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Make every moment in your bedroom memorable with the wonderfully designed Spencer and Fleetwood Intimate accessories, including butt plugs, clitoral vibrators, nipple tassels, G-spot vibrators, G-strings and thongs, and cock rings.

Spencer and Fleetwood brand has been manufacturing quality sex toys and bedroom essentials for a long time. This company produces medically approved and certified accessories for adult use. Sexual satisfaction and pleasure are what most people look for in sex toys. But there are other essential things that a pair of sex toys can gladly offer. The brand has gained a reputation by producing outstanding quality sex toys, including cock rings, G-string thongs, Nipple Tassels, and condoms.

What Are Spencer And Fleetwood Intimate Accessories?

These are products designed perfectly to enhance romantic and sexual activities. The Spencer and Fleetwood brand also produces various essentials, including mouth sprays, novelties, and panties. The products come in different sizes, colors, materials, and shapes.

The Different Types Of Spencer And Fleetwood Intimate Products

Here are some of the products from Spencer and Fleetwood you are likely to meet when shopping:

Cock Rings

Cock rings are tools put around the scrotum or penis. They are used to prevent the backflow of blood during intimacy giving you a harder and long-lasting erection for an instant orgasm. Penis rings are made from different materials, including metal, silicone, glass, and jelly. These rings are also manufactured with various features for enhanced functionality. For instance, while some come with vibrations, others have added features like clit stimulators, anal plugs, and ball stretchers.

G-Spot Vibrators

G- Spot vibrators are designed specifically for women. They are meant to stimulate the G-spot. The vibrators are curved with a smooth tapered tip to easily hit and stimulate this part. Other G-spot vibrators come with extensions that remain outside and stimulate the clit.


These are sex toy gifts made from different materials and flavors. They are designed with a sexy and beautiful appearance, making them great products to gift your partner. These novelties include willies, horns, and penis-shaped pasta.


Condoms are modified tubes used during sexual intercourse. There are various types of condoms designed with different flavors. They include latex and non-latex, female, and specialty condoms. They are mainly used to prevent the spread of diseases like HIV, and unwanted pregnancies.

Nipple Tassels

Nipple tassels are designed in various sizes to fit well and cover different nipples. Most nipple tassels are multi-colored.

G-String Thong

G-string thongs are designed with strings that hold the thongs in place. They can be worn alone in the bedroom or paired with a matching outfit. The thongs reveal most body parts leaving your beautiful and seductive figure outside.

How To Choose Spencer And Fleetwood Intimate Accessories

There are various sex toys in the market, each designed to serve a different purpose. Choosing the right one might be challenging, especially for beginners. Here are factors to consider to make shopping for the right toy easier.

Buying A Body-Safe Material

There are different types of material for sex toys or lingerie. Making the right choice of fabric will help you pick the perfect product. Most products manufactured by Spencer and Fleetwood are made from high-quality, medical-grade, phthalate, and latex-free, non-porous materials. The common materials used include silicone, soft jelly, metal, rubber, plastic, and glass. Most of these fabrics are durable and comfortable to use. Also, consider buying what fits your body parts best when it comes to men’s thongs, bras, or G-strings.

Getting The Right Size

A sex toy or underwear varies depending on the body size, tastes and preferences. Various sex toy sizes range from small, medium to large. Always choose what fits you well. Inappropriate sizes might cause injuries during any sexual activities. Beginners should start with small-sized toys before upgrading to medium or larger sex toys.

Outfits range from thin, average to plus size. Buy what fits you perfectly and avoid discomfort when in the bedroom.

Preferences And Tastes

Individuals have different preferences for filling their essential bedroom kit. Choosing intimate accessories depending on your preference and taste helps you choose the right product. However, always consider something that impresses you and your partner.


Comfort is important when looking for sex toys or lingerie. Using a product that offers enough comfort determines the pleasure you get during your sex play. The comfort of any product depends on quality, material, and size.

Sex Toy Performance

Products such as sex toys and vibrators require attention and keenness when buying them. The amount of sensation a toy produces matters when it comes to overall performance. Some come with vibrating speeds and patterns, making them a perfect choice for generating intensive stimulation. The performance also depends on the stability and flexibility of a toy.

How To Use Intimate Accessories

Once you have received your first intimate accessory from Spencer and Fleetwood brand, the next critical part is to learn how to use it. Using your sex toy correctly delivers the intended stimulation and orgasms. However, misusing your intimate item can lead to injuries or even infections. As such, here are a few safety tips to note when using your adult toys:

Always wash your sex toys immediately you unwrap them to remove industrial residues. Cleaning your sex devices also helps maintain their material and increase their lifespan.

Apply plenty of sex lubricants on the insertable intimate accessories for easier insertion and smooth gliding. Always choose compatible lubricants to avoid degrading the toy’s material.

Avoid sharing your sex toys to minimize the risks of infections.

When using vibrating sex toys, test the vibration speeds, levels, and intensities before insertion to avoid damaging the delicate muscles.

Do not wear cock rings for more than 30 minutes as they can affect the penile tissues and cause more harm.

Use condoms if you must share your intimate tools. The condom should be compatible with the toy’s material and the lubricant to prevent breaking.

Clean your toys after use with lukewarm soapy water or toy cleaner and dry them well before storing them in a cool, dry place.

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