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Have you ever thought of exploring the pleasure that lies in your urethra? Prostate stimulation aside, urethral play may be the most pleasurable genital penetration. In most cases, it results in heightened sensations and unbelievable orgasms. Penetrating the urethra may seem impossible at first. However, stainless steel power sex toys are designed to take your urethral play to another level. A wide collection of these toys is available, ensuring you get fulfilling orgasms from urethral stimulations. With these tools accessing this sensitive part becomes easy and pleasurable.

What Are Steel Power Tools?

Steel Power Tools are devices that enhance pleasurable urethral play. These tools are designed for men who want to explore the fulfilling pleasure of urethral sensation. The toys are crafted from a medical-grade stainless steel material that is non-porous. This means that it cannot carry dirt or bacteria that may cause infections. Washing these toys is also easy after plays with sex lube. Stainless steel urethral toys are temperature sensitive. You can warm the toy during cold days in the microwave and cool it on warm days for intense play. These tools include sperm stoppers, penis plugs, and urethral sound. Steel Power is a UK-based company dedicated to producing and selling steel sex toys.

Why Choose Steel Power Tool Toys?

Urethral play is a pleasurable sex practice that deserves your attention. Many men indulge in anal and prostate play to quench their sexual desires. However, it is also important to try new sexual practices that push your sexual boundaries. stainless steel power tools are crafted from high-quality material that leaves you begging for more when in your urethra.

Also, the toys are built to last longer for everyday orgasms that spice up your sexual life. These sex toys can be used for solo vibes or partnered sex.

How To Choose Urethral Toys

Urethral toys can be difficult to choose if you are trying them for the first time. The urethra is a highly sensitive part of the male reproductive system. Therefore, you have to be careful when choosing toys that penetrate it for safety. If you are a first-timer, the following tips can help you find a tool that gives explosive urethral pleasure.

Choose the Right Size

Most people think that small tools may be ideal for better urethral experiences. However, smaller toys can be more harmful than larger ones. Choose fitting urethral toys for better play. Avoid extremely tight toys because inserting them into your urethra can be challenging. Loose toys are also not ideal as they can easily slide out of the urethra. Frequent insertions and sliding off may lower sensations and orgasms.

Go for Body-Safe Materials

Most urethral toys are crafted from high-quality stainless steel. This material is non-porous, thus cannot carry bacteria to your urethra. Also, it is hypoallergic and phthalate-free, reducing the chances of health problems after using the toy. Avoid urethral toys made from other materials because they may not be safe for you.

The Texture of the Toys

Urethral toys can be smooth, spotted, bumped, curved or patterned. The choice of texture depends on the urethral experience you want. For instance, if you want the extra feeling, pick the ribbed or patterned stainless steel sex toys. However, as you choose the texture for the urethral toy, consider the quality and ease of sterilizing after play.

Types of Urethral Toys

The market offers various types of urethral toys. Here are the common types you may find.

Sperm Stoppers

These toys penetrate your urethra to block ejaculation allowing you to have a more fun time. Most sperm stoppers are slightly shorter than penis plugs and urethral sounds. Moreover, they are equipped with rings that cover and stimulate the tip of the penis. They also have hooks that penetrate to the opening of the urethra to hold ejaculation, preventing premature ejaculation.

Penis Plugs

Penis Plugs are sizeable plugs that penetrate the urethra to heighten sensations, maintain erections, and increase orgasms. The penetration is a few inches into the urethra, unlike sperm stoppers that hang outside. Also, they are equipped with rings to prevent deep urethral penetrations. Penis Plugs are crafted from silicone and stainless steel to fit everyone’s budget. Nevertheless, they are available in smooth, bumped, ridged, and patterned types to give new sensations.

Advanced penis plugs have vibrating functions to allow you experience extra stimulations that give extraordinary orgasms. Also, certain types are electrified to give you pure sexual bliss.

Urethral Sounds

Urethral sounds are longer than sperm stoppers and penis plugs. Longer Urethral sounds may measure up to 8 inches. With this length, the toy can penetrate your bladder for unforgetable stimulations. Moreover, most of them are made with medical-grade silicone for safety.

The variants include Guyon, Pratt, Rosebud, Dittle, Hank, and Hegar Urethral Sounds. If you want extra sensations, choose sounds with vibration patterns. Also, electric sounds may be worth your attention if you want electric urethral stimulations.

How to Use Urethral Toys

Find a urethral toy that fits your urethra. It should not be too tight nor too loose.

Disinfect the toy to avoid urethral infections. Also, wash your hands and cock for hygienic play.

Lubricate your penis and the toy’s tip for easy urethral penetration

Carefully insert the toy into the urethra. Move it in and out for more pleasure

Change the angles of penetration to experiment with new stimulations

Maintenance And Care

After each play, wash your urethral toy with hot soapy water and toy cleaner. Avoid abrasive cleaners as they may damage the stainless steel. Dry the toy and store it in a cool, dry place.

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