimmer, ensure it has a sufficient charge to avoid inconveniences. For a corded one, ensure it is plugged into a power source. Clean the blades by oiling or wiping them with a disinfectant to prevent skin irritation. Adjust the comb size depending on the length of your hair. You can switch to closest shave for better results. The Closest shave is ideal for cordless trimmers because they help you slice through the hair without inconvenience.

Trimming Headstart

Trimming headstart makes shaving easy. Use scissors to shorten the hair for the trimmer to maneuver easily. Also, reducing the hair length saves time when shaving with a trimmer. You are advised to strictly use scissors for trimming because they are more hygienic than other tools.


Shaving the pubic and bikini areas can be easy if your hair is wet. Also, it reduces friction that may cause slight pains when shaving. Therefore, you can take a shower to keep everything moist.

Trim Your Body Hair

After showering, start trimming. Shave along your hair’s direction because going against it may cause rashes afterward.

Shower After Trimming

Showering removes the cut hair for the skin to remain clean and smooth. Also, wash your trimmer while in the shower and store it for your next use.

Allow your body to dry before applying Aloe Vera gel or lotion that helps prevent rashes.

Maintenance of Shaving Kits

After washing your all-in-one personal bikini shaver, allow it to dry before storing. You can leave the blades attached to avoid more work in its future use. After drying, store it in a cool and dry place to enhance durability. Also, keep your shaving gel away from direct light. Rinse the brush to remove the shaving cream for easy future use.

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