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Purchase these outstanding sex toys, including cock rings, anal plugs, clitoral suction vibrators, rabbit vibrators, blow job sleeves, and magic wand massagers from Shots, and have a memorable sexual experience.

Today, intimate toys are designed and manufactured in various styles, shapes, sizes, and materials to spice up sex life. Examples include sex products from the Shots Toys brand, based in Sydney, Australia. It’s a famous brand with a reputation for high quality and innovation. It manufactures various sex toys for different purposes. They are designed for males and females during intimacy or any sexual activity.

Understanding The Shots Toys Sex Toys

Shots sex toys are designed to offer pleasurable sexual sensations. They come in different shapes, materials, and features. They are created for internal and external stimulation. You can also use them for masturbation or with a partner for extra pleasure. Some even use these devices for threesome sexual games. Most couples have different sex toy options to stimulate the anus, clitoris, vagina, vulva, or scrotum.

The Different Types Of Shots Toys Sex Toys

Below is a list of sex toys manufactured by Shots Toys.

Shots Sex Toys

Magic wand

A magic wand is a great toy perfectly designed for women who love indirect clitoral stimulation. However, it works better for those with a sensitive clitoris and can be perfect over the pants to give you intense and pleasurable enjoyment.

Clitoral Suction Vibrators

Clitoral suction vibrators are designed specifically for women. They stimulate the clitoris by sucking them during oral play. Place the nozzle opening on the clit, then wait for sensation. However, ensure you apply sex lubes on the labia and clit to keep it slippery for more sensations. You can also choose to spread your labia to experience more pleasure in a large area.

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators have a stable shaft to stimulate the vagina and ears for clitoral stimulation. They are great toys for providing internal and external stimulation simultaneously. Always apply sex lubes to offer more sensation.

Internal Vibrators

Internal vibrators are designed for vaginal penetration. They stimulate the vaginal walls to offer extreme sensations. You can also use it to arouse your clitoris and explore different feelings. Begin by teasing your vulva and labia, then slide it inside the vagina after perfect foreplay to offer intensive sensations.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are great for correcting symptoms, such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. They are the perfect toys for maintaining an erection. They are placed at the penis’ base or scrotum to prevent blood from flowing back to offer a hard and long-lasting erection. Some have vibrating features for stimulating the clits during penetrative sex.

Butt Plugs

These toys are also called anal plugs. They are designed for stimulating the anus. They have a curved shaft for producing strong and intense anal sensations. Beginners should consider butt plugs with a flared base to prevent deeper penetration. Also, apply enough lube to these toys before penetration to offer pleasurable enjoyment.

Blow Job Sleeves

These sex toys have an opening for inserting the penis. Blow job sleeves are made specifically for male masturbation. The inside is textured to offer a more sensational feeling during masturbation.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Shots Toys Sex Toys

There are various types of sex toys in the market today. However, it might seem challenging for first-timers to pick the right type. Consider the following factors when purchasing these sex toys:

Materials And Texture

Toys are made from various materials, including silicone, plastic, jelly, rubber, glass, and metal. Always choose medical-grade, high-quality, phthalate and latex-free, and non-porous materials. There are also hard and soft-textured sex toys. Most people prefer soft to hard toys. However, hard toys offer more sensations than soft ones.

Quiet Or Noisy

Toys have different sound levels, which might be a concern when shopping. If you want less noisy toys, stick to non-vibrating toys. However, some vibrators don’t produce loud sounds, which will work perfectly for you.


Plug-in sex toys are better when it comes to performance but are not suitable for travelling. Most of them are louder and require electric power to function. You can choose battery-operated or rechargeable toys for a great experience when travelling. They are portable with powerful rechargeable batteries that last longer.


Shots Toys manufacture sex toys of various sizes, from small, medium to large. Advanced individuals can use bigger sizes for stimulation depending on when they want to use them. However, a newbie may have to start with a smaller size and upgrade later. Choose the right sex toy size that would give you a sensational orgasm.

Vibration Speed

Vibrating sex toys vary in speed. Some people would prefer intense stimulation, but others, mild. Vibrators come with powerful motors for intense sensations. Some are designed with vibrating speeds and patterns to offer intensive stimulation during sexual intercourse. Therefore, go for something that will satisfy you sexually.

Shots Toys Sex Toys Hygiene And Safety Tips

Shot Toys is among the top producers of high-quality sex devices that suit every user. These products provide outstanding erotism to the users. However, their benefits can only be realized if used and maintained correctly. Therefore, when using Shots Toys products, remember the following safety tips:

  • Always clean your sex toys before and after every play using toy cleaners or hot soapy water. Thoroughly cleaning your sex devices prevents the build-up of bacteria, thus maintaining their durability and safety.
  • Apply plenty of compatible sex lubricants on the toy and your orifice for easy insertion and smooth thrusting.
  • Avoid sharing your sex toys to minimize sexual infections. Use condoms if you must share them.
  • Dry your toys before storage. They should be kept under low temperature or inside a bag to prevent them from deteriorating.
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